Note: These are ONLY the published / printed genealogies located in our reading room; additional genealogies and genealogical notes may also be found in our regular collection. See "Biographical Records for Boxford Residents" in our Documents tab.



TITLE: Andrew Family Letters, 1868-1871



TITLE: The Life of John A. Andrew Governor of Massachusetts, 1861-1865

AUTHOR: Henry Greenleaf Pearson

DATE: 1904


TITLE: The Name and Family of Barker

AUTHOR: Roots Research Bureau, Ltd.

DATE: 1984

TITLE: Early Records of the Barker Family of Andover

AUTHOR: Charlotte Helen Abbott

DATE: undated – acquired 2011


TITLE: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bixby 1621-1701 of Ipswich and Boxford Massachusetts who spell the name Bixby, Bigsby, Byxbee, Bixbee, Bigsbee, or Byxbe and of the Bixby Family in England, Descendants of Walter Bekesby 1427 of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk

AUTHOR: Willard Goldthwaite Bixby

DATE: 1914


TITLE: The Massachusetts Magazine, "Descendants of John Burbank"

AUTHOR: Lucie Marion Gardner

DATE: April, 1910


TITLE: Descendants of John Chadwick (1601) through Jonathan & Hannah Kimball with Descendants of Joshua Tyler Day and Elvira Kimball to 1968

AUTHOR: Etwalla Ann Thompson

DATE: 1984

TITLE: Barbara Picard Chadwick: French Ancestry

AUTHOR: Barbara Picard Chadwick

DATE: 1981

TITLE: Notes on the Descendants of John and Joan Chadwick and Related Families

AUTHOR: Austin D. Kilham

DATE: 1966


TITLE: The Choates in America, 1643-1896, John Choate and His Descendants

AUTHOR: E. O. Jameson

DATE: 1896


TITLE: The Cummings Connection: The Ancestors & Descendants of John Morton Cummings & Sarah Hammond Cummings

AUTHOR: Moran Family Genealogies

DATE: 1988


TITLE: The Contribution of Framingham, Suffolk, England to the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, A paper read at a meeting of the Framingham Historical Society, October 15, 1930, by John M. Merriam, President

AUTHOR: John M. Merriam

DATE: 1930


TITLE: Destroismaisons dit Picard, My French Connection: Notes of the Descendants of Philippe and Martine Destroismaisons (dit Picard) and related families

AUTHOR: Barbara Picard Chadwick and Stanley C. Moore, C.G.

DATE: 1983


TITLE: Thomas Dorman of Topsfield, Massachusetts (1600-1670): Twelve Generations of Descendants

AUTHOR: Franklin Abbott Dorman

DATE: 1994


TITLE: Genealogy of the Doty – Williams Families

AUTHOR: Harold D. Hussey

DATE: 1976


TITLE: Our Ancestors, Including the DRESSER, BEACH and LAWRENCE FAMILIES, With A Story Of The First Settlement in Western New York, 1638-1905

AUTHOR: Fred L. Dresser

DATE: Unknown, 1905? Some genealogical information updated in handwriting to 1981


TITLE: Genealogy and History of the Family of Marjorie Diane (Ames) Neely and Wilson Hayward Ames, Jr., 1640-1989

AUTHOR: J. R. Neely

DATE: 1989

TITLE: [no title] 3 binders of handwritten genealogical information with letters, notes, articles, photographs

AUTHOR: Morton Eames, D.D.S.

DATE: Work completed c. 1960s


TITLE: Eldredge: Harwich to Haverhill

AUTHOR: Barbara Picard Chadwick

DATE: 1988


TITLE: Foster Genealogy, being the record of the posterity of Reginald Foster, and early inhabitant of Ipswich, in New England, whose genealogy is traced back to Anacher, Great Forrester of Flanders, who died in 837 A. D., with wills, inventories, biographical sketches, etc., also the record of all other American Fosters

AUTHOR: Frederick Clifton Price

DATE: 1899

TITLE: Descendants of Nathan Foster (1858-1942) & Grace Pearl Webster (1861-1918) and Henry W. Haszard (1858-1942) & Florence E. LeFavour (1870-1957)

AUTHOR: Robert Nathan Foster

DATE: 1992

TITLE: Ralph Sargent Foster, 1897-1975, A Life Story and Family Memories

AUTHOR: Robert Nathan Foster

DATE: 2006


TITLE: Amos Gage of Bethel, Maine: Amos Gage’s Account of his Service in the Revolutionary War and a brief Biographical Notice

AUTHOR: Thomas Hovey Gage

DATE: 1924


TITLE: Gilmore Ancestry, or, the direct line of descent from John Gilmore, the Massachusetts Immigrant Ancestor to Pascal Pearl Gilmore and his grandchildren etc., also, The same in the corresponding lines of Pearl, Coombs and Spofford

