Barnes - Sawyer Family Papers Inventory

Box 35a

Adaline Barnes – Letters to Mary B. Gould, 1843, 1848

Benjamin S. Barnes – Letters received

Warren H. Prichard, 1897

Elizabeth S. Jones (cousin), 1900

Benjamin S. Barnes – Letters received from Luther S. Morgan, 1864-1865

Grace Barnes (Waltham) – Letters sent to brother Phineas Barnes, 1814-1832

Grace Barnes – Letters received from Sally Spofford, 1806

Mary F. Barnes – Letter sent to cousins, 1916

Mary E. Barnes – Letter sent to Sally Spofford, 1805

Mary E. Barnes – Letters sent to brother Phineas Barnes, 1815-1823

Mary E. Barnes – Letters sent to father Phineas Barnes, 1825-1826

Mary E. Barnes – Letters received

Letters between Phineas Barnes and Sarah Spofford, 1805-1806

Phineas Barnes – Letters received, 1805-1848

Samuel Barnes – Letters sent to brother Phineas Barnes, 1799 and undated

Sarah Barnes – Letter sent to Mary E. Barnes, 1827

Thomas Barnes – Letter sent to niece, 1856

George Whitefield Sawyer – Letter sent to brother William Sawyer, 1845

Mary Osgood Sawyer – Letters received from cousin Mary Lizzy, 1856 [crossed letter]

Samuel Sawyer – Letters received

Aaron Perkins, 1775 (copy made 1853)

John Low – 1798

Joseph Sawyer – 1791, 1799

Sophia B. Sawyer – Letters received from brother Isaac B. Howe, 1848-1856

William Sawyer – Letter to his parents, 1866

William Sawyer – Letter to wife, 1887

William Sawyer – Letters received from “Gus” in Colorado, 1871-1873

William Sawyer – Letter received from niece or nephew, 1881 [discusses Sarah Sawyer Lord b. 1801]

Augusta Hibbard – Letter received from Eliza W. Smith, undated [post-1860]

Letter received from N. H. Shipley and “Villa”, March 13, 1873

Charlotte Hibbard (Methuen) – Letters received from daughter Augusta Hibbard, 1860

Isaac B. Howe (?) – Letters to father from “Ike” in Iowa, 1868-1870

Letters – Miscellaneous Barnes Family

Phineas Barnes – Letter from Charles Jarvis Warren, 1899

Mary B. Gould – Letter from Elijah G [Gould?], 1837

Hannah Spofford – Letter to unknown friend, 1803

Lydia Warren Wood Spofford – Letter from sister Rebecca Warren, 1777


Tax list for First Parish, 1845

Sophia Howe Sawyer – Letter from son, Isaac Howe Sawyer, 1892

Sophia Howe Sawyer – Letter from daughter Evie Sawyer Harris, undated

Sophia Howe Sawyer – Letter from mother (?) in Northfield, VT, 1852

Windsor Herbert Howe – Letter to his brothers and sisters, 1948 [contains info from family Bible]

Notice re: business licenses from Boxford selectmen for Asa Peabody and Jonathan Wood, 1793 [signed by selectmen Francis Perley, Parker Spofford, Simeon Stiles]

Approval of Innholder license for Parker Spofford, 1793

Joseph H. Allen – Letter from Sunday School members, 1838

Ephraim Foster – Certification of his birth in 1807 by mother Mary Harriman, 1828

Hannah Wood – Letter of recommendation signed by Peter Eaton, 1807

Receipt of money paid by Charles Pearl to James Careton, 1858

Receipt of money paid by Hendry Pearley [Henry Perley] to Richard Hood, Wenham, 1786

Note for money owed to Samuel Sias by Harry Hunton, Reading, 1866 [also mentions Reuben Richardson of Stoneham]

Copy of letter to Daniel Fuller requesting the formation of a Third Parish in Boxford, 1824

Letter – From mother to children, includes article from April, 1862

Pressed paper envelope addressed to Frank L. Sawyer, 1884

Exercises at Harmony Cemetery in connection with placing a marker on the grave of Lydia Warren Spofford, 1935

