Andrew Family Papers


“Eulogy of John Albion Andrew delivered by Edwin P. Whipple”, 1867

“Address of His Excellency John A. Andrew, to the Legislature of Massachusetts, January 9, 1863”

“Address of His Excellency John A. Andrew, to the Legislature of Massachusetts, together with Accompanying Documents, January 8, 1864”

“Address of His Excellency John A. Andrew, to the Legislature of Massachusetts, January 6, 1865”

“Valedictory Address of His Excellency John A. Andrew, to the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts, January 4, 1866”


Jonathan Andrew (1782-1849)


Josiah Dearborn (Effingham, NH)

Oliver M. Whipple (Lowell, MA)

Samuel Robbins (Woodstock, ME)

Downes & Co (?) (Calais, ME)

A. She__ (?) (Portland, ME)


List of Boxford real estate belonging to Jonathan Andrew, 1839

Deeds and legal documents (many from Gorham, ME and Windham, ME)

Henry Tenny (Raymond, ME) to Jonathan Andrew (Boxford, MA), 1839

Jonathan Andrew (Windham, ME) to Benjamin Sturges (Windham, ME), 1837

Mary Frost (Gorham, ME) to Jonathan Andrew (Windham, ME), 1836

Lewis Brackett (Gorham, ME) to John Brackett (Gorham, ME), 1826

David Harding, Jr. and wife Rebecca, and Mason Frost and wife Mary (Gorham, ME) to Clark Swett (Gorham, ME), 1824

Mason Frost (Gorham, ME) to Jonathan Andrew (Windham, ME), 1821

David Harding, Jr. and wife Rebecca (Gorham, ME) to Mason Frost (Gorham, ME), 1821

Jonathan Andrew (Windham, ME) to Francis Elder (Cape Elizabeth, ME), 1818

Rhoda Barker, widow of David Barker (Windham, ME) to Jonathan Andrew (Windham, ME), 1812

Court judgment against James Means (Falmouth, ME) in favor of Paul Little, Jr. (Windham, ME)

Will, John Morton (Gorham, ME)

Isaac Watson Andrew (1819-1895)


Alexander Harrison (New York, NY)

John Brown (Sarnia, Canada)

Receipts, incl. expenses incurred  for Barker Road construction

West Boxford Post Office receipts and documents

Plan for barn at 5 Essex Street

Norton’s Improved Time Teller, 1853

Almanac calendar page, 1844

Sarah Elizabeth Andrew (1822-1897)

Letter to brother, 1857

Genealogical note - Pearl, Gibson, Peabody

Receipt for wool, Joel Goldthwait & Co., 1879

Charles Albion Andrew (1852-1910)

Letter to son Albion on letterhead “Charles A. Andrew, Breeder and Dealer in Thoroughbred Dogs”, 1893

Letter from sister Ada Andrew

Copy of deed for land sold by John H. Nason to Charles A. Albion, 1893

Boxford tax bill, 1906

Ella J. (Pearl) Andrew (1850-1941)

Correspondence to and from Ella

Letter to mother, 1862

Letter from Aunt Sarah [Sarah Kimball (Day) Warner], 1870

Letter to son Albion [John Albion Andrew]

Letter from A. H. Dow (Braintree, MA)

Letter from Margaret Brown (Killbuck, NY)

Letter to one of her children

Letter to grandson John A. Andrew, Jr.

Letter from Clara E. Sears (Boston, MA)

Wedding invitation for Grace L. Derby and M. Gilbert Carlton, 1892


John Albion Andrew (1874-1954)

Correspondence, incl. Barker Free School (1922-1923)

Cousin Howard [John Howard Pearl], 1893

Frank Andrew, 1892

Ada C. Andrew, 1892

Son, John A. Andrew, Jr., 1954

Grandparents, Sarah and Isaac Andrew, 188_ [torn]

Harry F. Dalton, 1886

Ernest Mariett, 1923

William L. Machmer, 1925

W. D. Currier, Currier-Todd Co. Wholesale Grocers

Hasting Clifton, 1896

Boxford tax bills, 1911, 1922

Insurance policy

Police report, 1919


Blank forms from US Commission of Fish and Fisheries

Mary “Mae” Crossman Lawrence Andrew (1880-1973)


Carrie A. Shurtleff in China

Helen Leonette Andrew (daughter)  in WWII

“Betty” (daughter - Ada Andrew? ) RE: 5 Essex Street and family properties

Isaac C. Day (brother)

Alice H. Dow

John Albion Andrew (fiance), 1905

Charles Albion Andrew (son)

Poetry about the Ladies’ Benevolent Society

Invitation to the American School of Osteopathy commencement exercises, 1911

Genealogical notes

Unofficial will written to children

Civil War Transcripts

Copies of correspondence of Robert Crossman 2nd, 1st Lieut., Company H. 3rd Massachusetts Volunteer Militia - Mary C. L. Andrew’s grandfather

Pearl Family


Genealogical inquiries

Letter to Miss M. Addie Pearl [Mary Adelaide Pearl],


George C. Carlton, San Francisco, 1854


Tyler Family Papers


William Tyler, Nelson Bodwell and Solendia Bodwell to John Tyler, 1842 (38 Highland  Road)

Moses Dorman, Jr. to John Tyler, 1844 (161 Spofford Road)

John Brown to John Tyler, 1847 (land abutting Washington Street, Dole Hill and Brook Road?)

Mary S. D. Tyler (widow of William Tyler) to John Tyler, 1842 (38 Highland Road)

Ebenezer Peabody, Moses Carleton and Enos Runnels to Bradstreet Tyler, 1802

John Tyler estate papers

Letter from William King in Hinckley (UK?) to his niece and nephew, William King in New York, NY, 1821

Bradstreet Tyler will

Newspaper Clippings

5 Essex Street

Pearl House on Lake Shore Road

Charles P. Thompson’s War Record [From the Gloucester Telegraph of July 26th, 1862]

Miscellaneous non-Boxford