Dorothy Woodbury Papers Inventory

Dorothy L. Woodbury (1917-2009) was a professional boundary line consultant and real estate title researcher who lived in West Boxford.  Her research materials described here were given to the Boxford Historic Document Center by the Woodbury family in 2005.  The papers contain Dorothy’s research on land titles, mostly in the town of Boxford but also in some other locations.  The papers include deeds, maps, plot plans, genealogy, family histories, correspondence with clients and the Town of Boxford, and miscellaneous notes and information.  There is no guarantee that each search is complete.  The names of landowners listed below for each folder is also not necessarily complete as some folders contain hundreds of names and miscellaneous notes and jottings. An attempt has been made to list the most pertinent names for each property or to follow the chain of title given. The material is grouped in four categories: Town-Owned Properties; General Title Searches and Research; Out-Of-Town; Lawsuits and Court Papers. A list of related folders is at the end. 

Box 106


Boy Scout Park

Deeds, plans and sketches for Boy Scout Park off Topsfield Road.

Lockwood, Dunbar; Palmer, Stephen; Cahoon, Charles Dana; Livermore, Robert; Livermore, Gwendolyn Y.; Lockwood, Caroline S.; Crawford, Hattie E.

Maps: Plan of Land Owned By Estate of Hattie E. Crawford, 1949; Plan of Land in Boxford, William J. Troy and Assoc., …July 16, 1979.

Carr Lot -- Lots D and F

Middleton Road adjacent to Cole School; plot plans and deeds.   

Carr, Bessie M.; French, Clinton E.; French, Archer N.; Eaton, Charlotte F.; 

Eaton, Forrest G.; French, Etta M.; French, Walter W.; Howe, Emma A.; Conant, Edith G.

Related folders: Haynes; Cole School and Little Red Schoolhouse. 

Cedar Pond/Boxford Olde Farms/Sanidas Subdivision

Sanidas, John C.; Sanidas, Carol L.; Haderer, Edward; Haderer, Margaret; 

Perley, T. Albert; Rea, Warren W.; Terry, Joan E.; Shulman, Edythe K.; Shulman, Peter;  

  Bradley, Stephanie A.; Nippe, Robert M.

Maps: Plot plans and deeds.

Related folder: Cedar Pond Society – By-laws

Cedar Pond Society -- By-laws

Cole School and Little Red Schoolhouse

Documents regarding the Cole School land and Little Red Schoolhouse property; deeds, letters, plot plans and sketches; architectural plans for Cole School, 1988; articles and letters regarding Little Red Schoolhouse. 

Morse, Lewis K.; Morse, Ednah Rich; Haynes, Winthrop P.; Haynes, Anna M.; French, Walter W.; French, Etta M.; Carr, Bessie M.; Hasty, Harry E.; Raymond, Ella F.; Morse, Arthur Webster; Howe, William B.; Conant, William R.; French, Clinton E.; Eaton, Charlotte; French, Archer N.; Russell, Clarence A.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford Prepared for Bessie M. Carr, 1964; Plan of Land in Boxford, Middleton Road, 1964; Plan of Land in Boxford owned by Forrest Eaton…May 1946.

Related folders: Haynes; Carr Lots -- D and F.

COS/COM -- Conservation Commission Restrictions

Otis Curtis property (Conservation Restriction; road easement; plans); Eagle Nest Hill/Adams Road (Conservation Restriction from Alfred E. Bissell, Jr.); Wildcat and Nobody’s Swamp (Peter J. Shulman proposal with map); Chadwick lots, Hovey’s Pond; Tyler-Wood homestead (Witch Hollow) and Stiles Pond area (John C. Larrabee land, plot plans); Chapman Lane (historical background document and plot plans).

Curtis Jr., Otis E.; Curtis, Bessie M.; Bissell, Alfred E.; Bissell, Linda M.; Larrabee, John C.; Shulman, Peter J.; Perley, Barbara C.; Strogney, John J.; French, Walter W.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford, Mass., 1987.

Related folders: various Wildcat, Hovey’s Pond, Stiles Pond folders; Witch Hollow folder; E. Bemis to Town.

Current Town for Action

Pearl, Edward E.;  Howe, Solomon W.; Field, Irene M.; Cushman, Albert K.; Cushman, Gertrude H.; Howe, Emma A.; Andrews, Harriet E.; Andrews, Harriet A.; Andrews, Dean; French, Etta M.; Butterfield, Lizzie F.; Frye, Frank V.; Killam, Elsie G.; Frye, Harriet V.; French, Clinton; 

Maps: Assessors’ map (part of sheet 19, 1984) off Ipswich Road and Baldpate Road.

Curtis/Gould/Phillips -- Off Crooked Pond Drive

Phillips, Ralph P.; Gould, Zacheus; Gould, John Hood; Gould, Alpheus A.; Gould, Andrew; Phillips, Sarah R. (Gould); Collins, Florence (Phillips); Phillips, Leon; Curtis, Francis; Low, William; Rea, Israel; Byam, Carlton & Co.; Frame, Job; Chaplin, Charles H.; Pearl, Edward E.; Dwinnell, John; Kimball, Jacob; Trask, Ruth; Hutchings, Esther W.; Emerson, Thomas.

Maps: Several small hand-drawn plot plans.

Deed for Town-Owned Properties (with reference to B.H.D.)

East Village; Old Town Hall and new fire station properties with plot plan; West Boxford land from Matilda B. Lund; corner of Kelsey Road and Killam Hill Road with plot plan.

Bachelder, Augustus E.; Matthews, Angelina K.; Hills, Esther L.; Hills, John T.; Hills, Stanley B.; M. T. Stevens & Sons Co.; Tyler, Mary O.; Nangle, Leonard J.; Nangle, Gloria B. 

Deeds for Town-Owned Properties (1915)

Barker, John; Holt, Grace; Cole, William K.; Lockwood, Dimon; Carleton, Caroline E.; Gould, Marion; Colby, Charlotte P.; Moorehouse, Arthur D.; Carleton, Caroline E.; Carleton, Charles B.; Cole, Abigail; Carlton, Samuel B.; Foster, Elizabeth; Tyler, John; Carlton, Esther; Perkins, Stephen; Carlton, John C.; Kimball, Lucy S.; Barker, John; Kunhardt, George E.; Rea, Frank H.; Gilman, Carrie A.; Morse, Mary E.; Murray, Addie G.; West, Richard H.; Towne, Hiram N.; Calder, James W.; Calder, Anna Belle; Butcher, William A.; Swann, William A.; Curtis, Albert F.; Curtis, George W.; Gerst, Sarah B.; Howe, William B.; Howe, Martha J.; Stevens, Lydia H.; Curley, Arthur; Jackman, Andy F.; McCrillis Ransom F.; Donaldson, Wellington; Carlson, Albert G.; Savory, Mary A.; Killam, Chester; Aylward, Carl; Florea, Ruth; Stickney, Delia M.; Littlefield, Stephen S.; Stanton, W. Faraday; Killam, Frank W.; Sawyer, Isaac; Ingalls, Charles W.; Ingalls, Isabelle P.; Ingalls, Charlotte A.;  Butterick, Louise A.; Fuller, Fred; Howe, Solomon W.; Gould, George A.; Gould, Frank M. 

East Library Research     

Records from 1800s forward; chain of title for library; 1971 Preliminary  Report of the Special Committee on Planning for the Boxford Town Library; Board of Appeals variance for nonconforming lot of Cotton, Charles L. and Cotton, Mabel B. on Sayward Road; chain of title of the Alcott parcel.

Bunker, Elisha G.; Howe, Edward; Howe, William A.; Howe, Frederick A.; Cummings, Julia A.; Lowe, Solomon; Harris, Gamaliel; Twisden, John B.; Twisden, Elizabeth; Sayward, John S.; Sayward, Elizabeth; Alcott, Lucy R.; Alcott, William Penn; Boston Branch of the Christian and Missionary Alliance; Sawyer, Margaret.

Maps: Hand-drawn plans of Bacon parcel and other tracts of land that comprise the library lot. 


Hadley to Town

Spofford Road and Highland Road deeds.

Adams, Jophanus; Preston, Marietta K.; Dacey, Mary; Downs, Margaret E. (Greenler); Greenler, Sr., William J.; Shappell, Stanley C.; Shappell, Dora F.; Hadley, G. Edwin; Hadley, Jean L.; Spofford, Florence C.; Omdahl, Marguerite Spofford; Schroeder, Paula Spofford; Spofford, Peter Paul; Rochfort, Jr., George B.; Omdahl, Jacob; Spofford, Paul C.; Spofford, Joseph E.; Spofford, Paul N.; Spofford, Cecilia H.; Poor, Mary M.; Fowler, Walter M.; Fowler, Dorothy L.; Bakewell, Joseph J.; Bakewell, Una K.; Warren, James R.; Warren, Shirley; Elliott, Donald C.

Maps: Partial Plan of Land of Edwin and Jean Hadley, n.d.; other hand drawn plans.  


Papers regarding the Lewis K. Morse playground; purchase of the Palmer schoolhouse on Main Street and removal of said building to the Morse playground at the Aaron Wood School.  These papers are mostly copies of papers from the Haynes collection at the Boxford Historic Document Center. 

Morse, Lewis K.; Hasty, Harry E.; Raymond, Ella F.; Morse, Ednah R.; Bradley, Elizabeth J.; Haynes, Winthrop P.; Haynes, Anna M.; Haynes, Edward H.

Related folders: Cole School and Little Red Schoolhouse; Carr Lot -- Lots D and F.

Hovey’s Pond -- Boxford/Bradford/Groveland Water Rights

Articles, deeds, regarding Hovey’s Pond; water rights connected to the pond and also Johnson’s Pond; Haverhill’s water interests.   

Chadwick, Sr., Kenneth H.; Chadwick, Jane E.; Morse, Stanwood; Russell, Sr., William;   Price, Gordon; Pearl, John M.; Pingree, Daniel; Pearl, Richard. 

Related folders: West Boxford Deeds -- Main Street/Hovey’s Pond Area; Pearl, E. E. – Deeds--Lake Shore Parcels; Main Street (West).

Box 107


Land-taking By Town for Roads

1700s and 1846 documents related to the taking of land for public roads by the Town of Boxford. Valley Road and other unnamed roads.

Related folder: Deed for Town-Owned Properties (with reference to B. H. D.)     

Lincoln Hall

Deeds and various incomplete plot plans.

Carleton, James; Carleton, Lewis B.; Anderson, William H.; Anderson, Charles R.; Anderson, David A.; West Boxford Realty Co.

Related folder: Washington and Main Street -- Village Store, Lincoln Hall, and Abutting Parcels.

Lowe Pond Research

Research done for Town of Boxford; historical notes on Lowe’s Pond; deeds; flowage rights; abutters.

Kelsey, Harlan P.; Spencer, John E. et al; Killam, Myron E.; Cole, Harry L.; Parkhurst, John; Parkhurst, Arlene; Salem Cadets; Peabody, Richard; Low, Nathan; Lewis, Russell B.; Persons, Anna L.; Lowe, Solomon; Winde, Harry; Winde, Lawrence; Chaplin, Charles H.; Tidd, Wilson; Herrick, Israel; Herrick, Mary; Tenney, Orlando B.; Lowe, William.

Lowe Pond -- Harlan Kelsey Development

Harlan P. Kelsey, Inc. deed to Town of Boxford for land bounded by Round Top Road, 1955.  Various plot plans and maps for other parts of Kelsey development including deed from the Salem Cadets Camp Association.

Dorman, William E.; Larrabee, Clayton B.; Howe, William B.; Herrick, Israel; Perley, Henry C.; Rea, Charlotte P.; Perley, Raymond; Killam, Charles E.; Herrick, Mary A.; Bixby, Charles A.; Bixby, Clara M.; Keyes, William; Taylor, Anna; Winde, Harry W.; Lowe, William; Peabody, Richard; Low, Nathan; Sanidas, John C.; Salem Cadets Camp Assoc.; Spencer, John E.; Ropes, Charles F.; Jenkins, Lawrence W.; Shaw, Burton E.; Shaw, Audrey M.; Bolton, Geoffrey; Donovan, John P.; Donovan, Anna L.; Lilly, Charles E.; Lilly, Frances P.; Sekora, Paul J.; Sekora, Eunice D.

Maps: Plan of Land Belonging to Harlan P. Kelsey, 1953 and 1955; Plan of Land in Boxford Conveyed to Harlan P. Kelsey, Ipswich Road, 1912; Plan of Land in Boxford Prepared for William E. Dorman, Lowe Pond Area, 1962 and 1963; Plan of Land in Boxford, Property of the Estate of Charles H. Chaplin, 1979; Plan of Land of the Salem Cadets Camp Association, 1896.

Lowe, William  

1870 deed on Ipswich Road to Town of Boxford.

Main Street – Nason/Twisden/Chaplin

Twisden, John T.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Hutchings, Arthur; Cole, John K.; How, (Howe?) William B.; Wildes, Moses; Hutchings, Esther; 

Maps: Plan of Land for Archer L. Bolton, 1965.

Main Street (West Boxford) -- Barrell/Sperry -- Old Plans

Eric H. Bergstrom and Helen L. Bergstrom deed to Town, land adjacent to West Fire Station on Main Street with plan of land.

Fowler, Hannah J.; Pearce, John T.; Paradis, Rose D.; Tidd, Wilson S.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Downing, Mason W. K.; Sperry, Stephen E.; Paradis, P. A.; Von Wienkowski, Alexander Geo. C.; Fowler, Nathan K.; Plummer, Albert H.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford … for Eric H. and Helen Bergstrom, Main Street and Sperry’s Pond, 1956; Plan of Land in Boxford, Main Street, West Boxford, Barrell/Sperry, …1956.

Related folders: West Boxford Fire Station; Sperry’s Pond.

Main Street (West Boxford) -- Hovey’s Pond Water Rights/ Chadwick to Boxford

Letters regarding Johnson’s Pond water rights and the Town of Groveland and City of Haverhill; easements and restrictions regarding the Chadwick and Price land.

Chadwick, Kenneth H., Sr.; Chadwick, Jane E.; Price, A. Gordon; Price, Susan M.; Scarfo, Damiano; Scarfo, Rita; Day, Joshua T.; Chadwick, Everett H.; Chadwick, Barbara P.; Chadwick, Frank N.; Chadwick, Hattie F.; Chadwick, John T.; Carleton, James; Kimball, Asa; Gardner, Emeline C.; Ford, William; Chadwick, Myra A.; McDonald, William J.; Chadwick, Sidney C.

Maps: Plan of Land in West Boxford from Stadia Survey, estate of Bessie A. Chadwick, October, 1964. 