Miscellaneous receipts

Draft of proposed resolution to Continental Congress re: money (old & new currency), 1780

Phineas Barnes – Receipts, 1804-1829

Samuel Sawyer (Capt. Aaron P. Lord of Ipswich papers) – 

Deed conveying that Samuel Sawyer and wife Elisabeth give up her right of dower to Samuel Lord, April 2, 1771

Deed from Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich) to Philip Lord and Samuel Lord, March 1, 1799

Deed for execution of Isaac Smith vs estate of Francis Cogswell, 1760

Deed for use of wood on land from Nathaniel Perley to Samuel Lord and Samuel Sawyer, Ipswich, April 14, 1761

Paper re: Joseph Hodgkins and Aaron Perkins in Revolutionary War

Assessor’s Warrant to Tax Collector in Second Parish, 1760

Samuel Sawyer – Military commission, 1866

Alfred Kimball – Military commission, 1816

James Bridgman Sawyer – Obituary, 1925

Wedding invitations – 

Mary Elisabeth Barnes and William F. Sawyer, 1873

Annie E. Sawyer and Joseph F. Black, 1880

Boxford Temperance Pledge, bef. 1865

Notes for Independence Day speech or ceremony, c. 1812

Bill of Fare for Ordination Dinner of Rev. Samuel Ripley, Waltham, 1807

Schoolhouse #4 papers, 1805-1837

Miscellaneous Barnes Papers

Phineas Barnes – Military commission, 1805

Gravestone notes – Seth W. Gay, Susan E. Gay, Susan E. H. Gay, George W. Smith, Harriet E. Blodgett, Charles B. Gay, George W. Gay

Poem – “He Giveth His Beloved Sleep”

Drawing of lace collar with note by A. Barnes

Invitation to home of John M. Foster and Sarah R. Abbott

Lock of hair “Elijah’s” (Elijah Gould m. to Mary Barnes?)

Penciled note with names

Hand-written Biblical verse

Signatures cut from documents:

P. Barnes, 1836

Thomas Sinclair

John G. Hood

Mary Barnes

William Johnson Jr.

D. Mighill (David Mighill)

P. Spofford

P. Barnes, 1813

John Prince

Jacob Peabody

Samuel Barnes, 1750

Miscellaneous Papers

Mehitable Arvilla Hibbard letter to (husband James Brown Sawyer Lord?)

Envelope addressed to A. P. Lord Esqr., Ipswich

Receipt of salary paid to Isaac Briggs, June 2, 1843

Promissory note from Thomas Killam to Mary Averill, Middleton, September 20, 1774 / Reverse: receipt of payment from Widow Sarah Killam, Thomas Killam administratrix to Mary Averill, March 15, 1782

Promissory note from Ebenezer Killam to David Lake, Topsfield, MA, May 12, 1769

Note to Samuel Sawyer of Exeter from Timothy Dexter of Newburyport Re: House purchase, January 28, 1786

Note to Mr. Barnes to publish the marriage of Mr. Herman Kimball (Bradford) to Harriet Day (Boxford), March 3, 1829

Death certificate for David Barnard, Watertown, August 23, 1775, certified by B.S. Barnes, May 3, 1893 [“he was Gramma Spofford’s 1st husband”]

Deed from Foster Averill (Londonderry, NH) to Sarah Averhill (Andover, MA) with reserved right of Samuel Perley, Jr., February 26, 1846

Obituary for Ann Parker, wife of Deacon Nathan Parker (Essex Street Church in Boston), written in 1797, copied by Sarah R. Barnes of Boxford, July 14, 1863

Request by Josiah Woodbury for Boxford residents to dig his cellar (1 Middleton Road) in exchange for a town common where Old Town Hall / Council on Aging (4 Middleton Road) stands today, c. 1816

Mary Barnes – Letter from sister Sarah Barnes, Wheaton Female Seminary, February 13, 1855

Mary Barnes – Letter from friend “Green”, Camp Meige, Readeville, MA, August 14, 1864

