Frank A. Manny BHS Collection

Box 1 - Biographical /Genealogical Information

Miscellaneous genealogy of Boxford families back to immigrant ancestors by Frank A. Manny

Adams, John

Alcott, William Penn

Andrew, John Albion (Civil War Governor)

Atherton, George W.

Baker, John (1598-1680)

Barnes, Arthur W. (1856-1908)

 “The Three Belles of Boxford” Dorman, Georgianna

Bixby, Mrs.

Bradford, Emery L. (b. 1859)

Briggs, Isaac (Parson) and Elsie Schuyler Crane

Buckminster, John Blake

Brown, John (genealogy for Mrs. Florence Gould)

Bunker, Elisha Gordon (d. 1878)

Butler, May

Carey – Stiles family

Cheney – Hardy family

Coggin, William Symmes (Sayward, Clark, Loomis families)

Copp family

Corbin Information on Hutchinson, Hale, Curtis, Gould

Crawford, Frank

Cummings, Julia A. (1860-1938_

Curtis, Karl (Panama Canal)

Curtis family

Death Notices (copied to Obituary file)

Dorman, John

Emerson, Martha Lucinda

Fuller, Sarah Margaret

Fuller, Timothy

Gage, Cole

Gould family

Gurley – Girdler family


Haggott, John Pearl (Doctor) – Civil War Notebook

Howe, James Hamilton

Howe, Martha Jane (Gould)

Howe, Oliver

Killam – 1925 family reunion

Kimball, Elizabeth (Gray)

Kimball, Elwell and Solomon E.

Kimball, Richard (Scott – Towne families)

Kimball, Seth and Charles

Lane, William Coolidge

Little family

Loomis, Charles H.

Maynard, Flanders, King families

McCall, Samuel (Governor)

Moore, Charles H. (Professor)

Morris, Eva

Palmer, Alice (Freeman)

Palmer, Lane, Lord families

Palmer family

Peabody – John, William, Thomas and others

Pearce, Lavinia (Peabody)

Pearl, Edward E. – Carlton family genealogy

Perley family – Bridgton, ME colony from Boxford

Perley, Enoch and Perley, Henry

Perley, Mary Ellen

Perley, Sidney

Phillips, George

Porter family

Box 2 - Biographical /Genealogical Information

Roys, Edville (Reverend)

Russell family

Sheldon family

Stearns – Genealogy of Mrs. Edward K. Mortimer

Stiles – Warren family

Symmonds family

Tenney, John Harrison (1840-1918)

Tidd family

Thompson, Harry (Lewes, Meriwether, Washington et al. – Harry Desmet Thompson genealogy)

Titus family

Towne, Elisha

Tyler – Chadwick

Wiggin family

Wilkins, Zora

Wills, Mary Tappan

Wolfe, Roland E. (Reverend)

Box 3 – Boxford File

Boxford 250th Anniversary

Boxford Bicentennial (1885)

Boxford Village Cemetery Association

Boxford Village Cemetery

Boxford Fire Department, 1943

Boxford Grange #298

Boxford Tributes

Barker Free School

Celebrations, Lectures and Entertainments

Includes scrapbook with photos of 1939 History of Boxford (1638-1938) play

Civil War

Description of Boxford

1893 article and 1931 Boston University term paper by Ludolphe A. Brodeur

Documents – Old Papers

First Congregational Church

Girl Scouts

Hardy – Cheney – Foster Collection

Boxford Historical Society

Hurricane [Storms] – 1938 Haverhill Evening Gazette

Industries of Boxford & Boxford’s most unforgettable characters (BHS lecture by Arthur G. Sias, 1944)

Kelsey Highlands Nursery [Kelsey Nursery]


Literary Club

Includes essay by Florence L. Kelsey “Houses and Happenings on a Boxford Plain,” 1940

Maps of Woodlots, Conservation, Bird Sanctuary, etc.

Box 4 – Boxford File

Miscellaneous Memorabilia


Music in Boxford



Programs (Reminisces)

“The Country Store” by Hazel Killam

Esther Perley’s Journal of a trip to Europe

Story of a Sandpile

“Boxford Industries – Unforgettable Characters” by Arthur Sias

Incident in the life of Lady Douglas

“The Ways of a Worker of a Century Ago”


Revolutionary War

Schools – 1940s grammar school graduation exercises

Second Congregational Church

War Veterans in Boxford Cemeteries

Almanac, 1804

Newspaper Clippings collected by FAM

The Boxfordian, November 1938

Box 5 – Scrapbook of Boxford


Oliver Howe memoirs

Boxford magazine articles by Frank Manny

Letter from William S. Coggins to his nephew David, 1872

Boxford Oratorio Society

Julia Cummings notes from journal

Boxford Players

First Congregational Church, Old Home Service

Historical Society

Box 6 – Printed Materials

Journey’s End Publications

“Story of a Sandpile” and “Landmarks and Watermarks in Old Boxford”

Lists of Journey’s End publications


Annette and Frank Manny – Memorial Services

Miscellaneous copies of printed materials

Manny family obituaries and memorials


Box 7 – Julia Cummings Scrapbook

Box 8 – “A Book of the Old Boxford Church” (scrapbook of First Church materials, 1864-1938)