AUTHOR: Pascal P. Gilmore

DATE: 1925


TITLE: The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield

AUTHOR: Benjamin Apthorp Gould

DATE: 1895

TITLE: The Ancestry and Posterity of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield; A Condesed Abstract of the Family Record

AUTHOR: Benjamin Apthorp Gould

DATE: 1872


TITLE: The Holyoke Diaries, 1709-1856, Rev. Edward Holyoke (Marblehead and Cambridge, 1709-1768), Edward Augustus Holyoke, M. D. (Cambridge, 1742-1747), John Holyoke (Cambridge, 1748), Mrs. Mary (Vial) Holyoke (Salem, 1801-1823), Mrs. Susanna (Holyoke) Ward (Salem, 1793-1856)

AUTHOR: George Francis Dow

DATE: 1911


TITLE: The Hovey Book, describing the English Ancestry and American Descendants of Daniel Hovey of Ipswich, Massachusetts

AUTHOR: Daniel Hovey Association

DATE: 1914

TITLE: A Memoir of Daniel Hovey of Ipswich

AUTHOR: Reverend Horace Carter Hovey, D. D.

DATE: 1900


TITLE: Genealogy of Harold Dudley Hussey, A Descendant of Richard Hussey

AUTHOR: Harold D. Hussey

DATE: 1976


TITLE: The Genealogy and History of the Ingalls Family in America, Giving the descendants of Edmund Ingalls who settled at Lynn, Mass. In 1629

AUTHOR: Charles Burleigh, M. D.

DATE: 1903

TITLE: The Ingalls Family in England and America

AUTHOR: Walter Renton Ingalls

DATE: 1930 (also revised copy, January 1, 1945)


TITLE: History and Genealogy of the Jewetts of America, A record of Edward Jewett, of Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, and of his two emigrant sons, Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, in 1639, also of Abraham and John Jewett, Early Settlers of Rowley, and of the Jewetts who have settled in the United States since the year 1800

AUTHOR: Frederic Clarke Jewett, M.D.

DATE: 1992 reprint

TITLE: The Jewett Family of America, Incorporated, Spring & Summer 1956, Vol. 4, No. 2-3

AUTHOR: The Jewett Family of America, Inc.

DATE: 1956


TITLE: Chester Killam and his Descendants

AUTHOR: Dorothy Jewell, Marjorie Killam, Dorris Chambers

DATE: 1995

TITLE: Genealogy of the Killam Family of Essex County, Massachusetts

AUTHOR: Sidney Perley

DATE: 1913

TITLE: Notes on the Descendants of Austin and Alice Killam and Related Families, Including the Following Family Groups: Betts, Bridge, Chadwick, Chilton, Coffin, Gookin, Myrack (McMerrick), Winslow

AUTHOR: Austin D. Kilham

DATE: 1970


TITLE: History of the Kimball Family in America, From 1634 to 1897, and of its ancestors the Kemballs or Kemboldes of England, With an Account of the Kembles of Boston, Massachusetts

AUTHOR: Leonard Allison Morrison, A. M. and Stephen Paschall Sharples, S. B.

DATE: 1897


TITLE: Henry and Ann Kinne: Genealogy, Information copies from “The Genealogy of Henry and Ann Kinne, Pioneers of Salem, Massachusetts

AUTHOR: Florence Keeney Robertson

DATE: 1984


TITLE: The Livermore Family of America

AUTHOR: Walter Eliot Thwing

DATE: 1902


TITLE: Ludwig Genealogy. Sketch of Joseph Ludwig, Who was born in Germany in 1699, and his wife and family, who settled at “Broad Bay,” Waldoboro’, 1753

AUTHOR: M. R. Ludwig

DATE: 1866


TITLE: Memorial of the Morses; containing the history of seven persons of the name, who settled in America in the seventeenth century. With a catalogue of ten thousand of their descendants, so arranged that members of each race may trace their descent from their common ancestor, and discover the degrees of their relationship. To which are added biographical sketches of many of their number.

AUTHOR: Reverend Abner Morse, A. M.

DATE: 1850


TITLE: Moxley Family Genealogy

AUTHOR: Carolyn Moxley Johnson

DATE: 1999


TITLE: Palmer Families in America, Vol. III William Palmer of Plymouth and Duxbury, Mass.

