Nancy Merrill Papers: BTA/BOLT

Nancy Merrill is one of the founders of BTA/BOLT, a land preservation organization in Boxford. This is her own personal collection donated by her to the Boxford Historic Document Center in 2010.


The BTA/Bolt Nancy Merrill collection is organized into the following categories: Chronological Files, Subject Files, Land Parcels Files, Horse Shows Files and Financial Records.  There is much duplication and overlapping of materials throughout the different categories as well as within the files of each category. Weeding out all duplicate material was not done in order to maintain the integrity of each file.  In June of 2012 a large scrapbook recording the accomplishments of BTA/BOLT from 1978-2011 was donated to the Boxford Historic Document Center by BTA/BOLT.  This scrapbook is cross-referenced in this database where applicable although it is not part of the original BTA collection from Nancy Merrill.



These files consist of meeting minutes, hand-written notes and memos, agendas, reports, membership lists, some financial reports, correspondence, an occasional newsletter (a dedicated newsletter file is in the Archive stacks), brochures and other miscellaneous material.  Some files overlap chronologically with other files.  Most of the hand-written notes are undated and some may not belong in a particular folder because of this. Some files have a name, but most have only dates.  Annotations are given for notable material only, not every page in every file.


BTA – 1978-1990

Hand-written minutes of meetings, November 1978-November 1990.


BTA – 1979-1980 Miscellaneous Names and Addresses


BTA – 1981-1984


BTA – 1981-1998 Newsletters

File is incomplete.  A nearly complete file of BTA/BOLT Newsletters is in the BHDC’s main collection.


BTA – 1985-1987


BTA – 1988


BTA – 1989

Included are trail easements for Elm Tree Farm subdivision, Valley Road; Christmas Tree Farm trail easement, water crossings, trail maintenance; annual report.


BTA – 1989 Calls to Make


BTA – 1989 Realtors


BTA – 1990


BTA -- 1990 Current

Boxford Warrant Article 44, May 8, 1990, asks town to accept gift of land  

between Chapman Way and Boren Lane. Small map included.


BTA – 1991-1992

         Includes mailing list March 1992.


BTA – 1992-1993 Meeting Minutes (published)

A nearly complete file from all years is in the BHDC’s main collection.


BTA – 1993

Bay Circuit Alliance membership memo; trail monies memo regarding construction of bridges; Boxford Open Space and Recreation Committee recommendations, April, 1993; Lockwood property; “Request for a Determination of Applicability Wetlands Stream crossing projects; causeway at Protection Act”; other trail projects.


BTA – 1993 Grants: Project Applications

Application for development of trails for Bay Circuit thru Boxford; Chapman Lane trail negotiations; descriptions of projects, efforts and support systems; specifications for state Land and Pond Grant Program, 1993.


BTA – 1993 Insurance

         “Green Umbrella” insurance coverage information for conservation agencies.


 BTA – 1993 Open Space Memo

List of open space and recreational land under private ownership; list of town land, state land, Greenbelt land, agricultural land, camps, land under conservation and MAP restrictions with map-block-lot numbers, 1993.


BTA – 1993-1994 Notes (undated)


BTA – 1993 Volunteer Job Descriptions


BTA – 1994 BOLT (Boxford Open Land Trust)

Origin of BOLT and statement of purpose; memos on certain land issues; Boxford Capital Budget FY 1995-1999 and BTA/BOLT; operating expenditures; Annual Report, 1994 with mention of the new official name of BTA/BOLT.


BTA/BOLT – 1994 January-April

Memo regarding Hovey’s Pond watershed, Parker River headlands, Sperry Pond preservation; report of Historic Committee, 1978; draft of statement on Camp Sacajawea; memo on BTA purchases of land and tax status; financial           Annual Report, 1994; notice in March newsletter that BTA and BOLT are officially now recognized by the State as BTA/BOLT.


BTA/BOLT – 1994 May

Notes on Wakefield YMCA camp and other Y camps in Boxford; Ad Hoc Rapid Growth Committee, May 4, 1994 report; memo on Haynes woodlot, May 18; site walk assessment of Alpers land on Four Mile Pond, May 30; memo (May 26) on Highland Nursery neighborhood meeting.


BTA/BOLT – 1994 June

Memo to Open Space/Recreation Study Committee on land in private ownership, conservation restrictions, desirable parcels, all with descriptions; notes on Haynes land on Rowley Road, Cleaveland Farm Trust, (June 8); notice for Special Town Meeting to purchase Alpers land on Herrick Road set for July 12; Soil Testing Field Report on Chadwick land, West Boxford; Camp Wakanda at Stiles Pond (June 26).


