Family Bibles

Owner: Foot family

Year: 1789

Genealogical Notes: Yes


Owner: Jonathan Foster and G. Morse

Year: 1792

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Front cover inscribed in very light pencil, "Blessed is the man whose name is so (written?) in this book / Mr. Jonathan Foster" back cover has "G. (?). Morse" scrawled across in large letters in pencil and also some other notes that are unreadable

Owner: John Tyler and Nathan K. Fowler

Year: 1808

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: Inscribed: "Nathan K. Fowler 1873, bought from Estate of the late John Tyler"; some Tyler family dates on a cut out fragment of paper; Female Charitable Society letter to Mrs. Fowler; business card for Mme. Demorest's in Lawrence; Martin Luther article; photo of P. T. Barnum; "American Asylum" engraving; "Alphabet of the Deaf & Dumb"

Owner: James L. Bradbury

Year: 1811

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Inscribed: "James L. Bradbury 1822 by Nattal Fisher & Dixon; card inside reads "Reward of merit to Frances C. Bradbury from S. A. Nowns (?)

Owner: Asa Stiles and Mary Stiles Merriam

Year: 1813

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: Inscribed: "The Property of Asa Stiles Given by the will of his lamented sister Mary Merriam Boxford Jan.y 1st 1837"

Owner: Daniel Gould

Year: 1817

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: Pressed leaves, photograph, two bookmarks

Owner: Asa Andrews and Lydia Templeton

Year: 1824

Genealogical Notes: No


Owner: Isaac W. Andrew

Year: 1830

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Inscribed on last page: "Isaac W. Andrew West Boxford Mass."; New Testament only

Owner: Reverend Calvin Park

Year: 1838

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Inscribed: "To Rev. Calvin Park from his North Andover choir"; loan from Ladies' Charitable Society; has the Reverend's stole inside; some prayer notes

Owner: Christian Society of West Boxford

Year: 1838

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Inscribed: "To the Christian Society of West Boxford from Peter C. Brooks, 1843"

Owner: Marshall family

Year: 1839

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: In addition to Marshall family records, paper with dates for CF and Lucinda Ingalls; printed poem, pressed leaves, petals, 4 leaf clover; agricultural receipt, 1877; Lucinda Marshall drawn name card; cross stitch bookmark "Helen"; 1861 poem, Boston Herald; religious poem; Chinese embroidery; 1868 articles and poem; transplanting article; Siege of Vicksburg article; foot doctor advert; 1862 poem; US steam frigate Niagara; poem "Conscience"; Boston Herald 1868 US revenue article

Owner: Albert Bancroft

Year: 1845

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: Inscribed: "Albert Bancroft 1848 from Mother"; envelope to Miss Jennie Bancroft from Lawrence, 1897; blue string; pressed flower; A. M. Bancroft signature note

Owner: Frank E. Nason

Year: 1846

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: Also reading notes

Owner: Jennie and Richmond B. Root

Year: 1867

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: Some family dates on a sheet of paper using initials only; pressed leaves

Owner: E. M. Whiteman and Leander Whiteman

Year: 1870

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Inscribed: "Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Whiteman on 1929 by father Leander Whiteman b. 1853"; also signed "S. Dodge, 1952"

Owner: Second Congregational Church of Boxford

Year: 1871

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Inscribed: "Presented by Female Charitable Society"

Owner: Whittier family

Year: 1889

Genealogical Notes: Yes

Other: Inscribed: "To the Gen. Isaac Stevens Camp #115 SV USA by Dr. Charles P. Morrill, signed Eugene D. Tufts"; also contains obituary for Maria M. Rokes

Owner: William Penn Alcott

Year: 1894

Genealogical Notes: Yes (only for William Penn Alcott)

Other: Contains pressed leaves; numerous religious articles and clippings; Lucy Alcott's epitaph for her husband, William Penn Alcott; silk bookmark with religious clippings glued onto it; photograph of Rev. John Morton Greene (1830-1919); Mexican flag bookmark reading, "La Energia Cristiana, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico"; clipped photograph of Mrs. Caswell-Broad, secretary of woman's work; message from W.P.A. to his class dated 1919; Andover Townsman article mentioning W.P.A.; clipped photograph of Rev. Frederick Lynch; obituaries for Phebe L. Alcott (Crafts), William Davis Alcott, and Mary Hunt Ault (Alcott)

Owner: Harriet H. Perley

Year: 1928

Genealogical Notes: No


Owner: Amy G. Parkhurst

Year: 1952

Genealogical Notes: No

Other: Inscribed: "Amy G. Parkhurst from Father, Christmas, 1958"; Bookmark with note about Grange event, ashram brochures