Mary Barnes – Letter from cousin Eva Barnes, Georgetown, MA, undated 

Mary Barnes – Copy of letter to “Nell P.” re: engagement to Will Sawyer, August 8, 1872

Mary “Lizzy” Sawyer – Letter to brother about Louisa P. Sawyer marriage to Orlando R. Millett, July 11, 1864

Mary Perley (Miss) – Letter from S.S., Andover, MA, September 17, 1803

John Sawyer – Letter to aunt in Boxford, Fairfax, OH, c. 1865

Envelope addressed to Mrs. William F. Sawyer, Los Angeles, CA, 1916

M. P. Sweetser – Letter to Mrs. A. E. Marsh, Cliftondale, MA, November 1891

Letter to Miss Hibbard (Augusta?) from “Annie”, September 19, 1860

Cough medicine prescription (recipe?) for “Will” from Doctor Cogswell

Letter to “Mamma”, Georgetown, MA, January 5, 1894

Frank Sawyer – Party invitation from Abbie Clark

Print – “The First Steam Railroad Passenger Excursion Train in America”, 1870

Postcard – Nevins Memorial, Methuen, MA

Postcard – Church by pond (not Boxford)

Thomas Killam – information from “Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution”

Birth record for Polly Abthorp (1794), Chatham, MA, printed 1943

“Pilgrim Hymn” – Felecia D. Hemans – Note about Mary on back, May 25, 1905

Christmas word game c. 1920s-1950s

Box 35b – Legal Documents

Sawyer Deeds, 1753-1806, 1858

Deed for 62 North Street, Salem, MA, from William Sawyer, Lydia R. Foster and Charles I. Foster to Ariel Cook, October 13, 1858

Deed of Ipswich land from William and Elizabeth Foster (Ipswich, MA) to John Hodgkins (Ipswich, MA), June 26, 1756

Deed of Sanford land from estate of Isaac Fellows (Sanford, ME) to John Low (Sanford, ME), December 29, 1779

Deed of Fairfield land from Joseph and John Sawyer (Fairfield, ME) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich, MA), February 8, 1793

Deed of Ipswich land from Samuel Lord 3rd (Ipswich, MA) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich, MA), August 12, 1772

Deed of Ipswich land from John and William Cogswell (Boston, MA) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich, MA), May 2, 1781

Hand-drawn map of land, 1 acre, by surveyor R. Manning

Deed of Wells salt marsh from Francis Sayer [Sawyer] (Ipswich, MA) to son Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich, MA), May 15, 1756

Deed of Scarborough salt marsh from Tristram and Elizabeth Gilman (North Yarmouth), Daniel Sawyer (Wells), Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich) to Eunice Harris aka Eunice Curtis, wife of John Curtis (Boxford), February 28, 1789 (2 copies)

Deed of Scarborough salt marsh from Tristram and Elizabeth Gilman (North Yarmouth), Daniel Sawyer (Wells), Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich) to Mary Harris (Ipswich), February 28, 1789

Deed of Scarborough salt marsh from Tristram and Elizabeth Gilman (North Yarmouth), Daniel Sawyer (Wells), Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich) to Eunice Harris aka Eunice Curtis, wife of John Curtis (Boxford), February 28, 1789

Deed of Ipswich house from John Harris (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), May 1, 1806

Deed to townhouses on Jeffries Neck from Mary Sweet (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer and Jeremiah Lord, Jr. (Ipswich), May 12, 1756

Deed of Ipswich land from Samuel and Elizabeth Sawyer (Ipswich) to Phillip Lord (Ipswich), March 5, 1774

Deed of Ipswich Land from Thomas and Abigail Hodgkins to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), June 7, 1790

Deed of Scarborough salt marsh from John and Eunice (Harris) Curtis (Wolfborough, NH) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), April 20, 1792

Deed of Scarborough salt marsh from Mary Harris (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), July 12, 1792

Deed of Ipswich house from James and Elisabeth Lord (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), April 13, 1789

Deed of land from Jonas Bowman (Fairfield, ME) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), April, 1789