BTA/BOLT – 1994 July-August

Eagle Scout project building boardwalk on Chapman Lane; legal easement from John C. Sanidas for recreational path, Chapman Lane.


BTA/BOLT – 1994 September-October

Memo from Ken Bagge on landscape design project for Town Park on Baldpate Road; brochure for benefit to aid Windrush Farm; ABC Horse Trials program; Cleaveland Farm State Forest dedication (September 27).


BTA/BOLT – 1994 November-December


BTA/BOLT – 1995

Annual report, 1995; list of BTA observers at Planning Board meetings; various Boxford Bay Circuit memos; BTA/BOLT Organizational Structure;

Village Estates trail location correspondence; Sanidas trail easement Amberwood area; Open Space wish list.


BTA/BOLT – 1995-2000 Retreats


BTA/BOLT – 1996

Annual financial report, 1996; list of officers and members-at-large; notes for board members, February 1996; two photocopies of Winding Oaks trails photos.


BTA/BOLT – 1996 January-February Newsletter Mock-ups


BTA/BOLT – 1997

Annual report 1997; trails on the Pearl subdivision.


BTA/BOLT – 1997 Serial Bond Issue


BTA/BOLT – 1997 Speakers


BTA/BOLT – 1990-1997 Letters


BTA/BOLT – 1998

Agendas; committee meetings; history of BTA significant events in twenty years; purchase of Haynes field; gift of 22 acres at Stevens Pond from Beverly National


Scrapbook: Stevens Pond Wetland, map, photos.

         Scrapbook: Haynes Field, map, photos.


BTA/BOLT – 1998 Notices: Cons-Com., BOA


BTA/BOLT – 1999

Annual meeting report, May, 26; “Boxford Open Space and Recreation Planning Survey,” October 1999; “Undeveloped Land In Boxford,” a list by owner giving acreage, location, Map, Block, Lot numbers (2/11/99); Tuesday hikers list.


BTA/BOLT – 2000

Christmas Tree Field proposal; various e-mails; photocopies of photos of BTA booth at Apple Festival.


BTA/BOLT – 2001

Financial statement, 2001; “Boxford Youth Center: a Proposal”; Pearl Property information; BTA/BOLT Organizational Structure, May 2001; Boxford Conservation Land Management Study Group (notes); Biodiversity Days document; photocopy of photos from trail walks 2001at Ward Reservation, Winding Oaks and Barker Road.


BTA/BOLT – 2001 Future Concerns


BTA/BOLT – 2002

Boy Scot Park cell tower issue and deed from Lockwood for land for park; BTA/BOLT and the ABC horse trials relationship; James Canny Moore Eagle Scout trail marking project; letter regarding use of Potter’s Farm land on Washington Street from Ralph Abruzese; Otis Curtis farm trails.


BTA/BOLT – 2003

Treasurer’s report, Jan.-Sept. 2003; Robert T. Ford letter and Conservation Program Plan for land/wildlife habitat protection in Boxford; Appleton Farms Grass Rides; memo regarding Mass. Land Trust Coalition and the Bond Cap Decision 2003 at state level; Townsend Farms Greenbelt Association 11.77 acres, photos, map and aerial view; Boxford Conservation Land, a list; endowment question.

Scrapbook: Townsend Farms map, photos.


BTA/BOLT – 2004-2005

Wetland Enhancement pilot project (eradication of purple loosestrife); Annual Trails Report (2005); letter regarding GPS software (OziExplorer), GIS program (ArcExplorer) to aid in trail mapping; letter from Gregory Costa Saint-John regarding trail designation in his yard; letter from Alison Chase to Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry and Rep. Tierney regarding proposed reductions or cutting of tax deductions for donations of land and conservation easements.



These files include material on specific subjects. They include some of the same kind of material also found in the Chronological Files as well as material found in the Land Parcels files. The information in some of the file categories overlap to some extent. The Subject Files are partially annotated for easier access to information or to clarify the contents of the folder.


The Acorn - 2003

BTA/Bolt Newsletter renamed as of 2003.  March, June and September issues are included; complete file in Archive stacks under Organizations - BTA/BOLT.


Bay Circuit Abutters

         Lists of abutters along Bay Circuit Trail and maps of locations in Boxford.


Bay Circuit Alliance

This organization is a partnership of local, state and federal agencies, recreational, environmental, business and citizen groups working to create a 200 mile trail and greenway corridor from Plum Island, Newburyport to Kingston Bay south of Boston in Massachusetts. This file includes newsletters, news articles, reports, studies, maps and related material; photocopies of photos in Boxford at granite bench marker and in Camp Dennison, Georgetown; 1997 photo at Boxford Historical House.