Related folders: Hovey’s Pond -- Boxford/Bradford/Groveland Water Rights; West Boxford Deeds -- Main Street/Hovey’s Pond Area; Pearl, E. E. -- Deeds -- Lake Shore Parcels.

Nobody’s Swamp

Ten acres near Stiles Pond


Various deeds mostly to E.E. Pearl; some to Charles H. Chaplin.

Pearl, Edward E.; Pearl, Catherine S.; Shapleigh, George H.; Nason, John H.; Rokes, Meander L.; Tyler, Pamela W.; Howe, William B.; Stetson, Charles A.; Batchelder, Samuel P.; Pearl, Charlotte K.; Nason, John H.; Horner, Charlotte N. S. et al; Turner, George W.; Kimball, Sarah A. M.; Chaplin, Charles H.

Sperry’s Pond

Research regarding claims of private ownership of the area called Sperry’s Pond; Town’s interest in purchasing adjacent land; deed to Town for Barrell property.

Sperry, Herbert S.; Sperry, Georgia A.; Trotter, June Sperry; Clark, William; Wood, David; Hovey, Joseph; Hovey, Thomas S.; Hovey, Albert P.; Bergstrom, Eric; Barrell, William A., Jr.; Barrell, Janet S.; Mooers, Myra H.; Weatherbee, Robert; Wood, William Hale; Joy, George A.; Plummer, Sarah J.; Chadwick, John T.; Chadwick, Bessie A.; Morin, Ruth E.; Weston, George L.; Downing, Mason W. K.; Sperry, Stephen E.; Case, Alan E.; Case, Fred E.; MacDonald, Lauren; Fowler, Hannah J.; Fowler, Nathan K.; Pearce, John T.; Paradis, Philippe; Tidd, Wilson S.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Von Wienkowski, Alexander Geo. C.; Von Wienkowski, Stefanie; Holt, Louise M.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford - Second Parish; Ruth Bergson, Caroline W. Park … October, 1949; Plan of Land in Boxford – Second Parish; Katherine Benson, Caroline Park … May, 1962.

Related folders: West Boxford Fire House; Main Street (West Boxford) -- Barrell/Sperry; Sperry’s Pond -- Church Property.                                                

Sperry’s Pond -- Church Property

Land adjacent to and/or now owned by the Second Church that borders Sperry’s Pond; also plot on corner of Washington and Main where soldiers’ monument stands.

Eaton, Peter; Woodberry, Benjamin; Harriman, John G.; Williams, Sarah E.; Perley, William Elbridge; Benson, Katherine; Benson, John G.; Gould, Ruby C. (Benson); Carlton, Richard; Arlin, Samuel; Barker, Jonathan T.; Gage, Nathaniel; Henley, Alonzo J.; Park, Caroline.

Related folders: Second Church; Second Church and Document Center; Boxford Historic Document Center; Sperry’s Pond.

Spofford Pond School

Land acquisition on Spofford Road for Town dump and for Spofford Pond School;  

Town Meeting articles authorizing the taking of land by eminent domain for the school, funds for the design and building of school; Selectmen’s Order of Taking (Eminent Domain).

Town dump: McAllaster, John G.; McAllaster, Gilman; Chaplin, Henry P.; Chaplin, Helen F.; Perley, Henry B.; Perley, T. Albert; Perley, Florence B.; Metcalf, Eleanor F.; Kilbourne, Hubert G.; Goodrich, Pauline F. 

Spofford Pond School: Poor, Mary M.; Spofford, Paul N.; Spofford, Cecelia H.; Kingsley, Kenneth M.; United States Trust Company of New York; Spofford, Joseph E.; Spofford, Paul C.; Van Vranken, F. E.; Van Vranken, M. J.;

Maps: Photocopy of Plan of Land in Boxford Property of Henry C. Perley, 1972; Plan of Land of Joseph E. Spofford, Dec. 26, 1961.

Related folder: Hadley to Town.

Box 108


Town of Boxford -- Beach Lots

Incomplete research (some erroneous) on lots of land acquired by Town for Stiles Pond Beach; Dorothy Woodbury’s corrections; some information on rights-of-way and water rights.

Stiles, Robert; Stiles, Ebenezer; Foster, Ephraim; Foster, Moses; Foster, John; Dole, Richard; Foster, Dudley; Kimball, Amos; Spofford, Paul; Kimball, Walter; Cole, Ephraim; Cole, Joseph; Cole, William K.; Cole, Harry L.; Bemis, Elinor.

Maps: Plan of Land in West Boxford for Elinor Bemis, June, 1974; Plan of Land of Town of Boxford, Stiles Pond Area, May and June 1974.

Related folders: E. Bemis to Town; Stiles Pond Area -- Owners; Stiles Pond -- Rights of Way; Stiles Pond -- Flowage Rights; Blake -- Stiles Pond (Land Sold to Rohr); Foster, Ephraim -- Stiles Pond Area; Foster Genealogy; Cole, William R.; Diamond Match Co./Holgate #2; Diamond Match Co./Deed From Byam; Cole, Harry/E. Bemis -- Grantors; COS/COM.

Town of Boxford from Estate of Charles H. Chaplin; Peter Shulman from Chaplin Trust 

Folder #1

Correspondence regarding identification of piece of land conveyed to Peter Shulman per Town Meeting vote, 1988; purchase of “Peabody Meadow” for Town, 1972; confusion over two parcels called “Peabody Orchard” or “Averill Lot” and “Peabody Meadow” or  “Coltsfoot Meadow”; Shulman’s willingness to swap town one for the other.

Stiles, Asa; Peabody, Samuel P.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Perley, Henry C.; Perley, Raymond; Perley, Henry B. et al.; Peabody, Samuel P.; Tidd, Wilson; Cole, William K.; Howe, William B.; Averill, John; 

Town of Boxford from Estate of Charles H. Chaplin; Peter Shulman from Chaplin Trust

Folder #2

Land Court papers from estate of Charles H. Chaplin; will of Barbara C. Perley; land court papers of Bertha Perley, Jeannette P. Brown, Clarence Brown; Declaration of Trust document, T. Albert Perley and Warren W. Rea, trustees.

Holmes, Charles; Perley, Samuel; Chaplin, Charlotte K. N.; Perley, Henry C.; Perley, Henry B.; Rea, Charlotte P.; Perley, Raymond; Metcalf, Eleanor F.; Perley, Florence B.; Shulman, Edythe K.; Cole, John; Sawyer, John; Lantz, Christian; Howe, William B.; Tidd, Wilson S.; Averill, John; Peabody, Porter B.; Pearl, Edward E.; Atkinson, Walter E.; Peaslee, Edson E.; Twisden, John T.; Whittier, Olive Mary; Howe, Emily A.; Howe, Edward; Lowe, Annie H.; Howe, James H.; Sawyer, George E.; Sawyer, Robert H.; Bradford, Emery L.; Perley, Louise; Perley, Barbara; Haley, Winfield J.; Matthews, Joseph B.; Bouchard, Ovide; Andrews, Archer; Donnell, Samuel H.; Wilmot, George; Nason, Mary J.; Nason, Jennie F.; Nason, Alfred K.; Nason, Ruby F.; Curtis, Josephine; Nason, Anna L.; Nason, George H.

Town of Boxford from Estate of Charles H. Chaplin; Peter Shulman from Chaplin Trust

Folder #3

Chain of Title to Map #23, Block #2, Parcel #15; Chain of Title to Map #28, Block #3(?), Parcel #34.

Cole, John K.; Howe, William B.; Averhill, John; Tidd, Wilson S.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Perley, Henry C.; Perley, Raymond; Rea, Charlotte P.; Perley, Henry B.; Shulman, Peter J.; Stiles, Asa; Stiles, Simeon; Peabody, Samuel P.; Perley, T. Albert; Perley, Florence B.; Metcalf, Eleanor F.

Town of Boxford -- Grantee Index   

Grantee Index: 1926-1935; 1984-1987; 1988; 1995 (incomplete?). 

Cole, Harry L.

Town of Boxford -- Grantor Index

Grantor Index: 1880-1950; 1951-1963; 1964-1973; 1995.

Town of Boxford -- List of Properties

Handwritten list of properties with book and page numbers and plan numbers; another list with less information.

Washington and Main Streets -- Village Store, Lincoln Hall, and Abutting Parcels

Deed for Lincoln Hall, 1945; Town Meeting votes on petitions for laying out of roads in West Boxford Village 1835, 1839 and 1840; 1988 letters regarding Main Street and Washington Street intersection; Dorothy’s notes regarding town meetings on roads including Maple Avenue, road near Rock Brook, Glendale Road, Brook Road and others; chain of title to #242 of Dwellings, Taylor/Frizzell; aerial photo of West Boxford Village (photocopy).

Cole, Harry L.; West Boxford Realty Company; Colby, E. Lawrence; Colby, Marion; Pearl, E. E.; Colby, Leroy E.; Anderson, S. Adelia; Anderson, Melissa J.; Dole, Greenleaf; Foster, Ephraim; Henry, William; Lench, Orissa (Foster); Bunker, Elisha; Brown, John; Tyler, John; Havey, Orville L; Clement, Samuel W.; Henley, J.; Pearl, Elizabeth; Pearl, Benjamin; Kimball, John F.

Maps: Plan E. E. Pearl to Leroy E. Colby, (Village Store and Lincoln Hall), 1921; Plan of Land in Boxford for Lawrence and Marion Colby, 1953; Partial Plan of Washington Street, 1959.

Related folders: Lincoln Hall.

West Boxford Fire House

Deed to land from William A. Barrell, Jr. and Janet S. Barrell to Town on Main Street next to Sperry land, 1975; Land Court document for Barrells; quitclaim deed from Bergstrom, Eric H. and Bergstrom, Helen L. to Town on Main Street,1955; chain of title of Chaplin/Holt land.

Fowler, Hannah J.; Paradis, Phillipe; Paradis, Sifroy; Paradis, Rose Delima; Chaplin, Charles H.; Tidd, Wilson S.; Tidd, Lucy C.; Holt, Louis M.;  Downing, Mason W. K.; Sperry, Stephen E.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford, Sept 1974; photocopy of Plan of Land in Boxford, Main Street West Boxford…April 1957.

Related folders: Main Street (West Boxford) -- Barrell/Sperry -- Old Plans; Sperry’s Pond.

West Boxford Library

Deeds and plan for land for Gardner Morse School lot, later the West Boxford Library.

Cole, Morris S.; Auger, Jeannette A.; Auger, Zelie A.

Map: hand-drawn plan of land, 8/16/97.

Wildcat Research and Miscellaneous

Research, plans, deeds on Wildcat property and Nobody’s Swamp; records, documents, financial receipts, Assessors’ maps; letter from Boxford Conservation Comm. seeking quotes for surveying; Donohoe and Parkhurst response, 1995; Hancock Survey Assoc. quote, 1995; research Stiles Pond area.

Spofford, Thomas; Cole, Ephraim; Tyler, Job; Tyler, Abraham; Tyler, William; Bodwell, Nelson; Bodwell, Asa M.; Dale, Herbert A.; Twisden, Jr., Samuel; Dale, Samuel; Hopping, George T.; Pelton, Henry W.; Harwood, Charles W.; Lynn Rotary Boys Camp; Cole, Harry L.; Richman, Milton; Milrich Realty Trust; Garfinkle, George; Foster, Israel; Foster, Sr., Jonathan; Foster, Jr., Jonathan; Barnes, B. Frank; Pearl, Edward E.; Perley, William E.; Perley, Sarah K.; Bean, Caroline A.; Foster, Dudley; Spofford, Paul; Kimball, Walter H.; Hayward, Augustus; Cole, Ephraim K.; Woods, John; Cole, Ephraim E.; Howe, William B.; Averill, John; Cole, William K.; Cole, Wallace W.; Spofford, Lydia; Spofford, Benjamin; Barnes, Benjamin S.; Barnes, Phineas; Chaplin, Charles H.

Maps: Wildcat Assessors’ map #18 with boundary errors; copy of Assessors’ map #23 with title error; Plan of Land Property of Harry L. Cole, Ipswich Road, 1965; Plan of Land in Boxford, Wildcat Area, 1961; Land Parcel Identification Sheet, Lynn Rotary Club, Ipswich Road/Stiles Pond, n.d.; Plan of Woodland, Estate of J. Foster, 1860; Plan of Land …Locus of Camp Plots on S/Side of Stiles and Undeveloped Land of Blinn, 1860; Plan of Land for Harry L. Cole…October, 1955.

Related folders: Wildcat Woods #1, #2; Town of Boxford/Levy/Coupe; Nobody’s Swamp (2 folders); Wood, Moses -- Estate; Diamond Match Co./Holgate #2; Cole, H./Bemis – Grantors.

Wildcat Woods – Sale papers 1961-1965

Folder #1

Correspondence with lawyers, realtors and developer regarding Harry L. Cole property; Wildcat Reservation Summary of Information, giving chronology of land transfers, town meeting votes, etc.

Related folders; same as in Wildcat Research and Miscellaneous.

Wildcat Woods – Abutters (Thurston Woodlot)

Folder #2

Historical facts about Thurston Woodlot by Dorothy Woodbury; chain of title, sketch of Wildcat with location of Thurston Woodlot.

Tyler, Job; Thurston, Daniel; Tyler, George P.; Chaplin, Charles E.; Rea, Loring B.; Rea, Frank H.; Andrews, Charles A.; Andrew, John A.; Andrew, Frank A.; Hodgins, Pearl A.; Andrew, Ella J.; Andrews, John A.; Hagen, Andrew A.; Andrews, Mary C.; Bergstrom, Helen L.; Sullivan, Charles C. A.; Sullivan, Helen V.

Related folders; same as in Wildcat Research and Miscellaneous.

Witch Hollow Farm

Publicity, public records, related papers; the Selectmen’s letter to the Trust for Public Land outlining the conditions for the purchase of Witch Hollow Farm, 1995; Friends of Witch Hollow Farm Inc. Organization Proposal, 1994; the Friends By-Laws, 1994; letter to Michael Smolak, Jr. regarding pesticide use on pumpkin field at Witch Hollow, 1995; chain of title from John Tyler forward; relationship of Rebecca Eames with Witch Hollow Farm; Friends of Witch Hollow Farm News, January 1995; deed of John T. Wood and Rebecca T. Wood to Mehitable T. Wood; plan of the Homestead Farm of the late Capt. Enoch Wood, June 1899; 

Rich, Steven; Rich, Jeanne; Foster, Ephraim; Tyler, John; Tyler, Gideon; Kimball, Mehitable; Tyler, Anna; Wood, Enoch; Wood, Mehitable Tyler; Wood, John Tyler; Wood, Rebecca Tyler; Wood, Enoch Frank; Pinkham, Arthur; Pinkham, Ruth; French, Edward L.; French, Phyllis L.; Ladd, David L.; Ladd, Audrey J. 