AUTHOR: Horace Wilbur Palmer

DATE: 1973

TITLE: Palmer Portraits and Memorabilia

AUTHOR: Helen Palmer Avery

DATE: c. 1985


TITLE: The Name and Family of Parkhurst

AUTHOR: The Media Research Bureau

DATE: c. 1976

TITLE: Sketches of Jacob Parkhurst, 1772-1863

AUTHOR: Jacob Parkhurst

DATE: 1842 (reprinted – in folder with “The Name and Family of Parkhurst”)

TITLE: A Fragment of the Parkhurst Genealogy, prepared from the records

AUTHOR: Charles H. Parkhurst

DATE: 1883

TITLE: Parkhurst Family, 1635-1973

AUTHOR: Unknown

DATE: 1973

TITLE: Civil War Letters, 1862-1863, John Parkhurst to his wife, Lizzie (Pearson) Parkhurst

AUTHOR: Boxford Historic Document Center

DATE: undated


TITLE: The Park Story, Some Descendants of Richard Park of Newton, Massachusetts and Their Spouses’ Families

AUTHOR: Natalie Park Schutz

DATE: 2001 (includes author’s notes on errors and omissions)


TITLE: Franklin Merriam Peabody, Collected and made into this book as a mark of the affection of his grandfather Franklin Asbury Merriam

AUTHOR: Sidney Augustus Merriam

DATE: 1929

TITLE: Peabody (Paybody, Pabody, Pabodie) Genealogy

AUTHOR: Selim Hobart Peabody, LL. D.

DATE: 1909

TITLE: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Moses and Hannah (Foster) Peabody, giving the line of descent from the first settler and following the descent through both men and women to the eleventh generation

AUTHOR: Mary Ellen Perley

DATE: 1904 (also handwritten manuscript, c. 1901)


TITLE: Family Tree of John & Nicholas Pearl

AUTHOR: Norton Lee Bretz

DATE: 1991

TITLE: The Pearl Trunk of Papers

AUTHOR: Elizabeth S. Pearl

DATE: 1974

TITLE: Pearl Genealogy

AUTHOR: Phyllis (Pearl) Chadwick

DATE: 1988

(Genealogy charts, Boxford Vital Statistics, newspaper articles, pictures, pages copied from “Dwellings of Boxford” and “Updated Dwellings of Boxford” re: Pearl homes)


TITLE: History and Genealogy of the Perley Family

AUTHOR: M. V. B. Perley

DATE: 1906


TITLE: A Short Sketch of Life of Asa Redington

AUTHOR: Asa Redington

DATE: 1838


TITLE: A Genealogy of Runnels and Reynolds Families in America; with Records and Brief Memorials of the Earliest Ancestors

AUTHOR: M. T. Runnels

DATE: 1873

**Separate material RE: Stephen Reynolds included here


TITLE: Materials for a history of the Sessions Family in America, the descendants of Alexander Sessions of Andover, Mass., 1669

AUTHOR: Francis C. Sessions

DATE: 1890


TITLE: A Family Record of the Descendants of John Spofford, who emigrated from England, and settled at Rowley, Essex County, Mass., in 1638

AUTHOR: Jeremiah Spofford, M. D.

DATE: 1869

TITLE: A Genealogical Record, including two generations in female lines of families spelling their name Spofford, Spafford, Spafard, and Spaford, descendants of JOHN SPOFFORD and ELIZABETH SCOTT, who emigrated, in 1638, from Yorkshire, England, and settled at Rowley, Essex County, Mass.

AUTHOR:  Jeremiah Spofford

DATE: 1888

TITLE: Ancestors and Descendants of Solomon Spofford and Catharine Carleton and Related Families

AUTHOR: Warren A. Spofford

DATE: 1977


TITLE: The Stiles Family in America, Genealogies of the Massachusetts family, Descendants of Robert Stiles of Rowley, Mass. 1659-1891. And the Dover, N. H. Family, Descendants of William Stiles of Dover, N. H. 1702-1891

AUTHOR: Mary Stiles (Paul) Guild

DATE: 1892


TITLE: Descendants of John Symonds

AUTHOR: Davida Symonds

DATE: 1994


TITLE: The Tenney Family or the Descendants of Thomas Tenney, of Rowley, Mass. 1638-1890

AUTHOR: M. J. Tenney

DATE: 1891


TITLE: The Descendants of William Towne, who came to America on or about 1630 and settled in Salem, Mass.

AUTHOR: Edwin Eugene Towne

DATE: 1901


TITLE: The Desscendants of Job Tyler Since 1916

AUTHOR: Charles R. Tyler, Norma L. Tyler, Norman R. Tyler

DATE: 1985

TITLE: Memories of “Reunion 88”

AUTHOR: Norma Tyler

DATE: c. 1988


TITLE: Ancestors of Timothy Pitman Walker

AUTHOR: Timothy Pitman Walker

DATE: 1998


TITLE: Genealogy of the Doty – Williams Families

AUTHOR: Harold D. Hussey

DATE: 1976


TITLE: The Descendants of Rev. William Worcester with a Brief Notice of the Connecticut Wooster Family

AUTHOR: J. Fox Worcester, revised by Sarah Alice Worcester

DATE: 1914