         Related files: Boxford Bay Circuit; BTA/Boxford Bay Circuit.


Bay Circuit Trail and Fish Brook

“Protection Plan for the Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway: Phase One…”; Bay Circuit and Fish Brook Watershed, 1996.


Bay Circuit Trail Treks

Plans for various Bay Circuit treks and walks; reports on specific walks; photocopies of photos of Boxford people from 2000 trek and photos of kiosks and trail signboards.


Beavers and Blanding Turtles

Articles on beavers; 2001 Massachusetts legislation regarding trapping and control of beavers; 1992 evaluation of impact on Blanding turtles of Mr. Heereman’s proposed wetlands crossing road from Washington Street; 2004 article on Blanding turtles in Georgetown; photocopy of photo of group walk in West Boxford power line area looking for turtles.


Bennett, Alan

Memos from Bennett on various conservation issues, 1999.


Beverly Land Trust


Biking on Trails

Information on the use of  trail bikes, motorcycles, motor bikes, ski-mobiles and other motor-driven vehicles on town or private property; similar info for Groveland. See also: Georgetown-Rowley State Forest; Trails – Issues, 1994; Trails – Planning.


Boxford Bay Circuit --1991-2003

“Boxford Bay Circuit Trail Committee Information Sheet, 1991”; newspaper articles; meeting notes; receipts and expenses for trail work; Nancy Merrill letter on funding for granite bench rest stop at the Community Center, 1999. 

Related files: Bay Circuit Alliance; BTA/Boxford Bay Circuit.


Boxford Bay Circuit Program Committee -1999-2001

Statements of origin, projects accomplished; information on National Recreational Trail Programs; “Bay Circuit News,” Spring 2000; photocopy of tax map showing trail through King’s Forest; brief history of the Lockwood dam and pond.


Boxford Fish Brook Q – Maps

Adopt Your Watershed form; photocopies of Boxford tax maps showing Fish Brook watershed.


Boxford Historic Districts

         Preservation of historic homes information; Boxford brochure.


Boxford House Tour – Boxford to Boxford IV, 2003

Histories of old Boxford houses and maps for this tour for Boxford, England visitors; newspaper articles;


Boxford Memory Tree –1992, 1994

         List of names.


Boxford Story for 4th Grade

History of Boxford written for fourth grade level to be used in the schools; one dated October 1973; annotations and corrections included.


BTA – Articles of Organization, By-Laws –1987

Copy of official form to register with Secretary of State, draft 10/2/87; “By-Laws” and other relevant documents, draft 10/87; “Articles of Organization” (1987); “By-Laws” (1987); Articles of Amendment.


BTA – BTA Business Certificate –1979

         Massachusetts legal form for recording BTA as a business.


BTA – Meeting Minutes -- April 1981-April 1994

         Incomplete file; another file in Archives under Organizations - BTA/BOLT.


BTA/BOLT – Brochures Rewrite

         Mock-ups of revised brochures.


BTA/BOLT – Dog Show

         Information on first dog show sponsored by BTA/Bolt.


BTA/BOLT – History

Outline of interests; By-laws; BTA’s accomplishments and milestones; form letter        to new land owners; lists of land parcels owned by BTA, 1997,1998; significant events in last 20 years; brochures;  BTA “Statement of Intent."


BTA/BOLT – Management of Parcels

List of parcels, location and acreage up to 1995; Proposed Guidelines for Drafting Management Plans for BTA/BOLT Properties, 1995; other land management information.


BTA/BOLT – Memberships

         Membership list, 2001; membership form.


BTA/Boxford Bay Circuit – Meeting Minutes, 1994

         February, March, May and September issues.

         Related folders: Bay Circuit Alliance; Boxford Bay Circuit.


BTA/Boxford Bay Circuit – Program Committee, 1992

         Agendas and committee reports; list of attorneys from Boxford census.


BTA/Boxford Bay Circuit – Program Committee, 1993

         Agendas and committee reports.


BTA/Boxford Bay Circuit – Program Committee, 1994

Finances January – March; agendas, committee reports; purchase of French family woodlot, Ancil Dorman Lot, Nat Dorman Lot; Hovey’s Pond Land protection; Transportation Bond (H1033) hearing notice/help for trail bridges; Potter’s Farm purchase; BOLT purchase-and-sale agreement for Boxford Crossing land; rules of the trails for mountain bikers; Burns family new owners of Lockwood estate.