Maps: Plan of Land for David and Audrey Ladd, 1971.

Related folders: Eames/Tyler Deeds; Eames/Tyler Research; Tyler Genealogy.

Woodbury, Dorothy – Correspondence with Town of Boxford

Correspondence with Town regarding title searches for town-owned properties, 1986-88, 1996.

Box 109



Regarding land on Ipswich Road and Board of Appeals permit to remove sand and gravel; statement from D. L. Woodbury  regarding monitoring of gravel removal process. 

Abruzese, Pasquale V.; Georgetown Sand  and Gravel Co.; Greco, Donato; Greco, Mary; Boncore, Gaetano; Boxford Realty Co.; Goodwin, Frank; Wilcox, Charles; Roberts, Herbert; Lawes, Samuel; Foster, J. P.; Emery, Arthur; Shaw, R.; Cole, Harry L.; French, Edward; DuBrule, Marion D.; Chouljian, Aram.

Maps: Plan of Land, Oct. 23, 1961.

Alpers, Moses

Alpers, Moses; Shartell, Thomas; Leshefsky, Abe; Rafter et al; Dalby, Annie M.; Holmes, Frank; Dalloff, Sylvester.

Maps: Partial plan showing Property of Edith Spacil Gilmore, on Herrick Road, 1976.

Ancient Boxford Plans

Photocopies of Boxford map from 1825 atlas. 

Maps: Plan of land along Bare Hill Road near Topsfield boundary.

Andrew Family and Andrew/Eichorn House

See: Washington Street (Rte. 133) – BOLT Land, Burnham, Etc., #3.

Andrews, Nathan

The Nathan Andrews land, on what would become Topsfield Road, includes documents from 1950 regarding the taking of land parcels for the building of Route 95 with a list of owners and acreage.

Andrews, Nathan; Andrews, Jr., Nathan; Andrews, Daniel; Andrews, Dean; Andrews, Eunice; Andrews, Esther; Andrews, Jacob; Andrews, Nathaniel; Andrews, Mary; Emerson, Billy; Hutchings, Arthur U.; Twisden, John T.; Palmer, Martha K.; French, Clinton; Livermore, Robert; Livermore, Jr., Robert; Essex County Greenbelt Association.

Arsenault, Peter Donald

Deed for Boxford land on North Andover line, 1981.

Arsenault, Peter D.; Farr, George H.; Farr, Wanda H.

Assessor’s Maps – Zoning Map Atlas

Few maps in this folder; lists of non-residential real estate from 1904 Town of Boxford Assessor’s Record.

Cole, Emma; Cole, Arthur E.; Cole, Wallace W.; Cole, Joseph F.; Bodwell, Stephen B.; Cole, Harry L.; Cole, William K.; Foster, Reginald; Foster, Susan R.; Fowler, Stephen F.; Barnes, B. Frank; Kimball, Mary E.; Nason, Mary J.; Prescott, George; Stevens, Moses T.; Tilton, John C.; Spofford, Paul N.; Young Men’s Club.

Baldpate Pond – Almshouse Property/American Woolen Company

A single sheet of paper with Registry of Deeds book and page numbers for various transactions, mostly regarding the Poor House property once located on Baldpate Pond. 

Wood, William M.; Perley, Charles; Kittredge, Wheaton; Franklin, John; American Woolen Company; Homestead Association; Lawrence Tuberculosis League; Mowry, Frances; Dame, A. Carroll; Cross, Jerome W.; Chandler, Frederic N.; Siskind, Alexander L.

Barker Free School

The Barker Free School, 1883-1919, was named after Jonathan Tyler Barker and was located on Main Street just north of West Boxford Village. 

Barker, Jonathan T.; Bergstrom, Helen; Bergstrom, Eric H.; Chadwick, John T.; Andrew, John A.; Gage, H. Tenney; Anderson, Donald E.; Hovey, Thomas S.; Poor, James C.; Foster, George D.; Austin, Alice M.; Plummer, Albert H.

Maps: Land in West Boxford, Mass., Reserved By the Trustees of the Barker Free Academy, December 1918.

Barnes, Benjamin S., Dorcas F. (wife), B. Franklin (son)

Benjamin S. Barnes and family lived at what is now 20 Kelsey Road. The documents in this folder pertain to his estate and his wife’s estate, including inventory of possessions; and various pieces of land, including land near Stiles Pond and in Ipswich and Rowley.

Barnes, Benjamin Spofford; Barnes, Dorcas F.; Barnes, Benjamin Franklin; Barnes, Charles A.; Sawyer, Ellen B.; Sawyer, Mary B.; Barnes, Thomas L.; Barnes, Samuel L.; Mason, Mabel D.; Freeman, Sarah B.; Barnes, Charles W.; Barnes, E. Warren; Barnes, Kate; Barnes, Phineas W.; Moorehouse, Asa C.; Sims, Frederick W.; Pearl, Edward E.; Howe, Edward; Frame, Job.

Maps: Hand-drawn plot plans with abutters.

Behrens, Don and Joan – King George Drive

Boundary line problem; one sheet of paper.

Behrens, Donald C.; Behrens, Joan H.

Bemis, Elinor C. to Jean D. Moody/Washington Realty Trust

Deed to several parcels of land off Washington St. near Groveland line and Main St.

Gentleman, Susan E.; Ingalls, Walter R.; Roche, ?; Peabody, Oliver T.; Hayward, Augustus; Cole, William K.


Birth, death and marriage notes.

Bixbee, Joseph; Bixbee, Sarah Gold (Gould); Cummings, Thomas; Cummings, Alice; Smith, Jonathan; Smith, Sarah; Peabody, Joseph; Peabody, Lydia; Bixby, Joseph; Bixby, Sarah; Bixby, Thomas; Bixby, John S.; 

Blake, Earl/Rohr – Stiles Pond

Land on Stiles Pond also known as the Clay Property; complicated transfers, rights-of-way and flowage rights issues, surveying and plot dimension errors, zoning and other code violations.

Blake, Earle; Blake, Avis E.; Rohr, Kenneth R.; Rohr, Frances J.; Clay, George R.; Fieldhouse, Ruth G.; Fieldhouse, Herbert; Kress, David; Henderson, Charles R.; Henderson, Grace N.; Henderson, William A.; Bawden, Helen H.; Black, Frank K.; Black, Dora; Chadwick, George W.; Frame, George P.; Hanson, Fred V.; Barrell, William A.; Hargedon, Joseph M.; McCarthy, Eva D.; Hilbert, Oscar Edgar; Harde, Elinore E.; Scotland, William J.; Loring, Charles A.; Brande, Mehlone; Mayo, Henry R., Jr.; Early, Ida M.; Rolfe, William A.; Sharkey, Joseph C.

Maps: Plans: 21448-A, 1946; 21448-B, 1979; Plan of Land In West Boxford, Property of Earl Blake, August 1971; Subdivision Plan of Land in Boxford, Stiles Pond, August 1979; Plan of Land In Boxford, Stiles Pond, January 1946.

Related folders: E. Bemis to Town – (Re: Stiles Pond Beach and Rights-Of-Way [Rohr]); Stiles Pond – Owners; Stiles Pond – Rights-of-Way; Stiles Pond – Flowage Rights; Cole, Harry/E. Bemis – Grantors; other Stiles Pond related folders.

Boxford Highlands, Inc.

Deeds for land purchased by Boxford Highlands, Inc. for King’s Forest development; deed on King George Drive; along Ipswich Road, Killam Hill Road; Boxford Highlands, Inc. documents.

Chaplin, Charles H.; Perry, Lindsey R.; Cole, Harry L.; Ackerman, Michael J.; Ackerman, Barbara J.

Boxford Historic Document Center – Expansion/Old Plans

Various documents: Boundary Line Agreement between Hildebrand and Ingalls Memorial Library Association; Secretary of State certificate verifying name change to Ingalls Memorial, etc. from West Boxford Public Library Association with state seal; letters from Margaret Lane regarding official establishment of the Document Center; October 1971 newspaper article showing proposed plan for expansion of library building; deed from Second Parish to W. Boxford Lib. Assoc. for land, 1929; Doc. Ctr. Trustees’ meeting report, 1982.

Hildebrand, George; Hildebrand, Margery S.; Ingalls Memorial Library Association; Kamps, Bruce K.; Kamps, Judy D.; Park, Calvin E.; Pearl, Rebecca H.; Hall, Anna M.; Hall, Joseph.

Related folders: Second Church; Second Church and Document Center.

Boxford Meadows Realty Trust – Middleton Road/Holmes Estate

Regarding the former Holmes estate on Middleton Road, which became a housing development; attorney for the Trust: Abrams, Stuart R.

Belleau, George D.; Abbott-Forbes, Ltd.; Stasinos, Mike; Bisceglia, R. H.: Hudson, E. C.; De Acetis, G. A.; MacGillivary, H. R.; Neylon, L. M., Jr.; Fallon, G. F.; Harrigan, W. E.; Greaves, P. G.; Gerren, D. A.; Boyland, F. C.; Jenkins, D. C.; Freiman, S.; Kay, P. M.; Fitzgerald, J. W.; Prest, A.; Yee, J. T.; Preman, Alan; Boxford Land Corp.

  Boxford Tri-centennial Committee

Statement of purpose; minutes of the November 15, 1983-March 8, 1984 meetings; various agendas; Eagle-Tribune newspaper article Jan. 18, 1983; notes 4/10/84; 1/26/85.

Budnick/Busby R.O.W. (Rights-of-Way)

An 1835 easement allowing rights-of-way access over Busby land to land owned by 

Budnick-Gross off Willow Road; issues of “grandfathering”, current zoning by-laws and a variance applied for and granted; chain of title.

Busby parcel: Tyler, Stephen; Parker, Joseph; Carleton, Joseph; Carleton, Richard; Henley, Hanah M.; Carleton, Gertrude Willard; Henley, Alonzo J.; Henley, Pliney B.; Hamilton, Mercy M.; Pearl, Edward E.; Busby, George W.; Busby, Philip; Wood, Rebecca T.; Wood, Mehitable T.

Budnick land: Budnick, Ezrael; Budnick, Fannie; Budnick, Joseph; Budnick, Rose; Goldberg, Mary (Budnick); Karp, Ida (Budnick); Budnick, Morris L.; Budnick, Joseph; Donahue, Marguerite R.; Sasso, Julius J.; Spofford, Samuel; Spofford, Mary; Spofford, Leverett; Aiken, Julia A.; Towne, Herman Alden; Budnick, Fannie; Budnick, Bruce M.; Budnick, Arline; Budnick, Jane; Gross, Ellen Budnick; Gross, Stephan Franz; Proulz, Rosita L.

Maps: Hand-drawn plot plans

Related folder: Budnick-Gross


Research on land known as “The Great Island” located  southerly of Willow Road, subdivided into parcels with rights-of-way from Ipswich Road over land retained by Tyler heirs and rights-of-way from Willow Road over Busby land; includes D. L. Woodbury’s title report on rights-of-way to said land, her bill for research and a plan of land of March 1990.

Rolfe, John; Nelson, Thomas; Tyler, Moses; Tyler, Stephen; Tyler, Patty; Parker, Aaron; Parker, William; Parker, Joseph; Spofford, Samuel; Spofford, Leverett W.; Proulx, Rosita L.; Gross, Ellen J. Budnick; Gross, Stephan.

Related folder: Budnick/Busby R.O.W. (Right Of Way)

C & D Realty Trust/ Cross, Arthur R., Jr. & Delgrosso, Anthony P., Trustees Chain of title to a piece of land.  Letter from Sebastian M. Ruggeri, lawyer, thanking

Dorothy for title search on Hanafin property on Cobbetts Pond. 

True, E. C.; Noyes, J. A.; Kelleher, Jennie A.; Marple, William A.; Marple, Helen L.; R & C Realty Trust; Senter, Clinton W. Sr.; Senter, Robert C.; Delgrosso, Anthony P.; Cross, Arthur R., Jr.; C & D Realty Trust; Union Realty Trust.

Camp Rotary and Chandler Road Development

Bodwell, Sarah D.; Robbins, Minnie E.; Holton, Olive M.; Bodwell, Stephen Byron; Hopping, George T.; Bodwell, Asa M.; Robbins, J. Allen; Holton, Edward H.; Cole, Nancy Emeline; Wood, Rebecca T.; Colby, Charlotte Pearl.

Maps: Hand-drawn map showing land from Ipswich Road backing up to Stiles Pond next to Camp Rotary.

Cargill, Thomas E., Jr. – Main Street

Folder includes map of “The Warren Pasture” prepared for Thomas E. Cargill, Jr. et al., not of public record, 1965. Land abuts “Thurston Lot”, Shulman land and Wildcat; now all Town of Boxford land.

Warren, Jonas.

Carleton, Leonard and Joseph

One sheet of paper with book and pages numbers for land under following names:

Carleton, Leonard; Barker, Jedediah; Merrill, John; Carleton, Joseph; Kimball, John; Wilkins, Moses; Spofford, Abel.

Chadwick Land – Main Street – West Boxford

Chadwick, Hattie F.; Chadwick, Everett H.; Chadwick, J. Warren; Chadwick, James W.; Hovey, Albert P.; Chadwick, Myron A.; Spofford, Paul N.; Steigler, August; Mooers, Myra A.; Jenkins, William; Day, John A.; Chadwick, Frank N.; Hovey, Joseph H.; Hovey, Lucy P.; Hovey, Thomas S.; Chadwick, William B.; Carver, Elizabeth C.; Chadwick, John T.; Chadwick, Bessie Poor; Day, Joshua T.; Tyler, Bradstreet.

Charles H. Chaplin Trust and Whitney 

Folder #1

Charles H. Chaplin was a Georgetown resident who owned hundreds, possibly over a thousand, acres of land in Boxford and surrounding communities.  He died in 1961 and much of the land he owned eventually became the Charles H. Chaplin Trust under the trusteeship of T. Albert Perley, Henry B. Perley and Warren W. Rea.  Emily J. Knapp replaced Henry B. Perley as trustee when Henry resigned.  Charles Whitney was a developer. There are three folders included under the above title. Folder #1 includes:

Memorandum Index of Deeds and Probates, etc.

Grantor Search, 1880-June 19, 1987 for Henry C. Perley, etc. 

Grantor Search for Charlotte P. Rea, Warren W. Rea. 

Inventory of Deeds As Referenced In Probate of Charles H. Chaplin. 

An Examination of Deeds Not Part of the Chaplin Trust. 

Copy of Chaplin-Perley-Rea Family Tree. 

Pages of diagrams of transfers with book and page numbers for individual parcels. 