Deed for ¼ dwelling house in Ipswich from Jonathan Cogswell (Boston) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), May 12, 1781

Deed from James and Mary Lord (Ipswich) to son James Lord Jr. (Ipswich), April 24, 1762

Deed of Ipswich land from Samuel Sawyer to Phillip and Samuel Lord (Ipswich), April 27, 1798

Deed of Lincoln county [Maine] land from John True, Daniel True and Isaac Shaw (all recently of Winthrop, MA but now of Seabrook, NH) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), April 3, 1786

Deed of Ipswich land and part of house from Phillip Lord and Samuel Lord (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), February 4, 1800

Deed of Ipswich land and part of a house from Aaron Smith and Dorothy Smith (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), April 17, 1771

Deed of Ipswich house from Abner Harris (Ipswich), executor of father Abner Harris to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), May 28, 1777

Deed of Turkey Hill Ipswich land from Jeremiah Staniford and Mary Staniford (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), April 20, 1790

Deed of Ipswich land from Daniel Safford (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), April 30, 1761

Deed of Ipswich land from John Burnam (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), February 2, 1753

Deed of house and land from James Lord (Ipswich) to son James Lord Jr. (Ipswich), January 19, 1780

Sawyer Deeds, 1746-1845

Deed of Ipswich salt marsh from Amos Perley and Sarah Perley (Boxford) to Aaron Wood (Boxford), April 11, 1783

Deed of Boxford land from Samuel Kimball (Boxford) and Mary Kimball (widow, Boxford) to William Sawyer, September 6, 1845

Deed of Ipswich land from John Cogswell (Boston) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), June 2, 1794

Deed of Ipswich land from John Hodgkins Jr., guardian of Thomas Hovey (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), May 7, 1761

Deed of Ipswich land from Thomas Wait (Ipswich) to Abraham Knowlton (Ipswich), March 11, 1746

Deed of Ipswich land from Eunice Foster (Ipswich) to Samuel Sawyer (Ipswich), November 20, 1788

Deed of Salem, MA land from Samuel Symonds (Salem, MA) to Samuel Cook (Salem, MA), 1782

Deed of Wells, ME land from Francis Sayer [Sawyer] (Ipswich) to son Samuel Sayer [Sawyer] (Ipswich), August 30, 1756

Deed of Chichester land from Edmund Rand (Chichester, NH) to John Langmaid (Chichester, NH), May 4, 1784

Deed of Ipswich land from Daniel Noyes (Ipswich) by petition of Eunice Foster (Ipswich), guardian of Joshua and Susanna Foster, to Samuel Sawyer, March 3, 1790

Deed of Salem, MA land from Samuel Rea (Salem, MA), administrator of Samuel Cook (Salem, MA) estate to Jonas Foster and Moody Foster (Salem, MA), March 25, 1824

Deed of half of Boxford/Andover farm from John Foster (Boxford) to Joseph Foster (Boxford), March 7, 1833 (29 Brookview Road)

Deed of Boxford home from Richard F. Gurley (Boxford) to Henry Atherton (Boxford), March 15, 1855 (2 Lawrence Road)

Indenture agreement between Benjamin Spofford (Boxford) and Phineas Barnes (Boxford) and Nathaniel Nelson (Rowley), who agree to work Spofford’s farm, April 20, 1830 (20 Kelsey Road)

Cogswell, Francis – Will extract, undated

Kimball, Alfred – Will, Salem, MA, July 21, 1828

Foster, Ephraim – Estate inventory, Boxford, 1807

Gould, Elijah – Estate appraisal, North Andover, 1856

Sawyer, Samuel – legal dispute against estate of Michael Farley (Ipswich), 1791

Sawyer, Samuel – Appraisal of land in Ipswich belonging to Jonathan Caldwell for Samuel Sawyer and Captain Daniel Rogers, 1788

Property Line Affadavits –

Affadavit of property lines in Kennebec by David Philbrooks (Pittston, ME), 1795

Affadavit of property in Wells by David Littlefield (Wells, ME), 1750 [describes Indian attack]