Chapter 61A – Farmland

Includes copies of guides to “Classification and Taxation of Forest Land in Massachusetts, Chap. 61” (1993), “Classification and Taxation of Agricultural/Horticultural Land in Massachusetts Chap. 61A” (1993), “Classification and Taxation of Recreational Land in Massachusetts, Chap. 61B” (1993); photocopy of M.G.L.A. Chapter 61A; other 61A documentation. Two books from this file are now catalogued and shelved with the book collection: Preserving Family Lands: Essential Tax Strategies for the Landowner by Stephen J. Small, rev. second ed., 1992 (974.41.B15Sma); Preserving Family Lands: Book II--More Planning Strategies for the Future by same author, 1997 (974.42.B15Sma).


Conservation Buyers

         People interested in buying land for conservation purposes


Conservation Commission Study Group

Information on Conservation Commission’s Stewardship Study Group plans    including Fish Brook blockages and Christmas Tree field among others; “Lord Forest and Lord Woodlot Forest Stewardship Plan, 1999.”


Conservation Restrictions – Inspection Forms

Examples of conservation restrictions inspection forms used by Essex County Greenbelt and Nantucket Land Council.


Conservation Restrictions and Easements

Questions and answers fact sheets and primers on conservation restrictions and easements; first drafts and legal models for conservation restrictions; BTA Legal Rights and Immunities paper for landowners and trail owners (1986); legal model for perpetual trail easement; examples of other related forms; copy of recorded easements from developers Confalone and Conn in Townsend Farms; Arrowhead Farms; example from Amherst, Mass.; CR on land from Nat and Camilla Coolidge.                                                                                 

Scrapbook: Coolidge Woods, conservation restriction held by BTA/BOLT, map, photos.


Current Newspaper Clippings – Follow Up

         2001 clippings on Boxford issues.


Eagle Scout Projects

Jared Guerin’s project, 2001; other applications and blank forms. See Also: BTA/BOLT – 2002.


Equestrian Land Conservation Resource

ELCR “assists horse people nationwide in securing access to and conservation of land for equestrian” use; goals and objectives; Essex County Trail Association.


Essex County Greenbelt Association Newsletter – Boxford References

         1991 issues of ECGA newsletter with Boxford mentioned.


Farr, George – Map

“Access Alternative Plan” map prepared for George Farr, 1989; land off Main Street near Foster Street (kept in Map Case 4; no file folder in this box).


Foundations – Grant Writing, 1995-1996

Financial statement, August 1995; “Boxford Open Land Trust Mission Statement”; “Articles of Organization”; BTA By-Laws; Information sheet on Pearl Property on Hovey’s Pond, 1995; description of Lockwood trails and adjacent Fish Brook; letter from Peter Shulman on land he owns with maps, 1995; Larrabee property on Stiles Pond with map; letter regarding Stevens Foundation grant; letter to The Greenwalt Charitable Trust, 1996.


Fund Raising

         Sources of funding and BTA correspondence and support materials.


Fund Raising – Cricket Challenge Grant, 1995

         Monies raised to meet this Challenge Grant.


Funding – Open Space Bond

Committee to be appointed to study taking out a $10 million serial bond for purchasing open space in Boxford; news clippings on land being considered.


Funding and Grants -- 1991, 1995, 1996

Sources of grant money; letters from BTA to funding sources; letter from Essex Heritage Commission to Board of Selectmen regarding funding of signs for Essex County operating under the banner of the Essex National Heritage Area; Merrimack River Watershed Council; Ipswich River Watershed Association.


Future Generations Forestry – Tom LaPointe

Literature on Future Generations Forestry and its owner LaPointe, his credentials and work resume, 1999.


Garden Club

Letter from president of Boxford Village Garden Club, 2001; New England Wildflower Society Plant Conservation Volunteer Program literature; BTA/BOLT speech to Rotary Club, 1997; info on watersheds; Boxford’s Wetlands Protection Bylaw, working draft regulations, Sept., 2001; news article on “BioMap” of the state; “St. Francis Explains Lawns to God.” 


Horizons Program

Literature on Mass. Audubon Society’s program, 2001: Exploring the Nature of Boxford.


Indian Message – Chief Seattle

         Chief Seattle’s 1854 oration on the land and all living things.


Invasive Plants

         Survey form and publication (2004).


Land Acquisition Committee, 1994

BTA/BOLT’s recommendations for land acquisition; Finance Committee reports and recommendations on land acquisitions.


Land – Boxford

Lists of undeveloped land in Boxford; list of land purchased and missed opportunities for purchase; list of first refusal parcels; Boxford Tax Maps, 2000; land around the Parker River watershed and Georgetown and Groveland; deeds of Virginia G. Aitken and Shirley G. Cross to Peter N. Cross and Kumiko K. Cross on Depot Road (1977); reference to plan of land prepared for Marjorie C. Gale estate; quitclaim deed Janice E. Thompson and Karen L. Strogney to Philip and Janice E. Thompson land along old Chapman Lane; land from John C. Sanidas

adjacent to Chapman Lane; news article (2001) on Nancy Pearl land opposite Hovey’s Pond; news article (2001) on Perkins Woodlot adjacent to Cleaveland Farm State Forest.