Title of Parcels “g”, “h”, and “j”.

Addendum A: A Closer Look at Selected Parcels In the Chaplin Trust.

Addendum B: All Parcels Abutting the Whitney Locus. 

Summary of Deed 5484-006, October 5, 1967 … to Holman Realty.

Index to Properties Abutting Locus 29-3-23 … Belonging to Charles Whitney. 

Country Pines Title.  

There are hundreds of names mentioned in this Chaplin Trust and Whitney folder; too many to list here.

Charles H. Chaplin Trust and Whitney

Folder #2

This folder includes Land Court papers for real estate transfers; Declaration of Trust to be known as the Charles H. Chaplin Trust, 1973; appointment of Emily J. Knapp to trustee, replacing Henry B. Perley, 1978; also the Declaration of Trust for the Bare Hill Realty Trust, Charles E. Whitney, trustee, 1985.  Several of these transfers have D. L. Woodbury’s handwritten annotations.

Knapp, Emily J.; Rea, Warren W.; Whitney, Charles E.; Perley, Florence B.;                ; Metcalf, Eleanor F.; Rea, Charlotte P.; Perley, Henry C.; Perley, Raymond; Howe, William B.; Tidd, Wilson S.; Averill, John; Peabody, Porter B.; Pearl, Edward E.; Atkinson, Walter E.; Peaslee, Edson E.; Twisden, John T.; Whittier, Olive Mary; Howe, Emily A.; Howe, Edward; Lowe, Annie H.; Howe, James H.; Sawyer, George E.; Sawyer, Robert H.; Perley, Eliza E.; Peabody, Sara P.; Bradford, Emery L.; Perley, Louise E.; Perley, Bertha; Perley, Barbara C.; Matthews, Joseph B.; Bouchard, Ovide; Andrews, Archer; Wilmot, George; Lincoln, Charles W.; Lincoln, Martha E.; Pierce, Jr., Clarence; Moore, Lea B.; Andrews, Samuel; Andrews, Daniel; Howe, Eunice; Howe, Abraham P.; Howe, Emma A.; Andrews, Harriet E.; Andrews, Nancy G.; Adams, Samuel; Sawyer, William; Gould, John; Frame, Job H.; Holman Realty, Inc.; Lawhead, Walter; Gibely, Leonard J.; Gibely, Jo-Ann; Tenney, Olando B.; Lowe, William; Price, Eben N.; Brown, John A.; Howe, Solomon W.; Peabody, Ephraim P.; Fuller, Fred L.; Lantz, Christian; Shaw, Diana D.; Shannon, Jr., Hugh J.; Wildmeadow Trust; Saltonstall, John L.; Wilmot, George; Wilmot, Anna V.; Prescott, Ada H.; Prescott, Edith P.; Haley, Winfield J.; Foster, Manon C.; Todd, Lizzie J.; Shulman, Peter J.; Riley, Robert Payne; Riley, Trudie Simmons; Andrews, Althea; American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; Gunnison, E. Howard; Chaplin, Charlotte K. N.; Simmons, Jeffrey M.; Simmons, Carolyn P.; Lockwood, Caroline S.; Lake, Jr., Harry E.; Lake, Alice L.; Lake, Evelyn H.; Lake, Enola L.; Lake, Otto E.; Lake, Flora E.; Stahl, Leslie M.; Andrews, Hattie E.; Perkins, John W.; Brown, Clarence E.; Essex County Greenbelt; Lake, Eben H.; Perkins, Moses B.; Dorman, Moses H.; Dorman, Franklin W.; Janes, Huldah E.; Herrick, Harriet A.; Rouff, Hilda L.; McKenzie, Gertrude; Ford, Richard H.; Richards, Virginia; Ford, Charles F.; Ford, Robert P.; Elliott, Abbie L.; Billings, Maria P.; Ford, Raymond C.; Dorman, Nathaniel; Cole, John; Sawyer, John; Livermore, Robert; Livermore, Gwendolen; Country Pines, Inc.; Perley, Mary Ellen; Perley, Charles; Hutchings, Arthur W.; Hutchings, Herbert S.; Hutchings, George S.; Mann, Susan A.; Hutchings, Esther W.; Fisk, Ebenezer; Lake, Robert; Ford, Isabel (Isobel); Nason, Mary J.; Nason, Jennie F.; Nason, Alfred K.; Nason, Ruby F.; Curtis, Josephine; Nason, Anna L.; Nason, George H.; Wills, Charles B.; Harris, Roger; Dorman, William B.

Charles H. Chaplin Trust and Whitney – Supporting Documentation

Folder #3

Perley, Jesse; Atkinson, W. E.; Lowe, Solomon; Andrews, Joseph; Bradstreet, Dudley; Conant, Aaron.

Maps: Hand-drawn plots.

Cole, Ephraim F. and John K.

Probate record of Ephraim Foster Cole’s estate; real estate records.

Cole, Arthur E.; Cole, Irving Salter; Cole, Mary; Nason, Mary J.; Harriman, Daniel F.; Spofford, Aaron; Johnson, Samuel; Cole, Abigail Runnels; Byam, Ezekial G.; Diamond Match Co., Dole, Samuel B.; Cole, William R.; Kimball, Walter H.; Haywood, Augustus; Nason, James; Barnes, Benjamin; Perley, Henry; Bodwell, Asa; Cole, Roscoe K.; Cole, Sarah K.; Cole, Joseph; Spofford, Richard;  Spofford, Thomas; Spofford, Betsy; Foster, Dudley; Kimball, Amos; Spofford, Paul; Cole, Sarah S.; Wood, John; Wood, Hannah E.; Perley, Charles; Wadlin, Melville T.; Cole, Sarah Jennie; Spofford, Sarah; Wadlin, Esther S.

Related folder: Cole, John K.

Cole, Harry L.

Miscellaneous deeds; estate inventory; grantor schedules; deed to Great Orchard and Pond Hole Orchard; affidavit of Robert B. Parkhurst, surveyor; notes on flowage rights of some parcels.

Cole, Harry Lee; Northeast Builders, Inc.; Nason, James H.; Foster, Ephraim; Cole, Kimball; Cole, William R.; Cole, Ephraim F.; Cole, Joseph F.; Cole, William K.; Cole, Eliza A.; Cole, Abigail; Cole, Maude R.; Shiepe, Maureen; Shiepe, Kenneth B.; Stephany, Gary M.; Getchell, James R.; Grant, R. P.; Zirin, R. A.; Broderick, ?; Pratt, Dorothy; Pratt, William; Chadwick, Dorothy; Mun Lien; Dolby, Annie M.; Kennett, Henery; Holt, Katherine; Churchward, Alexander Gray; Lawrence Gas & Electric Co.;

Maps: A sketch of Plan of Land in Boxford, Mass. … Oct., 1973 … Main St. and Maple Avenue; partial map Plan of Land in West Boxford Property of Harry L. Cole, reg. 1970.

Cole, Harry L./E. Bemis

Grantor index; maps

Cole, Harry L./C. Tyson

Papers regarding Tyson land on Main Street, West Boxford that didn’t meet zoning by-law requirements.

Cole, Harry L.; Cole, William R.; Tyson, Carol E.; Cole, Eliza A.; Cole, William K.; Cole, Maud R.; Tyson, Donald R.; Tyson, Timothy R.; Tyson, Jacquelyn M.; Tyson, Kimberley M.

Maps: Plan of Land in West Boxford Property of Harry L. Cole; bounded by Main Street and Maple Avenue, 1968.

Box 110


Cole, John K.

Estate of John K. Cole.

Cole, Jefferson K.; Gage, Abbie R.; Todd, Mary E.; Cole, John N.; Cole, Sarah S.; Stiles, Asa. 

Cole, Kimball

Probate record of Kimball Cole, 1822.

Cole, Abigail Runnels; Cole, Ephraim Foster; Cole, John Kimball.; Cole, William Runnels; Cole, Sarah Foster; Cole, Rebecca; Cole, Mehitable. 

Maps: Hand-drawn plans of Pond Hole Pasture and Pond Field.

Cole, William K.

Estate of William K. Cole, heirs and inventory.

Cole, Eliza A.; Cole, William R.; Cole, Harry L.

Cole, William R.

Probate record of estate of William R. Cole, 1865; inventory of real estate; chain of title of George H. Nason “Home Woods”; various deeds; guardianship papers for Mary H. Cole; description of parcel to be known as the “Town Beach” lot acquired by deed of Elinor Cole Bemis, first division of the Cole land and mention of rights-of-way and “lane”; DLW’s chart of Cole Family Relationships; hand-drawn maps.

Cole, Mary H.; Cole, William K.; Cole, Norman S.; Cole, Morris L.; Cole, Abby; Cole, Mary; Kimball, John F.; Nason, James; Nason, J. Horace; Nason, Mary J.; Nason, George H.; DeAmicis, Ada L.(Nason); Hubbard, Richard J.; Bemis, Elinor C.; Harris, Gamaliel; Twisden, John B.; Twisden, Elizabeth A.; Twisden, Samuel; Cole, Arthur E.; Cole, Irving S.; Boxford First Parish; Sayward, John S.; Peabody, S. Porter; Sawyer, John; Dale, Herbert A.; Bodwell, Asa; Perley, Samuel; Cole, Kimball; Cole, Abigail; Killam, Oliver P.; Danvers Y.M.C.A.; Cole, Ephraim F.; Bartlett & Montgomery; Peabody, William; Pearle, John M.; Cole, Norman S.; Cole, George S.; Brande, M. E.; Howe, Solomon; Cole, Joseph F.; Lyon, A. P.; Kimball, Harriett E.; Sargent, Rebecca; Morss, Stanwood; Cole, John N.; Cole, Minnie Poor; 

Maps: hand-drawn maps.

Related folder: E. Bemis to Town – Stiles Pond Beach Lots and Rights-of-Way

Cole, Research – Ephraim Foster Cole and Kimball Cole

Lists of marriages of various Coles (1685-1850) probably from Vital Records, names, dates, children; paper listing errors in Harry Cole estate including Home Woods, Cox Lot land sold to Shulman, parcel sold to Redman or Richman(?) along Wildcat.

Cox Lot

Lot belonging to Harry L. Cole on private road off Main Street that leads to camps near Stiles Pond; chain of title and deeds.

Cox, John T.; Fitzgerald, James T.; Henneberry, Joseph I.; Cox, Robert A.; Cox, Fabian K.; Cox, Helen L. Cole, Harry L.; Cox, Katherine; Cole, Eliza A.; Cole, William R.; Cole; William K.; Cox, Donald P.; Cox, Stephen F.; Galloway, Edward B.; Galloway, Marion H.; Busby, George W.; Tilden, Mary B.; Danvers YMCA; Northeast Builders.

Maps: Plan of land of Harry L. Cole, 1970, Surveyed 1963.

Related folder: Cole, Research – Ephraim Foster Cole/Kimball

  Cross Property – Spofford and Valley Roads

Legal documents; settlement agreement between Jerome W. Cross and Margaret B. Cross, appraisal of property, purchase and sale agreements,  

Cross, Jerome W.; Cross, Margaret B.; Sanidas, John; Eckerson, William N.; Eckerson, Betty S.; Henrikson, Beverly R.; Henrikson, James S.; Johnson, Richard P.; Johnson, Marilyn J.; Dibari, Peter M.; Dibari, Diana C.;

Maps: Sketch of lots at intersection of Spofford and Valley Roads, 1973.

Diamond Match Co. – Deed from Byam/Grantor Sheets

Diamond Match Company held parcels of land in Boxford around Stiles Pond as well as at the Match Factory.  Included in this folder are: State of Delaware document (1968) certifying incorporation and giving the history of name changes for The Diamond Match Company, which eventually became Diamond International Corporation in 1964.  Much of this folder involves land near Stiles Pond, although there are some notes mentioning Wildcat.

Byam, Ezekial G.; Carlton, Samuel A.; Atherton, W. H.; Harris, Gamaliel; Howe, Solomon W.; Lowe, William; Tenney, Orlando; Lake, Henry E.; Lake, E; Fowler, Samuel P.; Putnam, Moses; Perley, Humphrey; Dorman, Moses; Gage, John; Tyler, John; Andrews, Daniel; Andrews, Dean; Andrews, Esther; Andrews, Eunice; Matthews, Angeline; Hubbard, George; Perley, Huldah; Perley, George; Brenner, Sarah E.; Parkhurst, John; Towne, Hiram N.; Herrick, Israel; West, Orestes; Howe, William B.; Pearl, Edward E.; Killam, John L.; Howe, Abel S.; Howe, Clarence; Brown, Thomas E.; Holmes, Edward J.; Coon, Rose F.; Betley, John F.; Blackburn, George; Hubbard, James M.; Hubbard, Leavitt; Hubbard, Mehitable;  Killam, Oliver P.; Bremner, David; Sawyer, John; Cole, John K.; Holgate, Thomas; Moorehouse, Arthur D.; Rogers, Gesner; Barnes, Benjamin; Moorehouse, George A.; Moorehouse, David B.; Colby, Leroy E.; Frame, Job H.; Ouellete, Blanche; Despres, Leo; Despres, Florence; Riedel, Alma A.; Lambert, Mildred; Galloway, Edward B.; Galloway, Marion Holgate; Schoenthal, Meyer L.; Schoenthal, Carolyn H.; Blinn, Charles L.; Blinn, Elizabeth H.

Maps: Several hand-drawn plot-plan sketches. 

Related folders: Diamond Match Co. – Holgate #1 and #2; some Stiles Pond folders.

Diamond Match Co. – Holgate 

Folder #1

This folder is closely connected to the Diamond Match Co. – Deed from Byam folder. This folder includes deeds exchanging rights-of-way from Main Street to interior parcels on Stiles Pond between Thomas Holgate, Raymond Perley, John Parkhurst; land known as “The Hubbard Lot” on Stiles Pond; notes on rights-of-way over Wildcat Woods connected to the Cole estate; other Diamond Match Co. legal papers.

Hubbard, Eugene F.; Hubbard, James M.; Foster, Sr., Jonathan; Foster, Jr., Jonathan; Foster, Israel; How, Mary; Huntington, Eleanor; Schoenthal, Carolyn H.; Galloway, Marion P.; Couch, Grace E. H.

Maps: Sketches of plots with abutters

Diamond Match Co. – Holgate

Folder #2

Bacon, Josiah; Tyler, Bradstreet; Bacon, John; Wildes, Moses; Emerson, Sarah Ann; Cleaveland, Nehemiah; Emerson, John; Andrews, Moody; Wildes, Humphrey; Wildes, Ephraim; Dwinnell, John; Emerson, Thomas; Wildes, Daniel; Peabody, Jacob; Peabody, Huldah; Perley, Samuel; Prescott, George K.; Foster, Marion C.; Todd, Lizzie J.; McPhee, Augusta A.; Haley, Winfield J.; Chaplin, Charles H.