Sawyer, Samuel – Sales of ¼ share of loot to Samuel Sawyer by privateers William Bennet and Joseph Permit of Exeter, NH, 1778

Sawyer, Samuel – Land dispute with Daniel Rogers (Ipswich) over land held in right of their wives, Mary Rogers and Elizabeth Sawyer, 1788

Sayer, Francis – Promissory note to Francis Sayer (Jamestown, ME) from William Sayer and Sarah Sayer (Wells, ME)

Sawyer, Samuel – Court order to pay damages to Ralph Cross Jr., Newburyport, 1771

Wood, Aaron – Papers RE: Aaron Wood estate and Boxford Academy, 1825-1827

Sawyer, Samuel – Proprietor’s land agreement, Ipswich, 1765

Sawyer, Samuel – Guardianship document for William Leatherland, 1761

Barnes, Benjamin S. – Agreement to pay Sidney Perley, lawyer, in case against United States for damages by soldiers to 20 Kelsey Road, 1889

Box 58 – 

Sawyer, Freeman folder

Barnes, Benjamin S. – Day Book, 1856-1860 and 1860-1863

Spofford, Polly Adams – Deed of land to Benjamin Spofford, 1828

Kimball, John – Deed for a piece of Bixby Meadow of Andover sold by the Proprietors of Andover, 1797

Boxford School District #4 meeting warrants, 1827 and 1837

Household Inventory for John Hood (?) of Topsfield, no date

Order to lay out highway in Middleton, which used to be part of Topsfield and possibly also Boxford, 1765 (testimony of John Howe of Boxford)

Sawyer, John and Freeman folder 1

Mary Sawyer – Will

Mary Sawyer – Obituaries

Mary Sawyer – writings

Sawyer – Black marriage invitation

“The History of Lucy Jackson”

“A Noble Youth, or William Mason”

“Boxford’s 25 Species of Ferns” by Mary Sawyer

Business card for Samuel Kidder, Jr. Apothecary, Lowell, with prescription on reverse, 1849

Samuel A. Sawyer – Newspaper article, 1892

Material removed from Sawyer family Bibles in 1938

Christmas card from John to Uncle Silas

Letter to Ellen from Florence, Italy, undated, unsigned

Samuel L. Sawyer – Envelope addressed to him in Boxford

Samuel L. Sawyer – Letters from brother John Sawyer

William C. Lane – Obituaries

Mary Sawyer – Letter of appreciation from the Tyler Public Library

Annie Sawyer Black – Obituaries

Miscellaneous Sawyer family letters

Annie Elizabeth Black (Sawyer) – Passport, 1911

Sawyer, John and Freeman folder 2

Elizabeth Lamson – Copybook

Joseph Franklin Black – Obituary

Mary Sawyer – “Behind the Blockade”

Mary Francis Sawyer – Lasell Junior College commencement, 1941

Sawyer, John and Freeman folder 3

Mary Sawyer – Letter to sister, undated

Mary Sawyer – Birthday poem to sister Annie, 1901

Mary Sawyer – Poems

Mary Sawyer – Chautanqua Library School graduation certificate

Elisabeth Sawyer – Letter to daughter Annie, 1865

Mary Sawyer – Essays written in Schoolhouse #2

Annie Black – Letters of condolence to Mrs. Black

Annie Black – Letter from her Aunt Mary, 1880

Pressed flowers

Joseph F. Black – Military papers

Annie Sawyer Black – Ribbon and other material from Essex County Fair

Joseph Black and Annie Sawyer – Marriage vows

Gardner Lamson – German newspaper article

Mary Sawyer (?) – “The Northern Bulletin” Vol. 1 No. 2, Nov. 1877 “Home Learning School” – Boxford newspaper

Copy of letter to Mr. and Mrs. Coggin on Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1890

Copy of letter to Mr. and Mrs. Andrews Silver Wedding Anniversary, 1884

Letter to Miss. Sawyer from an old Boxford friend, mentions Cleveland Farm, 1921

Annie Sawyer – Letter from her sister Mary Sawyer, 1890