Scrapbook: Perkins Woods map, photos.


Land Committee

Boxford Land Committee: “Procedures for Consideration of Land Transactions”; land transfer information and map for Topsfield-owned land in Boxford; Purchase and Sales Agreement for Sawyer-Richardson parcel; Little Red Schoolhouse and National Register of Historic Places; Johnson’s Pond and Lake Shore Road parcels; Zoning Map of the Town of Boxford, 1977, rev. 1981, 1984, 1985 (encapsulated in Map Case 4).


Land Preservation Strategies

First draft of a conservation restriction form for Boxford; information on conservation restrictions and other options for preserving land; letter about William Dorman’s request for a conservation restriction on his forest; list of landowners with undeveloped land (contains errors).

Scrapbook: Dorman Woods, conservation restriction held by BTA/BOLT, map, photos.


Land Trust Alliance

         BTA membership in; insurance information; standards and practices.


Land Trust Talk – Presentation Materials, 2001

         Materials for talk on how to start a land trust.


Liability of Landowners

Information on the Massachusetts Landowner Liability statute which protects landowners when they make their land available to the public for recreational and similar purposes; BTA/BOLT land use permission form; Bay Circuit Trail form.


Merrill, Nancy – Biography

         Biographical, educational, professional information on Nancy Merrill.


Merrimack Valley Planning Commission – Trail Mapping

Merrimack Valley trail mapping; Boxford application for Greenways/Trails Grants; description of proposal of  “Town-Wide Trail Feasibility Study for Boxford”; BTA/BOLT  “Cross Town Trail Project,” a feasibility study for a cross- and multi-town trail network; copy of MVPC Regional Brownfields Site Assessment Draft Application, 2002.


Merrimack Valley Planning Commission – Trails, Bike Paths

Reports and documents by the Commission on trails and bike paths in the area; map of proposed regional bikeway trails, March 1975 (in Map Case #6).


Monitoring Guides

Examples of forms for inspecting conservation easement lands, monitoring land for violations of easements, etc.; newspaper article on Dick Goodwin, former Nature Conservancy president.


Newsletter Articles

         Various topics for future articles.


Newsletters See: “BTA/BOLT – 1981-1998 Newsletters” in Chronological File.


Open Meeting Law

The State’s Open Meeting Law, Ch.39, Sect. 23A & B; Standards of Conduct, Ch.268A, Sect. 23.


Open Space Listings

         Undated and incomplete lists.


Permits – Forms



Table (no date) of “Degree of Eutrophication Severity Scale for the Boxford Ponds.”



         Names and agencies.


Recreation Committee

         Names of members (1994); memorandum; trail maintenance, 1992.


Renshaw, Anne – Barker Road, 1994

Letter to Anne Renshaw regarding boundaries of her family’s property; interest in

helping to preserve land; list of birds on Barker Road; letter of permission to Nancy Merrill and BOLT to walk her property; other pertinent notes.


Schools – 1994-95

Space needs questionnaire; school expansion proposal flyer; control of landfill ballfields given to School Committee.


Stable Requirements, Licensing and Manure Control

Regulations for licensing of stables in Boxford; sample application forms for stables; warrant article No. 41, May 9, 1990, for stable permit fee; state law on cruelty to animals; research report on manure digestion, runoff, odors, etc.; pamphlets on animal waste and water pollution.


Subdivisions – Boxford Rules and Regulations

Copy of: “Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land, Boxford, Massachusetts May 28, 1988”.


Thank You Form Letter for Donations


To-Do Lists, 2001


Traffic Calming, 1999-2001

Ideas, proposals and supporting literature on ways to slow down traffic on Boxford’s roads; “Traffic Calming Guidelines, November 2000”; pamphlet: “Boxford: Short Walks Around Town, 2001”; “Boxford Traffic Calming and Lines and Signs”; Tri-Town Community Map, c.2001; photocopies of photos of traffic calming signs in England.


Traffic Calming – East Village and Middleton Road, 1999-2000

Ideas, proposals, discussions, suggestions for bike trails and walking paths along Boxford roads; plans for increased parking in East Village with maps; suggested short-walks in Boxford; literature on building of new Mill Road Bridge; Middleton Road repair and rebuild project in 2000.