Doughty, Jane – Elm Street

Application for a variance in 1980 at 7 Elm Street, the village store; includes small plan.


Eagle Nest Hill Properties

Deeds and other papers regarding the Eagle Nest Hill Trust and land owned by Dorothy L. Woodbury on Valley Road and Adams Road.  

Bissell, Jr., Alfred E.; Bissell, Linda M.; Hood, Victor C.; Hood, Constance C.; Bransfield, Stephen; Strome, Phil.

Maps: Plan of Land Showing Valley, Highland, Spofford and Ipswich Roads, 1964;

Plan of Land Owned By Eagle Nest Hill Trust, 1965.

Related folder: Valley Road; Greenler Property.

Eames/Tyler – Deeds

Pearl, Peter; Tyler, John; Tyler, Gideon; Tyler, Stephen; Fletcher, James (Heirs of); Bradstreet, William; Killam, Nabby; Perley, Jacob; Pearl, Eunice; Pearl, Hattie; Wood, John Tyler; Cole, Harry L.; Bemis, Elinor; Foster, John; Eames, Nathan; Eames, Jacob; Tyler, Job; Tyler, Jonathan; Tyler, Nathaniel; Tyler, David; Bodwell, Nelson; Bodwell, Solendia; Barker, Nathan; Tyler, Sr., Job; Tyler, Jr., Job; Spofford, Frederick; tyler, Abraham; Tyler, William; Tyler, Sarah; Long, Nathaniel; Harriman, Jeremiah; Harriman, Daniel; Foster, Simeon; Bronson, Cornelius; Tyler, Mercy W.

Maps: Two hand-drawn plot plans.

Related folders: Eames/Tyler Research; Tyler Genealogy; Witch Hollow Farm.

Eames/Tyler Research 

Research on the Eames and Tyler families, their relationship to each other; family genealogy; references to parcels of land deeded and/or bequeathed; only one actual deed; over one hundred names included.

Eames, Robert; Eames, Rebecca (Blake); Eames, Joseph; Foster, Ephraim; Tyler, John; Tyler, Gideon; Tyler, Mehitable (Kimball); Kimball, John; Kimball, Samuel.

Maps: Several hand-drawn plots.

Related folders: Eames to Tyler – Deeds; Tyler Genealogy; Witch Hollow Farm; Tyler/Porter – 1000 Year Lease 

Foster Genealogy/Foster Grantors

Foster genealogy; deeds for land on Stiles Pond; will of Jonathan Foster, 1854; Israel Foster estate documents; hand-drawn plans.

Foster, William; Foster, Jonathan; Foster, Jr., Jonathan; Foster, Phineas; Foster, Jonathan Edwards; Foster, Sarah Kimball; Foster, Zebediah; Bodwell, Eliza E.; Foster, Israel; Tilton, John C.; Busby, George W.; Foster, Ephraim; Duchworth, William; Foster, Dudley; Kimball, Amos; Warren, Jonas; Frame, Andrew; Warren, Aaron W.; Peabody, Charles; Peabody, Oliver T.; Barker, George.

Maps: Hand-drawn plans.

Related folders: Foster, Ephraim – Stiles Pond Area; Cole Research – Ephraim 

Foster/Kimball Cole; Cole, Ephraim F. and John K.

Foster, Ephraim – Stiles Pond Area

Estate of Ephraim Foster of Andover and Boxford including will, 1807; grantor/grantee indices; miscellaneous deeds; references to Cedar Pond (aka Humphries Pond); DLW’s list of correct references for Stiles Pond area occupied by heirs of Kimball Cole 1822-1974; hand-drawn plans.

Stiles, Ebenezer; Stiles, Dorothy; Stiles, Robert; Eames, Jonathan; Foster, Jr., Ephraim; Foster, John; Foster, William;  Kimball, Richard; Porter, Tyler; Tyler, Gideon; Kimball, Stephen; Tyler, Phineas; Swan, Robert; Tenny, Solomon; Spofford, Amos; Tyler, Abraham; Carlton, Isaac; Brown, Cornelius; Tyler, Job; Eames, Jacob; Foster, Abraham; Eames, John; Peabody, John; Scales, James; Herrick, Edmund; Tyler, Bradstreet; Robinson, John; Foster, Rick; Spofford, Thomas; Kimball, Samuel; Perley, Francis; Harriman, Jeremiah; Stickney, Ancill; Woodberry, Curtis; Foster, Hannah; Stiles, Timothy; Foster, Asa; Dole, Richard; Kimball, John; Kimball, Asa; Kimball, Charles; Eames, Moses.

Maps: Hand-drawn plans; map showing where Rebecca Eames is buried.

Related folders: Various Stiles Pond folders.

Gemmell Farm

 Brook Road connection to real estate owned by Mary J. Nason; reference to 1963 ZBA decision regarding conversion of Gemmell Farm to 18 hole golf course;

Harriman, Daniel F.; Gage, John C.; Nason, James; Nason, John Horace; Gemmell, A. Helene; Gemmell, James W.; Bolton, John; Gemmell, George F.; Anderson, Donald A.; Anderson, Clara A.; Henley, Alonso J.

Genealogy – Miscellaneous 

Extracts from published genealogies and DLW’s notes. Cole family starting with Thomas Cole; the Day family: Day, Joshua T.; Wadlin family: Wadlin, William; Wadlin, Charles M.; Wadlin, Clarence M.; Wadlin, George W.; Wadlin, Helen; Wadlin, Maria F.; Stone, Benjamin; Gattensby, John; Gattensby, Moses; Woods, John; John Foster and descendants including Ephraim Foster; Stiles family; Frude family: Frude, Sandra; Henley, Alonzo J.; Peabody, Francis; Peabody, Mary Foster; Peabody, Joseph; Peabody, John; Peabody, Daniel; Peabody, Anne Stickney; Perley family; Pearls; Days; Tylers; Hoveys; Knowltons; Killams; Kimballs; Reynolds/Runnels; Wilmarths.

Gessner – Research For Attorney

This folder is a little cryptic. Few names given in full; mostly abbreviations. Location of land not clear, but lots of book and page numbers.

Cahill, James; Stephens, Hattie; Richard, Keith; Stevens, M. T.; Keough, H. W.; Axelrod, ?; Holland, Chester W.

Gould, Alice

Dennen, David; Donnan, David; Gordon, Howard L.; Stuart, Wallis E.

Great Swamp Parcels

References from Spofford genealogy at Boxford Historic Document Center; refs to Historic Homes in South Groveland, sheet 2; deed for Willow Road area; list of Carleton marriages and deaths from Boxford Vital Statistics; excerpts from Walter Ingalls papers in the BHDC.

Pickard, John; Carlton, Thomas; Spofford, Henry H.; Foster, William; Cole, Daniel; Hardy, Daniel; Spofford, Samuel and heirs; Carlton, Jr., George; Carlton, Abigail Tyler; Carleton, Samuel; Carleton, Moses; Busby, George W.; Pearl, Catherine S.; Pearl, Edward E.; Chandler, John G.; Carleton, Joseph: grantee list; Bodwell, John; Robinson, John; Dole, Greenleaf; Spofford, Samuel; Spofford, Mary; Parker, Joseph; Parker, Aaron; Wilmarth, Matilde E; Porter, Jonathan J.; Preston, Mariette K.; Wilmarth, Arthur R.; Tyler, Stephen; Parker, William; Budnick, Israel; Burland, Lewis A.; Torone, Herman W.; Tilton, John H.; Chandler, John; Henley & Hamilton.

Greenbelt v. Whitney

 See: Whitney v. Greenbelt – Folder #1

Greenler Property 

Spofford Road and Highland Road area. Notes from estate of Mabel L. Greenler;   DLW’s Offer to Purchase papers.

Greenler, Mabel L.; Greenler, William J.; Carleton, Samuel B.; Carleton, Leonard; Spofford, Richard; Chapman, Bessie Carleton; Carleton, Samuel B.; Cole, Abigail; Barnes, Thomas C.; Barnes, Sarah M.; Littlefield, K. E.; Downs, Margaret E.; Spofford, Aaron; Spofford, Richard; Cole, Ephraim F.; Spofford, Thomas; Foster, Israel; Preston, Marietta K.; Dacey, Mary; Dacy, Jeremiah; Tenney, O. B.; Nelson, Sherman; Spofford, Rebecca; Poor, James C.; Greenler, Margaret E.; Greenler, Max H.; Bodwell, Asa M.; Woodbridge, Charles G.; Adams, Jophanas. 

Maps: Hand-drawn maps and plot plans; Plan of Land in Boxford June,1965;

Related folder: Eagle Nest Hill Properties.

Box 111


Haynes Property – Main Street, East Boxford

Main Street property.

Palmer, George Herbert; Morse, Lewis Kennedy; Pearson, Sarah A.; Bixby, Stephen A.; Raymond, Ella F.; Morse, Ednah Rich; Pearson, Jonathan; Pearson, Elias Cornelius; Pearson, Arthur; Pearson, Williard Loring; Cass, Florence Pearson; Pearson, Marion.

Haywood, Augustus to Dean Andrews

Land on Main Street.

Peabody, Oliver T.; Long, Betsy; Atherton, Dorcas D.; Cole, William K.; Cole, Harry L.; Shulman, Edythe.


Land off Lake Shore Road near Johnson’s Pond.; copy of the appraisal of the Hebb property which includes a grantor list of Robert and Josephine C. Hebb.

Hebb, Richard C.; Hebb, Josephine C.; Peabody, Benjamin; Pingree, Daniel; Webster, Edith M.; Webster, James H.; Webster, George Pearl; Wilmarth, Matilde E.; Foster, Grace P.; Pearl, John K.; Pearl, John Myron; Morss, Ruth Evelyn; Morss, Walter K.; Dresser, Alma; Dresser, Rodney C.; Dresser, Bertha E.; Hebb, Robert; Burgeson, Joseph; Burgeson, Ruth; Chadwick, J. Warren; Morss, Stanwood R.; Hebb, R. E.; Hebb, Shirley; Lawrence Electric Co. (easement); Dacey, Patricia E.; Hebb, Albert C.; Chadwick, Richard; Chadwick, Bessie M.; Whittier, Marshall P.; Ham, Evelyn Maude; King, Richard; King, Eva; Smallman, Frederick; Smallman, Charlotte; Anderson, Alma; Carmody, John J.; Martin, George L.; Whittier, Marshall B.; Arbo, Persis; Foster, John P.; Cole, David M.; Moulton, Valorous V.

Maps: Plan of Land of Richard C. Hebb, June 6, 1986; various maps and plots plans, many hand-drawn.

History of the Lands in North Part of Boxford – Walter R. Ingalls

A short history of land in the northeast corner of  West Boxford along with some records of old roads and an account of silver-mining in 1874-78 written by Walter R. Ingalls; 84 pages.  Photocopies of map.

Ipswich Road – West

Research on Mighill genealogy; Powderhouse Lane development; North Bennet Industrial School; Raymond Perley parcels.

Mighill, Stephen; Mighill, DeWitt C.; Mighill, David DeWitt C.; Mighill, David; Mighill, Huldah (Dole); Nelson, Asa; Nelson, Sarah Mighill; Nelson, George M.; Perley, Stephen P.; Perley, Charles; Perley, Raymond; Gleezon, Henri B.; Gleezen, Henri B.; Freedman, Alfred; Freedman, Gertrude; North Bennett Industrial School; Hamm, George; Teeter, George S.; Eliopoulos, Charles; Cheever, Fred E.; Teeter, Richard A.

Maps: Plot sketches.

Killam, Myron – Deeds -- Maple Ave., Main St., Foster St.

Killam, Henry M.; Killam, Myron E.; Killam, Maud E.; Killam, Oliver P.; Killam, Catherine C.; Killam, John F.; Andersen, William H.; Andersen, Mabel O.

Kimball, Amos -- #214 (521 Ipswich Road)

Chain of title for this property listed as #214 in Perley’s Dwellings.

Foster, Zebediah; Foster, Margaret Tyler; Foster, Dudley; Kimball, Amos; Kimball, John F.; Rowe & Wyatt; Watts, George G.; Weed, William G.; Bascom, Eugene A.; Allen, Vida W.


Genealogies, family history and deeds.

Kimball, Asa; Foster, Timothy; Foster, Jeremiah; Foster, Ephraim; Tyler, John; Kimball, Nathan; Kimball, Moses; Kimball, Eunice; Eames, Joseph; Black, James; Cole, John K.; Cole, Ephraim Foster; Bodwell, Asa M.; Foster, Stephen; Foster, Jonathan; Foster, Israel; Porter, Moses; Porter, Mary (Chadwick); Porter, Aaron; Foster, Jonathan Edwards; Foster, George Noyes; Fowler, Richard; Fowler, Stephen.

Maps: Hand-drawn maps.

Lake Shore Road – Jack Pearl and Nancy Pearl

Bolten, John; Pearl, Jack R.; Pearl, Nancy A.

Larrabee, John C. – 496 Ipswich Road

Request for variance.

Larrabee, John C.; Larrabee, Cheryle D.

Livermore to Essex County Greenbelt

A question of location of property deeded to Greenbelt from the Livermore family; this folder relates to the Whitney v. Greenbelt folders. The Livermore family owned both the disputed Greenbelt parcel and what became the Country Pines parcel.    

Livermore, Jr., Robert; Beal-Jennes, Cecily L.; Woodard, Gwendolen L.; Whitney, Charles E.; Livermore, Robert; Livermore, Gwendolyn Y.; Country Pines Inc.; Vose, Harold L.; French, Clinton; Palmer, Martha K.; Emerson, Billy; Emerson, William; Cleaveland, Nehemiah; Andrews, Jacob; Andrews, Jane; Wildes, Moses; Hutchings, Esther; Mann, Susan A.; Hutchings, Arthur U.; Hutchings, Herbert S.; Hutchings, George S.; Twisden, John T.; Chaplin, Charles H. Trust; Dorman, John S.; Andrews, Samuel; Andrews, Dean; Frame, Job H.; Howe, Eunice; Janes, Joseph H.; Dorman, William R.; Janes, Hulda E.; Herrick, Harriet A.; Twitchell, George; Andrews, John; Pearl, Edward E.

Maps: Map and sketches of parcels.

Related folders: Whitney v. Greenbelt, folders #1 and #2. 

