Alcott Family Papers Inventory

Alcott Family Papers Inventory

Box 1:

Alcott, William A. – Memoir (printed)

Alcott, William A. – Manuscript, “Confessions of a Father”

Alcott, William A. – Miscellany, c.1820s-1850s

Alcott, William A. – Manuscript, “The Mother in her Family”

Alcott, William A. – Printed book with notes and notations, “Slate and Black Board Exercises”

Alcott, George G. – Letters sent

Alcott, Phebe Ann – Letters sent to brother William P. Alcott, 1856-1869

Alcott, Phebe L. – Letters sent to son William P. Alcott, 1840s-1860s

Alcott, William A. – Letters sent to wife Phebe L. Alcott, 1857-1858

Alcott, William A. – Letters sent to son William P. Alcott, 1840s-1850s

Alcott, William P. – Letters sent to parents William A. and Phebe Alcott, 1857-1858

Alcott, William P. – Letters sent to sister Phebe Ann Alcott, 1858

Alcott, William P. – Letters received, 1850s-1860s

Box 2: 

William P. Alcott – Diaries, 1851-1855, 1857-1859

Box 3: 

William P. Alcott – Diaries, 1864-1869

William P. Alcott – Birthday memoranda, 1859-1863

Box 4:

William P. Alcott – Greenland notes

William P. Alcott – Williamstown school notes

William P. Alcott – Recommendations and letters received, 1861-1919

William P. Alcott – Account Books, 1852-1857, 1871-1874

William P. Alcott – Travel notes (1877), newspaper clippings RE: W.P. Alcott’s travels

William P. Alcott – Scientific notes

William P. Alcott – Scientific observations

Box 5: 

William P. Alcott – Sermons

William P. Alcott – Lecture notes

William P. Alcott – Theological notes

Box 6:

William P. Alcott – Published newspaper articles

William P. Alcott – Miscellany (primarily childhood through college)

Alcott Family – Genealogy and photographs

William A. Alcott – Manuscript, “My First and Best Book, for William”

(could also have been written by William P., but William A. was very interested in family and children and did a lot of writing on those subjects)

Rural Improvement Society of Boxford – Minutes, 1883-1888

William D. Alcott - Needlework