Trail Abutters

List of abutters for Boren Lane and Amberwood (no dates); Arrowhead Trails hand-drawn maps, 1986.


Trail Maps

         Various maps of Boxford trails, various dates; Willowdale Forest information.


Trail Owners

Selectmen’s letter (1990) regarding the easement amendments for access through the Olansky property to the Town Forest, with maps; 1994 list of “Trails Owners and Easements in Boxford” (1994); BTA/BOLT history (1997) of its acquisitions and projects; Bay Circuit Alliance events; thank you note form for donations to BTA/BOLT; list of trail owners with comments (no date); 1999 list of BTA/BOLT trails, trail names and locations; list of volunteers with contact information; BTA/BOLT pamphlet on Massachusetts law Ch.21: Sect.17: “Public Use of Land”, trail tips, and other information; 1998 information on the White House Millennium Trails Project; information on Merrimack Valley Planning Commission construction projects (2001); letter (2001) from Martha Clark to Mr. Goriansky about Barker Road trail with photocopy of 1923 aerial photo; letter from Dave Waters regarding news article on trail through his property that states trail is public, which it is not.

Scrapbook: Town Forest, conservation restriction held by BTA/BOLT, map.


Trail Use and Preservation – Report

“Boxford’s Trail Network: A Report Prepared for the Boxford Planning Board” (1990); Pennacook Trail Report (1988).


Trail Use – Private Property

BTA information sheet on landowners’/trail owners’ legal rights and immunities (1986); BTA private property posters.


Trails -- Information

Copy of 1990 “Boxford’s Trail Network” report; various BTA sheets on landowners rights, etc.; pamphlets on adopting trails, guides for trail owners, Bay Circuit program, Essex County Greenbelt.


Trails – Issues, 1994

Mountain bikes and the use of trails; other issues. See also: Biking on Trails; Georgetown-Rowley State Forest; Trails – Planning.


Trails – Maintenance

2001 trail marking evaluation; notes on certain trails; photos of some work project; 1992 bridge project; trail markers in East Village; photocopies of photos of  Lockwood Forest trail project,1992.


Trails – National Trails Day

         1993 meeting and contact persons; flyers (1994).


Trails – Planning  

Legal agreement (1991) regarding preservation of trails in proposed development of Charles Whitney involving BTA, Nat Coolidge, Carlsons, Melvins and Waters; Topsfield Trails Association; Georgetown/Rowley State Forest Trails Use Plan; Willowdale State Forest; Trails Tomorrow (New York/New England).


Tree Laws and By-Laws

         Information on specific trees and laws involving trees.


Vernal Pools/Vernal Ponds

         Literature on vernal pools/ponds; Vernal Pool Association (1995).


Warrant Article – Limiting Building Permits, 1994

Boxford Rapid Growth Committee proposes a warrant article to limit housing starts; supporting information.


Washington Realty Trust

This entity proposed to build a subdivision of rental townhouses off Washington Street on 70 acres near Plummer Road and Belvedere behind King’ Tree Farm. Called in one document Woodridge, it later became known as Potter’s Farm and was purchased by BTA/BOLT in 1994.  Included here is the endangered species review done by the state.

Scrapbook: Potter’s Farm, land owned by BTA/BOLT map, photos.



         Limited information on Massachusetts Watershed Coalition and others.


Welcome Wagon – BTA Information

         Flyers and literature on BTA of interest to newcomers to Boxford.


West Newbury Master Plan

Summary of steps to take in forming a land preservation organization using BTA/BOLT as an example; copy of West Newbury Comprehensive Plan (1999).


Wetland Plants

List of wetland plants; local plant sources; plant societies; local gardens open to public.



These files contain information on specific parcels of land that have been purchased by the Town for conservation purposes, were under discussion for preservation or were put under conservation easements.  Annotations are provided for information that is of particular interest or to help clarify the nature of the folder.


Alcott Land – “Pony Field”

This parcel is the open space next to the East Village library. It has been used in the past for riding horses and ponies by consent of the library trustees.  A letter (1980) from Margaret Lane, Trustee, to Nancy Merrill of the Boxford Trails Association confirms this ongoing privilege.


Alpers Land and Chadwick Land, 1994

These two parcels are widely separated geographically but are included in this file due to their inclusion on the July 12, 1994 Special Town Meeting Warrant. The Alpers property is located in East Boxford and helps connect Spofford Pond, Wildcat Swamp and Four Mile Pond.  The Chadwick land is in West Boxford and abuts Hovey’s Pond. File includes a biologist’s report of a site walk of the Alpers property and photocopies of photos of Alpers’ cabin being torn down (1996). Scrapbook: Alpers’ Woods, land owned by BTA/BOLT, map, photos. Chadwick Mill map, photos.