Main Street – East

A variety of Main Street projects located between Sheffield Road and Foster Street: Haynes/Morse; Jacob Peabody; Nathaniel Long; Alerson Noyes; Archer L. Bolton; Marion Galloway/Blinn, Edward K. (Mehitable Andrews Farm) application to Appeals Board to create two building lots; Mary Herrick/R.P. Systems (Boxford Olde Farms); application for variance by Daniel Macdonald; handwritten report of conversation between Winthrop Haynes and J. Gaines Bolton regarding parcel owned by Bolton family on Main St.; deed to “Harris Field and Swamp”.

Winslow, Nellie M.; Noyes, Frank S.; Noyes, Annie O.; Noyes, Lucretia T.; Diamond Match Co.; Carlton, Samuel A.; Byam, Ezekiel G.; Colby, Jean P.; Colby, Fletcher H.; Sawyer, Doris Bent; Atherton, Henry F.; Atherton, Dorcus; Berry, Amos; Palmer, Jacob P.; Bolton, Jr., Archer L.; Elliott, Constance; Esdaile, J. Newton; Stile, Asa; Herrick, W. H.; Herrick, Israel; Herrick, Samuel; Herrick, Mary; Peabody, Oliver T.; Kimball, Richard; Kimball, John; Kimball, Amos; Kimball, Enoch; Kimball, Asa; Andrews, Mehitable; Webster, James R.; Frame, Job H.; Gould, Edward O.; Holgate, Thomas; Galloway, Marion; Blinn, Edward; Dorman, Moses; Perley, Samuel; Cole, John K.; Long, Nathaniel; Foster, Jr., D. Jeremiah; Haywood, Augustus; Chaplin, Charles H.; Andrews, Dean; Sanidas, John C.; Foster, Nathan; Peabody, Jacob; Bolton, J. Gaines; Stream and Forest Club of the Boston Globe, Inc.; MacDonald, Daniel J.; Perley, Raymond; Cole, Harry L.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford made for Lucretia T. Noyes belonging to Annie O. Noyes, 1953; Hand-drawn “Map of a Farm Boxford”; Plan of Land in Boxford, March1968 (Boxford Olde Farms/Cedar Pond area); Plan of Land in Boxford of Edward K. Blinn,1978; other hand-drawn parcels; two plans of land for Archer L. Bolton, 1964, 1965.

Related folders: Cedar Pond – Olde Farms; Cedar Pond Society

Merrow, W. / Meeker, C.

Howe, Edward L.; Garrett, Daniel C.; Andrews, Dean; Meeker, Charles O.; Meeker, Eunice R.; French, Walter W.; French, Etta M.; Merrow, Wescott B.; Merrow, Catherine.

Maps: Plan of Land for Charles O. and Eunice R. Meeker, July 1962; Plan: Wescott Merrow et Ux, 1943.

Mighill Genealogy – See: Ipswich Road – West

Morss, Stanwood R. 

Folder #1

Agricultural Preservation Restriction on Lake Shore Road property.

Peabody, Benjamin F.; Wilmarth, Mathilda E.; Webster, George P.; Pearl, John K.; Pearl, John; Pearl, Elvira Jane; Foster, Nathan; Foster, Grace P. (Webster); Morss, Walter K.; Morss, Ruth E.; Morss, Stanwood R.; Chadwick, J. Warren; Chadwick, Helen E.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford of Stanwood R. Morss, 1986 (3 copies).

Morss, Stanwood R.

Folder #2

Oak Ridge Road and Lily Pond Road, mostly; some plan sketches.

Frost, Walter A.; Hunt, Fred N.; Hunt, Ellen; Cole, Harry L.; Moisan, B. Gertrude M.; Walker, Alpha E.; Walker, Velma E; Preston, Wesley M.; Gould, Bernard B.; Blanchette Georgette; Gilman, Bertha L.; Tardy, Joel F.; Tardy, M. Janet; Morss, Stanwood R.; Wilmarth, Matilda E.; Cole, William; Wilmarth, Phillys H.; Wilmarth, Sarah E.; Cole, Anna L.; Chadwick, Walter I.; Cohen, Benjamin; Sellers, Charles; Pearl, Edward E.; Dresser, Alma M.; Howard, Anna C.; Jenkins, Herbert M.; Dresser, Rodney C.; Cole, David M.; Cole, Warren M.; Cole, William H.; Foster, John M.; Wood, Sarah J.; Webster, George P.; Pratt, Thomas; Pingree, Daniel W.; Hale, Harry; Cole, Eunice C.; Day, Joshua T.; Cole, Alma M.; Barker, Edmund; Chadwick, Eunice; Chadwick, James W.; Pearl, Richard; Pearl, John; Webster, James H.; Day, Elvira K.; Whittier, Francis C.; Peabody, Ebenezer; Peabody, Benjamin; Pearl, John Myron; Pearl, F. Willard; Bergstrom, Eric; Bergstrom, Helen (Andrew); Bolten, John; Wright, William; Robinson, George; Whittier, Marshall; Elliott, G. P.

Mt. Vernon and Brookside Cemetery Corporation

Copy of first meeting of cemetery corporation on April 7,  1913; voted by-laws; copy of Rules and Regulations, 1976; perpetual care lists; 1976,1980,1986 financial report summaries; letters to DLW from Paul G. regarding finances; 

Mt. Vernon and Brookside Cemetery Corporation – Research for Dick Hopping

Record of land deeds; sketches of plans.

Nason Easement

One page sketch of plot off Ipswich Road; Book 2666, Page 383.

Anderson, William H.; Foster, Nathan; Cole, William M.; Watts, George G.; Bascom, E.

Box 112


Pearl, Edward E. – Deeds – Lake Shore Parcels

This file includes Lake Shore property as well as land not on Lake Shore Road; Pearl family genealogy; Mehitable Foster lineage; Olde Farms area; Stiles Pond vicinity; various lists of names with book and page numbers; miscellaneous notes; Howe to Cole reserving rights-of-way; Pond Street (Spofford Road); Pearl grantor list.

Pearl, John; Pearl, Elvira Jane(Day); Pearl, Simeon; Pearl, Mary (Carleton); Kimball, Eunice; Pearl, John Myron; Runnels, Samuel; Runnels, Abigail (Middleton); Runnels, Stephen; Runnels, Esther (Hovey); Foster, Ruth; Foster, Allen; Foster, John; Chaplin, Charles H.; Frame, Job; Frame, Andrew; Blinn, Elizabeth; Holgate, Thomas; Hubbard, Eugene; Frame, George A.; Chadwick, George; Averill, John; Day, Joshua T.; Van Blarcom, Frank H.; Webster, Grace Pearl; Webster, James H.; Webster, Ruth M.; Cole, Joseph P.; Cole, Daniel M.; Twisden, Samuel; Dale, Samuel B.; Cole, Ephraim F.; Hathaway, Margaret; Friend, Roger E.; Howe, Solomon K.; Cole, William K; Stiles, Asa; Howe, William A.; Andrews, Samuel; Andrews, Daniel; Andrews, Dean; Gage, Frank S.; Couch, Lester S.; Tyler, Stephen; Howe, William B.; Pratt, Daniel F.; Wood, Betsy; Low, Solomon; Herrick, Mary A.; Wood, John; Perley, Jr., Samuel; Herrick, William H.; Wood, Hannah E.; Chaplin, Jonathan; Batchelder, Caroline A.; Pearl, Catherine S.; Cummings, Sylvester; Kimball, Amos; Wood, Margaret; Diamond Match Company; Low, William; Howe, Solomon W.

Maps: Plan of Land (Pond St.)1931; various plot sketches.

Pearl, Edward E. / Busby, George – Washington St./Willow Road

Colby, Charlotte; Busby, George William.

Maps: Plan, 1943; Property of Edward E. Pearl, Oct. 1925.

Perkins, Barbara -- Work

Rock Brook Meadow property.

Stevens, Moses T.; Foster, Ephraim; Tyler, Moses; Sagent, Rebecca; Kimball, Harriett  E.; Cole, John K.; Nason, Mary J.; Cole, Sarah S.; Farr, George H.; Harriman, Daniel F.; Bemis, Elinor; Richardson, Ann L.; Worth, Barbara; Pratt, Dorothy; Perkins, Peter C.; Arsenault, Peter Donald; Lawrence Gas and Electric Co.; New England Power Co.

Maps: Plan of Land … for Mary J. Nason, 1963; Plan of Land … for Peter D. Arsenault, 1973.

Related folder: Rock Brook Meadow.

Perley, Barbara – Will and Probate/Deeds

Barbara C. Perley’s will; estate of Samuel Perley; plans of Fish Brook area; letters regarding Greenbelt and State Forest; Townsend Farm; Van Dusen correspondence regarding Friends of Fish Brook and Perley property.

Perley, Charlotte; Perley, Sarah P.; Perley, Lucy A.; Perley, George; Perley, Samuel; Perley, Bertha; Perley, Abbie N. C.; Perley, Henry C.; Mathews, Joseph B.; Donnan, David H.; Stuart, Wallis E., III; Rooks, Frances E.; Batchelder, Augustus E.; Matthews, William G.; Parkhurst, John; Bronte, Bramwell; Perley, Roscoe; Jackman, Andy F.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford surveyed for Andy F. Jackman of Topsfield, 1956; Plan of Land owned by David H. & Amelia R. Donnan, 1956; 

Porter, Tyler – 1000 Year Lease

Indenture paper 1793 for 1000 year lease. 

Porter, Tyler; Foster, Ephraim; Cole, John K.; Barnes, Benjamin S.; Byam, Ezekiel G.

Maps: Partial plot plan area near Thurston Lot and Nobody’s Meadow.

Rights-of-Way – Public and Private

Research, documents, sketches on rights-of-way on Main St., Mt. Vernon Road, Stiles Pond and other locations; report by DLW on The History and Current Status of Certain Public and Private Ways Located in Boxford; report on rights-of-way benefiting Stiles Pond parcels (1987). 

Gemmell, George F.; Gemmell, A. Helen; Anderson, David A.; Anderson, Donald E.; Nason, Mary J.; Nason, Alfred K.; Curtis, Josephine N.; Harriman, George A.; Harriman, Daniel F.; Cole, William R.; Foster, Isaac; Tilton, John C.; Blake, Earl; Clay, George; Hubbard, Richard; Rohr, Kenneth; Bemis, Elinor C.; Kimball, Amos; Kimball, Enoch; Dole, Greenleaf; Harris, Timothy; Tyler, Mehitable; Curtis, Otis; Frost, Roy; Diamond Match Co.; Sawyer, William; Brown, Thomas; Cole, William K.; Morss, Stanwood R.; Pearl, Jack R.

Maps: Subdivision Plan in Boxford … Boxford Country Club Estates, 1966; Plan Bk.108, Plan 65, 1967.

Roberts, Franklin C., Jr. and Alice M.

Deed for two tracts of land in East Boxford.

Henderson, Robert E.; Perley, Henry, Jr.; Perley, Mary B.; Towne, Hiram N.; Conant, William R.; Dorman, Moses; Andrews, Daniel; Andrews, Dean.

Roberts Road – Holman Realty

Application to Board of Appeals for construction of access road in conservancy district and installation of utility pole, 1978.

Rock Brook Meadow

Miscellaneous references to land called Rock Brook Woods and Rock Brook Meadow. Cole, Harry L.; Hainsworth, William; Perley, Henry; Perley, Charles; Bixby, Samuel; Kimball, John F.; Kimball, Lucy S.; Carleton, Samuel B.; Cole, Sarah S.; Cole, John K.; Kimball, William R.

Related Folder: Perkins, Barbara Work.

Second Church

Documents relating to Second Church connection to Russell Park parcel on Glendale Road; boundary line agreement between Town of Boxford and Second Church; deeds and sketches of various parcels; numerous notes, including description of the dams on brook that flows into Hovey’s Pond, changes in Hovey’s Pond water levels; Greenleaf Dole grantor and grantee papers.

Bigelow, Lewis S.; Chickering, John J.; Dewart, William H.; Russell, Richard S.; Clark, Henry C.; Russell, William A.; Porter, Moses; Eaton, Peter; Paradis, Phillipe; Paradis, Sifroy; Paradis, Rose Delima; Dole, Sophia; Nason, James; Gage, John; Barker, Jonathan T.; Barker, Henry; Carey, Lawrence; Robinson, John; Chadwick, Benjamin; Chadwick, Thomas; Foster, Ephraim; Dole, Greenleaf; Hale, Joseph; Pearl, Rebecca; Park, Calvin E.; Robinson, John; Chadwick, Sarah; Chadwick, Samuel; Gage, Nathaniel; Gage, Daniel; Foster, Simeon; Harris, Timothy; Barker, Jacob; Harriman, Jeremiah; Nason, James; Gage, John; Harriman, Daniel; Auger, Arthur; Auger, Zelie A.; Austin, Alice (Plummer);  Woodbury, Benjamin.

Maps: Plan of Land in West Boxford, 1915 (land opposite Sperry’s Pond behind current firehouse); diagrams, plot sketches of various plots.

Related folders: Second Church and Boxford Historic Document Center; Boxford Historic Document Center; Sperry’s Pond – Church Property.

Second Church and Boxford Historic Document Center

Papers and documents regarding surveying and plot lines of Second Congregational Church and the BHDC; reports to/of Ingalls Memorial Library Association regarding boundary lines, 1981, 1987; various deeds. 

Benson, Katharine G.; Kamps, Bruce; Kamps, Judy; Hildebrand, George L.; Hildebrand, Margery S.; Burgson, Ruth G.; Davis, George E.; Gage, Nathaniel; Pearl, Edward E.; Day, John; Hubbard, Charles L.; West Boxford Public Library Association; Richardson, Annie Bella E.; Second Parish of Boxford, Congregational; Hale, Joseph; Hale, Matilda; Pearl, Rebecca; Park, Calvin E.; Lawrence Gas & Electric Co.; Pearl, Benjamin; Hall, Anna M.; Hall, Joseph; Kimball, Walter K.; Harriman, Daniel F.; Gage, Daniel K.; Clement, Sally; Harriman, George A.; Eaton, Eleanor; Reynolds, Charlotte M.; Lund, Matilda B. Dole, Greenleaf; Porter, Tyler; Spofford, Phillip F.; 

Maps: Plan of Land … prepared for The Second Congregational Church of Boxford, Feb. 3, 1991; various plot plans sketches.

Related folders: Second Church; Sperry’s Pond – Church Property.

Stiles Pond Area – Owners

Lists of property owners; no maps, but map and block numbers given.  

Stiles Pond – Flowage Rights

Various deeds that convey flowage rights around Stiles Pond. 

Foster, Jonathan; Foster, Israel; Brown, Thomas E.; Cole, William K.; Cole, Ephraim F.; Cole, Abigail; Cole, William R.; Spofford, Richard; Cole, John K.; Little, Benjamin; Blackburn, George; Byam, Ezekiel; Carleton, Samuel; Diamond Match Co.; Cole, Harry L.; Bemis, Elinor C.; Town of Boxford.

Maps: Partial map of Boxford with marks that show locus of land subject to flowage rights in 462/253.

Related folders: Blake to Rohr – Stiles Pond; E. Bemis to Town of Boxford – Stiles Pond Beach Lots and Rights of Way; Town of Boxford – Beach Lots.

Stiles Pond – Rights of Way

Deeds conveying rights-of-way; list of owners of certain parcels on south side of Stiles; preliminary handwritten letter from DLW to Selectmen reporting on existing Rights of Way benefiting Stiles Pond parcels, 1987; plot sketches.

Foster, Jonathan; Foster, Israel; Bemis, Elinor C.; Tilton, Albert F.; Tilton, George O.; Woodman, Arthur S.; Tilton, John H.; Moorehouse, Arthur D.; Robinson, John H.

Maps: Unrecorded plan compiled by E. A. Woodbury, Jr. from sources show on March 1992; Plan of Land … of Phyllis L. French, 1986; plot sketch.

Related folders: E. Bemis to Town of Boxford – Stiles Pond Beach Lots and Rights of Way; Blake to Rohr – Stiles Pond; Town of Boxford – Beach Lots.

Titus Lane

Titus lane: a private way.

Titus, Calvin A.; Titus, Genevieve; Hathaway, Stephen; Hathaway, Margaret; Val-Mar Corp; Titus, Ruth E.; Titus, Ada M.; Titus, Frank.

Town of Boxford – Clerk’s Records

List of clerk’s records; list of Plans ECRD; list of town records. 

Town of Boxford – Codes

Copies of various old town board code forms; Planning Board, Health Dept., Building Inspector, Zoning By-Law 1979.

Town of Boxford – Forms

Variety of old forms: Board of Appeals application for abatement of real estate tax; Planning Board Form A; several (U.S.) FHA forms.

Town of Boxford to Camp Rotary and Robert Simmonds et Ux

Land on Ipswich Road and a discontinued portion of Ipswich Road itself deeded to Camp Rotary; land on Ipswich Road and discontinued portion of Ipswich Road deeded to Robert C. Simmonds and Janet A. Simmonds.

Kimball, Josiah; Wood, Rebecca T.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Perley, Raymond; Perley, Henry C.; Pearl, Edward E.; Stevens, M. T. and Sons Company; Kelley, Royce D.

Maps: Plan of Land … Charles Chaplin …Surveyed for Robert C. Simmonds, 1967; Plan of Land … owned by Town of Boxford, 1978; various sketches.

Tyler, Moses/Foster, Ephraim/ Tyler, John – Deeds

1726 deeds.

Tyler, Genealogy

References from various sources on Boxford Tylers and from other towns.

Tyler, Moses; Tyler, Jonathan; Tyler, John; Tyler, Ebenezer; Tyler, Bradstreet; Tyler, Abraham; Tyler, William; Tyler, Job; Harriman, Daniel F.; Foster, Ephraim; Tyler, Gideon; many others.

Related folders: Tyler, Porter – 1000 Year Lease.

Valley Road

DLW’s brief history of Valley Road; deeds; valuations of property along Valley Road.

Woodbury, Dorothy L.; Hatt Construction Co.; Greco, Donato; Greco, Mary.

Washington Street – 177 and 183 Washington; Peter Eaton to Pearl

Eaton, Peter; Pearl, Benjamin; Durant, Thomas W.

Washington Street (Route 133) – BOLT Land/Burnham etc.

Folder #1

Deed of P. B. Construction Co. to Gerald A. Masek and Cynthia A. Masek for temporary construction easement, 1986; hand-drawn plot plan for “Potter’s Woods”; mortgage from Joseph Falzone, Washington Street Realty Trust, for ten parcels of land; Assessors map for various properties with some names written in; grantee report for Falzone, 1984-1988.

Potter, Brooks; Barker, George; Barker, John; Richards, Susan; Mansell, Raymond.

Maps: Assessors Map, 1990.

Related folders: same title, #2, #3.

Washington Street (Route 133) – BOLT Land/Burnham etc.

Folder #2

Various deeds for land along Rte. 133 over to Mitchell’s Pond.

Andrew, Charles A.; Russell, William A.; Andrew, Isaac W.; Andrew, Sarah E.; Andrew, N. Alfreda; Wood, William H.; Andrew, Ella J.; Wood, Sarah Jane; Russell, Frances S.; Russell, Richard S.; Deward, William H.; Deward, Elizabeth H.; Russell, Mary Lovering; Bigelow, Mary R.; Chickering, Anne E. R.; Trumbull, James C.; Falzone, Joseph; Kimball, Mary E.; Carey, Laurence; Carey, Catherine; Lyman, Wilbur.

Maps: Hand-drawn plan  showing land between Rte. 133 and Mitchell’s Pond; Plan of Land In Boxford, Mass. owned by Brooks Potter, Washington Street, February 1966; Plan of land in Boxford surveyed for George R. Barker, Marcia B. Vallely and Caroline B. Nash along Washington St. 1985 (this plan removed to DLW’s rolled plans).

Related folders: same title, #1, #3.

Washington Street (Route 133) – BOLT Land/Burnham etc.

Folder #3

This folder contains information on the Andrew/Eichorn House, title and genealogy and various plans of land, newspaper clipping; Farnham genealogy; John Myron Pearl and Clara Gale family tree; deeds for various parcels along Rte. 133, the Marsha Burnham lot, Boxford Trails Association lot #4, and others in the area.

Chadwick, Thomas; Chadwick, Samuel; Chadwick, John; Kimball, Edmund; Northey, Abijah; Andrew, Jonathan; Andrew, John Albion; Andrew, John A.; Bergstrom, Helen;

Chadwick, Sarah; Essex Holdings, Inc.; Boxford Trails Association (BTA/BOLT); Falzone, Joseph; Washington Street Realty Trust; Robinson, John; Barker, Samuel; King;

Pearl, Myron E.; Pearl, John M.; Pearl, Simeon S.; Pearl, Elizabeth; Dole, Greenleaf; Eaton, Peter; New England Power Co.; Pearl, Mary J.; Pearl, F. Willard; Pearl, Jack R.; Pearl, Nancy A. Poole; Potter, Brooks; Chadwick, John; Chadwick, Mary; Chadwick, Thomas; Chadwick, Samuel; Burnham, Seth.

Maps: Plan of Land Owned By Brooks Potter …1965; plan of the Burnham Lot;  “Potter’s Woods” hand-drawn sketch;

Related folders: same title, #1, #2.

Box 113


West Boxford Deeds – Main St./Hovey Pond Area (Including Water Rights and Rights-of-Way)

Deeds to land near Hovey Pond and Main St.; some deeds contain legal language regarding water rights, rights to pass, mill rights; Hovey Pasture chain of title; plot sketches; deed to “Mill Pasture”; Wood to Chadwick deed for land on Johnson’s Pond with sketch.

Carleton, Leonard; Barker, Jedediah H.; Mitchell, Daniel; Pearl, John; Barker, Edmund; Cole, Eunice M.; Day, Joshua T.; Nason, John H.; Anderson, William H.; Anderson, Clara A.; Anderson, Donald E.; Sawyer, Charles E.; Legare, B. D. Romeo; New England Power Co.; Henley, Alonzo J.; Anderson, David A.; Pearl, John M.; Pingree, Daniel W.; Hovey, William; Pearl, George H.; Pearl, J. Howard; Morss, Ruth Evelyn; Wood, Daniel; Chadwick, James W.; Day, Joshua T.; Kimball, Asa; Weston, George; Carleton, James; Hovey, Lucy P.; Chadwick, J. Warren; Chadwick, John T.; Chadwick, Frank N.; Chadwick, Myra A.; Chadwick, Hattie F.; Stiegler, August.

Related folders: Main Street –West (Hovey Pond Water Rights/Chadwick to Boxford); Chadwick Land – Main St.--West Boxford; 

Whitney v. Greenbelt 

Folder #1

Dispute between Charles Whitney, developer, and Essex County Greenbelt Assoc. over boundary lines and/or location of land between Pinehurst Drive and Bare Hill Road; connected to Whitney Land Registration Case #42314.  Folder includes: Exhibit List; Greenbelt Witness Outlines; lists of non-resident land owners from Assessors Records from various years; petition by Board of Selectmen to County Commissioners (5/4/82) to widen and straighten Bare Hill Road with a description of easements on certain parcels to accomplish this; various deeds.

Dwinnell, John; Andrews, Daniel; Andrews, Dean; Wildes, Moses; Perkins, Moses; Frame, Job H.; Gould, Joseph P.; Dorman or Darman, John S.; Country Pines, Inc.; Livermore, Robert; Livermore, Gwendolyn; Dorman, William R.; Forman, Moses H.; Janes, Joseph H.; Herrick, John E.; Dorman, Franklin W.; Lambert, John; Andrews, Robert; Andrews, Grace; Frame, Andrew; Batchelder, Joseph W.; Todd, Samuel; Diamond Match Co.; Thomas, J. B.; Hale, John; Janes, Henry; Merriam, Royal A., heirs of; Perkins, Moses D.; Twitchell, George; Connelly Bros. (Beverly); Phillips, A. W.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Andrews, Nathaniel; Andrews, Jacob; Andrews, Mary; Howe, Abraham P.; Howe, Eunice; Jenness, Cecily L. Beal; Woodward, Gwendolyn Livermore; Woodard, Gwendolyn L.; French, Clinton E.; Gould, Daniel; Palmer, Martha K.; Hutchings, Arthur U.; Hutchings, Herbert S.; Hutchings, George S.; Twisden, John T.; Cleaveland, Nehemiah; Emerson, Billy.

Maps: Plan of land in Boxford, Mass. Bare Hill Road and Topsfield Road, 1957; various maps, some hand-drawn.

Whitney v. Greenbelt – DLW’s Work Papers 

Folder #2

Papers on project “to impeach Whitney’s claim as to location of Chaplin, Perley & other parcels.”; Decision of the Trial Court which found in favor of Greenbelt; Petitioner’s Land Court Examination, Impeachment Relative to Parcel II;  correspondence among interested parties and lawyers; various maps; Gould genealogy from Document Center sources; miscellaneous notes; chain of title for the Great Stephen Perley Lot.” 

Blake, Henry; Perley, Barbara C.; Chaplin, Charles H. Trust; Ford, Richard H.; Livermore, Jr., Robert; French, Clinton E.; Country Pines, Inc.; Emerson, Billy; Cleaveland, Nehemiah; Wildes, Moses; Cole, John K.; Andrews, Daniel; Gould, Andrew; Howe, Eunice Andrews; Andrews, Jacob; Andrews, Jane; Andrews, Mary; Gould, Daniel; Andrews, Nathan; Dorman, Moses; Andrews, Dean; Andrews, Samuel; Gould, Elisha; Pearl, E. E.; Perley, Stephen; Frame, Job H.; Hutchins, E. W.; Howe, Solomon; Lake, Otto E.; Lake, Flora; Stahl, Leslie M.; Lake, Alice L.; Lake, Harry E.; Peaslee, E.; Brown, John A.

Wilcox, Charles L. – Great Meadow Swamp/Great Pasture

Deed (1941) to several parcels of land.

Sawyer, Katharine L.; Wilcox, Charles L.

Wood, Moses – Estate

Partition of Estate of Moses Wood corner of Spofford Road and Ipswich Road; eight parcels in or near “Wildcat”; deeds; plot sketches; rights-of-way references.

Wood, Moses; Wood, Sarah; Day, Joshua T.; Low, Joseph L.; Wood, Betsy; Wood, Pamela; Wood, Maria; Low, Solomon; Low, Dolly; Spofford, Daniel; Porter, Tyler; Tyler, John; Wood, John; Patee, Eliphalet; Stetson, Charles A.; Pearl, Edward E.; Batchelder, C. A.; Pearl, Catherine S.; Howe, William B.; Wood, Daniel; Wood, Jacob; Wood, Nathan; Van Vranken, Francis E.; Abbott, Benjamin; Stetson, Seth; Wood, Marjorie; Kelley, Royce D.; Parker, Charles A.; Van Blarcom, Frank H.; Spofford, Paul N.; Diamond Match Co.; Brown, Thomas.

Maps: Hand-drawn sketch of the eight parcels with notations; various plot sketches.

Related folders: Wildcat Research and Miscellaneous; Diamond Match Co./Holgate #1.

Woodbury, Dorothy L.

Miscellaneous papers of DLW; partial voting list; Board of Appeal notices, 1981, 1986; letter recommending Arthur Schneiderman for selectman in an upcoming election; annotated copy of 1978 Zoning By-Law; biographical information on Arthur Wilmarth; lists of miscellaneous deeds; notes from talk with Kenneth Chadwick (1992); one page with: extracts from Assessor’s records, reference to job on Ralph Phillips, owners of Willis Woods, hand-drawn map for 107 acres estate of Francis Curtis; Selectmen minutes of joint meeting of boards, 1981.

Woodbury, Dorothy L.

Genealogy – Belfield family (D.L. Woodbury)

The Belfields were a Lynn family.

Johnson, Elizabeth; Johnson, John; Drown, James H.; Bowley, Florence A.; Morrissey, Charles A.; Morrissey, Will; Morrissey, Mae Johnson; Belfield, Florence N.; Drown, Julia; Pindes, Mae Belfield.

Woodbury, Dorothy L.

Genealogy – Pinder/Pindar family 

Photocopies from various published sources and handwritten notes.

Woodbury, Dorothy L.

Genealogy – Woodbury 

Woodbury genealogical listings from various sources beginning with New Hampshire Woodburys.

Zipeto, Ellen A. – Title Report

Archer, Elizabeth; Richards, Ruth S. F.; Ford, Roy; Ford, Charles F.

Box 113 (Cont.)



One deed: Sarah Dole to Jeremiah Harriman on Andover-Boxford line. 

Essex – Outwater Job  

List of deeds.

Outwater, Dennis L.; Outwater, Donna L.; Story, John C.

Map: Village of Essex, n.d.


Land on Thurlow Street revested to landowners by the State of Massachusetts; letter from Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife agent, 1977, to former landowner who made claim for restitution; land part of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in several towns; map in Georgetown unrelated to Thurlow Street and wildlife area issues.

Pritchard, William R.; Harriman, Charles A.; Chaplin, Jerry A.; Phillips, Harriet; Leslie, John M.; Nelson, Christine L.

Maps: Georgetown, 1979; W. E. Atkinson Company Tract on Groveland/Georgetown line, 1943; map of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, 1944; map of Georgetown of land between Baldpate Road and Spofford Road, 1965.

North Andover

Zoning map, 1964.