Appleton Lane Easement

Grant of Easement papers from the Planning Board for Lot #13 at #35 Appleton Lane for the public to pass by foot to and from Four Mile Pond, 1984; map included.


Arrowhead Farms

Maps of Arrowhead Farms development on Lockwood Lane, one with proposed BTA trail.


Bald Hill

Friends of Bald Hill meeting October 9, 2003; discussion of goals and Friends’ connection to BTA/BOLT; Boxford’s Fire Chief Peter Perkins discussed Fire Departments needs for access to Bald Hill Reservation, need for culvert and road repairs; other issues; information on handling beaver problems (2003); maps of Bald Hill Reservation with Greenbelt and BOLT lands marked and official trail map.


Bloomery See: Boxford Iron Works


Boxford Iron Works – History

Newspaper articles on the Iron Works site and history; interview with Martha Clark, BHDC archivist; photocopies from Perley’s History of Boxford; maps of the site on Lockwood Lane.


Boxford Iron Works – National Register Application

This folder includes a copy of the official application for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The application includes a detailed history of the site, sources of information and maps. The Iron Works is officially known as Rowley Village Forge Site, but has also been called Bromingum Forge, The Bloomery and the Boxford Iron Works.


Boxford Town Forest -- Causeway

         Culvert and causeway project with hand drawn map.


Boxford Woods

Copy of Master Plan for Boxford Woods conservation area on Great Pond Drive; maps, history, plan for trails.


Carr Property

Location maps; site map of Cole School (adjacent parcel) and floor plan of school.


Cleaveland Farm State Forest – Boardwalk Project

Documentation for new boardwalk in the Forest; Order of Conditions form from the town and Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection; materials list, orders, receipts; plans for boardwalk; abutters to State Forest; risks of using pressure treated wood; maps; photocopy of brochure for Cleaveland Farm State Forest.


Cleaveland Farm State Forest – Bridge Project

Brochure: Willowdale/Cleaveland Farm State Forest Trail Map; trails program grant application information; Esker Trail bridge project prospectus; 1998-99 Massachusetts Grant Application and Guidelines: Recreational Trail Program; Bridge Design (1999); Geotextile Specifications catalog.


Cleaveland Farm State Forest – Maps

Cleaveland Farm map; Hood Farm Road Development in Ipswich maps; maps of proposed bridle trail easement over Hood Farm Road; invitation to dedication of 180 acres to CFSF, September 27, 1994; photocopies of photo of Haynes family on day of dedication.

Scrapbook: Cleaveland Farm, land protected with assist by BTA/BOLT, map, photos.


Cleaveland Farm State Forest – Wetland Crossings

Maps of Cleaveland Farm State Forest walk with 3 wetland crossings, September 30, 2001; photocopies of photos of boardwalk crossing.


Fish Brook – Friends Of

Letter to abutters of Fish Brook regarding protecting the brook and suggestions for accomplishing this, March 13, 1989; River Advocate Questionnaire, 1993; Biomarine Research Corp. brook water analyses, 1986; 1997 “Problems and Resources Along Fish Brook” with column for Priorities for Action; two letters from BTA’s Nancy Merrill; photocopies of photos of cement bridge over Fish Brook on Brookview Road during 1996 flood. See also: Lockwood Forest/Lord Family Land/Friends of Fish Brook.

         Scrapbook: Fish Brook Parcel land owned by BTA/BOLT, map, photos.


Fish Brook – Water Jump and Trail Crossing

1990 applications to the State for permission to repair and partially reconstruct the water jump and trail crossing on Fish Brook at Lockwood Lane.


Fish Brook Maps – From Maria Lord Van Dusen

Photocopies of sections of maps with Fish Brook highlighted on each including a portion in Townsend Farms; photocopy of Plan of Land in Boxford, Mass. as surveyed for Andy F. Jackman of Topsfield, Mass. (surveyed 1956) Book 3729 Page 232 showing the Smallwood lot, formerly the Joseph Matthews (Bronte   Lot); portions of Geological Survey maps with Fish Brook and conservation lands marked; brochure: “Fish Brook Trail Loop.” See also: Subjects – Boxford Fish Brook Q – Maps.


French Family Woodlot

Brief description of location and background of parcel; notice of intent to erect granite marker on site.

Scrapbook: French Family Woodlot, land owned by BTA/BOLT, map, photo.



Friends of Fish Brook. See: Fish Brook – Friends Of


Georgetown-Rowley State Forest

Letter to Nancy Merrill regarding DEM’s review of GRSF as suitable site for off-road vehicle activity and/or banning such activity (1994); e-mail from Nancy Finkenaur (2005) on the use of ORVs and ATVs in the GRSF and the damage being done. See also under Subjects: Trails – Planning; Trails – Issues, 1994; Biking on Trails.