Out-of-Town Appraisal Fees

Zavalianos, Panagiou; Curtis, Charlotte K.; Hampton, H. Burton, Esq.

Rowley -- Deeds and Research

Miscellaneous deeds, research notes and plot sketches.

Williams, Robert; Potter, Alexander; Daniels, Susan; Davenport, Benjamin; Chaplin, Joseph; Brown, Abraham; Brown, John A.; Foster, William S.; Damon, Harry K.

Rowley Village – Ancient Records

Photocopied pages from: History of Rowley; Essex County ancient records; Ipswich, ancient records; Dwellings (Boxford), old grants.

Maps: Hand-drawn map of West Boxford.

Salisbury – Morrill/Merrill

Deeds going back to the 1600s for land owned by Merrill/Morrill.  DLW’s note on the use of the letter “o” in a 1717 document standing for the letter “e” may explain the difference in spelling of Morrill/Merrill.

Morrill, Reuben; Morrill, Abraham; Bagley, Joseph; Norton, James; Merrill, Stephen; Merrill, Moses; Smith, Jonathan; Merrill Daniel; Brown, Nathaniel; Norton, James; Browne, Phillip; Allen, William; Hubbard, Richard; Felloes, Samuel; Gove, Edward.

Salisbury – Reclamation District Map, 1931

Folder contains a photocopy of the plan that shows the marshes in Salisbury lying between the State Highway from Salisbury to Salisbury Beach and the boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Seabrook, NH – Boswell-Craven

Narrative Report Concerning Title Abstract Prepared for Seabrook Industrial Park for Real Estate Located South of Ledge Road and West of Service Road, Seabrook, NH; various plans, sketches, deeds for land from Chase Enterprizes, Inc.; correspondence, bills, receipts, maps.

Boswell, Richard; Craven, John V.; Bartlett, Robert; Felch, Herman S.; Johnson, Stephen; Philbrick, John; Merrill, Samuel; Bailey, D. Thomas; Felch, Elbridge;

Maps: Plot plan of Land for Town of Seabrook, Folly Mill Woods, 1969; Plan of Land for Robert Bartlett in Seabrook, 1986; Plan of Land for Robert and Barbara Bartlett, Ledge Road and Batchelder Road, 1979; Plan of Land, Chase Enterprizes, Inc., East of Service Road, North of Folly Mill Road, 1975.

Box 114


E. Bemis to Town – Stiles Pond Beach Lots and Rights-of-Way

Elinor Bemis deed to Town for land on Stiles Pond, rights-of-way and flowage rights she had in Stiles Pond. Rights over Kenneth Rohr’s property; Earl and Avis Blake rights-of-way; correspondence between Town and Rohr. 

Bemis, Elinor C.; Cole, Harry L.; Rohr, Kenneth R.; Rohr, Frances J.; Blake, Earle; Blake, Avis E.

Maps: None.

Related folders: Stiles Pond; Stiles Pond – Rights-of-Way; Stiles Pond – Flowage Rights; Town of Boxford – Beach Lots; Blake – Stiles Pond (Land Sold to Rohr); Cole, Harry/E. Bemis – Grantors.

Boxford Planning Board vs. Matses and ZBA

Research, deeds, court documents and plot plans regarding: 1. Subdivision of land (Dole Hill) owned by Charles Matses off Washington Street; 2.The issue of Brook Road as a public way with regard to the Matses subdivision; 3. Permitting, variance and appeal regarding new building in a business district at approximately 200 Washington St.

Matses, Charles T.; Bolten, John, Sr.; Gemmell, A. Helene; Santry, Stephen; Burke, William H., Jr.; Green, Dale; Denman, Donald; Berco, Inc.; Gilmartin, Bruce J.; Matses, Louise B.; Hamilton, James D.; Cannon, Frederick M.; Nason, Mary J.

Maps: Two subdivision plans for Dole Hill, 1989. 

McMahon vs. Topsfield Racquet Club

Document commanding Dorothy Woodbury, as a member of the Board of Appeals, to appear in court regarding a civil action between Elizabeth Ann McMahon and the Topsfield Racquet Club, January 1977.

Town of Boxford vs. Holt

This folder deals with land in Boxford from the estate of Wilson S. Tidd; the Town of Boxford as holder of a tax lien on said land; release of the lien; the Stockman Trust, Vernon A. Childs trustee, and the estate of Louis M. and Annie J. Caldwell Holt; deeds, wills, court papers and plot plans.

Dewhirst, William; Dewhirst, George; Dewhirst, Martha; Hayman, Alexander; Hayman, Katherine F.; Dewhirst, James; Dewhirst, Hannah; Dewhirst, Anna W.; Dewhirst, Theodore; Ross, William; Day, Isaac C.; Ross, Joseph H.; Tidd, Wilson S.; Tidd, Lucy C.; Marden, Alvin A.; Marden, Lucy C.; Marden, Alvin F.; Marden, Francis; Gilman, Carrie A.; Chadwick III, John Tyler; New England Power Company; Holt, Louis A.; Holt, Gertrude B.; Sampson, Clara; Winthrop, Eunice A.; Gentleman, Susan A.; Ross, Ella L.; Holt, Louis M.; Holt, Annie J.; Gray, James T.; Gray, Grace L.; Curtis, Francis; Kimball, William; Childs, Vernon A.; the Stockman Trust.

Maps: Plan of Land in Boxford to Be Conveyed To New England Power Co., 1959; sketch from Groveland Assessors’ Map #57, 1995; Plan of Land in Boxford and Groveland, Mass. Owned by the Estate of Annie J. Holt, and Associated Sketches.

Town of Boxford – Levy, Coupe and Wildcat Access

This folder deals with the problem of Levy’s and Coupe’s driveways and access to Wildcat conservation area; legal documents and plans of land.

Levy, Robert A.; Levy, Wendy M.; Coupe, Albert B.; Coupe, Lorraine A.; Richman, Milton; Walsh, Barbara; Cole, Harry L.; Garfinkle, G.; Rachdorf, Stacey R.; Rachdorf, Janet J.

Related folders: Wildcat Research and Miscellaneous; Wildcat Woods #1; Wildcat Woods #2.

Wild Meadow Development – Zoning Board of Appeals

Various Planning Board and Zoning Board papers regarding permits and variances for gravel removal, inclusion of conservancy land in a building lot, and other land use requests from Wild Meadow Trust; newspaper article regarding William Dorman’s efforts to save Four Mile Pond by dredging it, the issue of water level and lot size, water rights. 

Wills, Charles B.; Harris, Roger; Dorman, William E.

Maps: Plans showing Batchelder Road, Pye Brook, owners of property in area, canoe and channel spoil area, 1961, 1978, 1979, 1981.

Related folders: Wild Meadow Trust; Town of Boxford vs. Charles Wills (Wild Meadow Trust) – Trial Transcript.

Wild Meadow Trust

Wild Meadow was a subdivision proposed for Batchelder Road off Georgetown Road, some lots to border Four Mile Pond. Charles B. Wills, Roger Harris and William E. Dorman were trustees of Wild Meadow Trust, the Trust being the owner and developer of the subdivision. There were issues regarding the Dorman dam, water rights, control of the headwaters of Pye Brook, water levels, removal of soil and variances for driveway access across a conservancy district. Some of these major issues are dealt with in the Wild Meadow Development – Zoning Board of Appeals folder.

Wills, Charles B.; Harris, Roger; Dorman, William E.; Kelsey, Harlan P.; David, Victor; David, Beatrice R.; Spencer, John E.; Ropes, Charles F.; Jenkins, Lawrence W.; Howe, William B.; Herrick, Israel; Herrick, William A.; Janes, Joseph H.; Barker, Jacob W.; Barker, John; Gurley, William A.; Farley, Joseph F.; Spiller, Nathaniel G.; Harris, Roger; Herrick Farm Corp.; Chaplin, Charles H.; Rea, Warren W.; Perley, Henry B.; Perley, Raymond; MacGregor, Allan B.; Herrick, Mary A.; Norris, Maude C.

Related folders: Wild Meadow Development – Zoning Board of Appeals; Town Of Boxford vs. Charles Wills (Wild Meadow Trust) – Trial Transcript.


Town of Boxford vs. Charles Wills (Wild Meadow Trust) – Trial Transcript

Trial transcript of the Trustees of Wild Meadow Trust v. Robert Hacking, James E. Getchell, John Decoulos, et al (Boxford Planning Board). The issue being that part of a lot of land that was part of the pond could not be counted as a part of the area of a “pork chop” lot. This would make one lot in the subdivision unbuildable.  Judge’s conclusion included in transcript. 

Wills, Charles B.; Harris, Roger; Dorman, William E.; Scutiere, Donald; Kimball, John; Hancock, Frank; Latham, Earl; Carr, Jerome B.

Related folders: Wild Meadow Development – Zoning Board of Appeals; Wild Meadow Trust.



Haynes (Re: L. K. Morse Playground and Schoolhouse Purchase)

Carr Lot – D and F (Addition to Cole School and New Ball Field)

Cole School and Little Red Schoolhouse

Hadley to Town

Spofford Pond School

Town of Boxford – Grantor Schedule

Town of Boxford – Grantee Index

Washington and Main Streets – Village Store, Lincoln Hall and Abutting Parcels

Lincoln Hall

Wildcat Woods (Folder #1) – (Sale Papers 1961-1965)

Wildcat Woods (Folder #2) – (Thurston Woodlot)

Wildcat Research and Miscellaneaous

Town of Boxford – Levy, Coupe and Wildcat Access

Nobody’s Swamp (2 folders)

Wood, Moses Estate

Diamond Match Co. /Holgate #1

Cole, H. /E. Bemis—Grantors

Main Street (West Boxford) – Barrell/Sperry – Old Plans

West Boxford Fire House

Sperry’s Pond

Sperry’s Pond – Church Property

Second Church

Second Church and Boxford Historic Document Center

Boxford Historic Document Center 

Sperry’s Pond – Church Property

Lake Shore Road – Jack Pearl and Nancy Pearl

Morss, Stanwood R.

Main Street (West Boxford) – Barrell/Sperry – Old Plans

Main Street – Nason/Twisden/Chaplin

Main Street (West Boxford) – Hovey’s Pond Water Rights/Chadwick to Boxford

Washington and Main Streets – Village Store, Lincoln Hall and Abutting Parcels

Haynes Property – Main St. -- East Boxford

Killam, Myron – Deeds – Maple/Main St./Foster St.

West Boxford Deeds – Main St./Hovey’s Pond Area

Camp Rotary

Town of Boxford to Camp Rotary and Robert Simmonds

Washington and Main Streets – Village Store, Lincoln Hall and Abutting Parcels

Lincoln Hall

Washington Street (Rte. 133) – BOLT Land, Burnham, Etc. Folders #1, 2, 3

Washington Street – 177 and 183 Washington St. (Peter Eaton to Pearl)

Pearl, E. E. / Busby, George – Washington St./Willow Rd.

Andrews, Nathan

Whitney v. Greenbelt – (D. L. Woodbury’s Work Papers)  #1 and 2

Livermore to Essex County Greenbelt

Hayward, Augustus and Dean Andrews 

Charles H. Chaplin Trust and Whitney  #1, 2, 3

Hovey’s Pond

West Boxford – Deeds –Main St./Hovey’s Pond Area

Pearl, E. E. – Deeds – Lake Shore Parcels

Main Street (West Boxford) – Hovey’s Pond Water Rights/Chadwick to Boxford

Chadwick Land – Main Street – West Boxford

Second Church

Wildmeadow Trust

Wildmeadow Development – Zoning Board of Appeals

Town of Boxford v. Charles Wills (Wildmeadow Trust) – Trial Transcript

Eames/Tyler Deeds

Eames/Tyler Research

Tyler Genealogy

Witch Hollow Farm

Eagle Nest Hill Properties

Valley Road

Greenler Property

COS/COM – Conservation Commission Interests

Tyler Genealogy

Tyler, Porter – 1000 Year Lease

Foster, Ephraim – Stiles Pond Area

Tyler, Moses/Foster, Ephraim/Tyler, John – Deeds

Cole, Ephraim F. and John K.

Cole Research – Ephraim Foster/Kimball Cole

Foster Genealogy/Foster Grantors

Cedar Pond – Olde Farms

Cedar Pond Society

Main Street – East


Cole, Harry L.

Cole, H./E. Bemis – Grantors

Stiles Pond Area – Owners

Stiles Pond – Rights-of-Way

Stiles Pond – Flowage Rights

E. Bemis to Town (Re: Stiles Pond Beach and Right-of Way [Rohr])

Town of Boxford – Beach Lots

Blake to Rohr – Stiles Pond

Foster Genealogy

Foster, Ephraim – Stiles Pond Area

Cole, William R.

Diamond Match Co ./ Holgate #2

Diamond Match Co. /Deeds from Byam

Cole, Harry/E. Bemis – Grantors

COS/COM – Conservation Commission Interests

Lake Shore Road – Jack Pearl and Nancy Pearl

Pearl, E. E. – Deeds – Lake Shore Parcels

Great Swamp

Budnick/Busby Rights-of-Way


Dorothy L. (Pinder) Woodbury was a professional boundary line consultant and real estate title researcher who lived in West Boxford for over 50 years.  She was born in Boston on October 22, 1917, the daughter of Walter Pinder and Mae (Belfield) Pinder. She was a member of the U.S. Navy during World War II.  Mrs. Woodbury married E. Arthur Woodbury of Beverly and eventually they moved to West Boxford with their two sons, E. Arthur, Jr. and Robert M.  The Woodburys divorced in 1975, but Mrs. Woodbury continued to live at Eagle’s Nest farm for the next 30 years. 

Mrs. Woodbury was an accomplished businesswoman, real estate agent, real estate developer, paralegal, title researcher, boundary line consultant and expert witness in this field in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  She also was active in the Boxford community and served on the following town boards and committees: Appeals Board, 1977-1985; Conservation Commission, 1961-1967; Insurance Study Committee, 1976; Bicentennial Commission, where she was coordinator of the Boxford Historic Document Center project, 1975-1976; and the Boxford Tri-centennial Committee, 1982-1984.  She was also a member of the Boxford Historical Society, Boxford Village Garden Club and the Second Congregational Church of Boxford.  

One of Mrs. Woodbury’s main interests was raising Irish Wolfhounds.  She was a member of the North Shore Kennel Club, the Irish Wolfhound Association of New England and the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.  Her other interests were gardening, reading, cooking and enjoying the company of good friends.  

Mrs. Woodbury passed away in Hampton, N.H. on September 18, 2009. She was 92 years old.

In 2005 her family donated to the Boxford Historic Document Center her research files on title searches primarily in Boxford, but also in other Massachusetts towns and New Hampshire.