Horticultural Society of Boxford – Kelsey Arboretum

Information on the Horticultural Society; four-page information sheet on The Kelsey Arboretum, its origin, restoration and conservation efforts (2002).


Ingaldsby Farm – Newspaper Clippings

         Clippings from 1998 and 1999.


Ingaldsby Farm and the ZBA

Legal documents regarding Gerald Nissenbaum’s lawsuit against Ingaldsby Farm and its farmstand: “Appeal of the Decision of the Boxford Building Inspector” dated October 19, 1998; “Memorandum” (February 22, 1999) from John D. Moorman, Esq., to ZBA in support of Ingaldsby Farm and to provide an opposing view to Nissenbaum’s view; “Memorandum” to Nancy Merrill on various town zoning by-laws for farm stands from a farm financing specialist; zoning by-laws of surrounding towns.


Ingalls Memorial Woodlot (Wetland)

Official documents for permission to build new bridge in woodlot applied for by BTA; supporting documents and maps; photocopies of photos.


Kelsey Arboretum See: Horticultural Society of Boxford


Lockwood -- Parcel C

Wetlands Protection Act Form 5: Order of Conditions with Attachments from Boxford Conservation Commission, 2000.


Lockwood – 77 Acre Project

Original letter from Dunbar Lockwood, Jr. in 1994 to Nancy Merrill regarding the Lockwood Realty Trust’s offer to sell part of the Trust’s land to BTA or BOLT; other pertinent information included.


Lockwood Cross Country Course, 1994

Completed donation forms for contributing to improvement of the Lockwood Cross Country Course.


Lockwood Forest -- Dedication

Designs for the sign to be posted; dedication flyers, May 30, 1998; photocopies of photos taken at dedication.


Lockwood Forest – Folder 1

Fact sheets and question-and-answer sheets on Lockwood Forest; maps; photocopy of letter (1994) from Dunbar Lockwood, Jr. offering to sell to BTA/BOLT; “1996 Game and Furbearer Survey for the Lockwood Forest” by Russell Hopping; “Landowners and Trail Owners Legal Rights and Immunities” sheet; “Lockwood Forest Timeline”; “Protect Lockwood Forest” and “Save the Lockwood Forest” brochures; photocopies of photos by Alison Was taken in LF.

Scrapbook: Lockwood Forest, land protected with assist by BTA/BOLT, map, photos.


Lockwood Forest – Folder 2

Carol Savage’s proposal (1996) for year-long campaign to Save Lockwood Forest; list of abutters (1997) to the Lockwood property; Boxford Land Committee (1997) checklist for Lockwood Forest; list of Lockwood deeds with book and page information; Boxford Land Committee “Procedure for Consideration of Land Transaction”(9/25/96); BTA/BOLT Rotary Club Speech, 2/12/97; various maps, promotional material; Kristin Gleason’s “Field Guide to the Lockwood Trail, Boxford” (1998); 


Lockwood Forest -- Fundraising

Letter to contributors to fund; description of Lockwood property; handwritten note from Dunbar Lockwood; accounting sheet of contributors; completed membership forms, 1996.


Lockwood Forest – Matlock’s Land Analysis Report, 1997

The Matlock Associates report analyzed the development potential of three parcels of land owned by Lockwood Realty Trust; maps included.


Lockwood Forest – Preservation Campaign

Save the Lockwood Forest campaign literature from 1994 through 1997; memos,

strategy papers, advertisements, promotional literature, brochures, flyers,

newspaper clippings, maps, special events fundraisers, fact sheet, notes for

BTA/BOLT board members; Serial Bond question and list of potential house lots;

“1996 Game and Furbearer Survey”; list of Boxford Hayburners; flyer for

Hayburner’s mock hunt (1980); newspaper articles; Open Space Acquisitions

Town Meeting Campaign Outline. Photocopy of photo with Save This Land sign.


Lockwood Forest – Publicity

         Newspaper articles and other literature.


Lockwood Forest – Save the Lockwood Forest Campaign

This large file contains most of the informational and promotional literature available on the Lockwood Forest issue.


Lockwood Forest – Winter Animal Survey 1996

         “1996 Game and Furbearer Survey for the Lockwood Forest.”


Lockwood Forest/Lord Family Land/Friends of Fish Brook

This file contains literature (1996-1997) on all three concerns which were sometimes promoted together; timelines, maps, transparencies. See also: Fish Brook -- Friends of.


Lockwood Forest/Lord Family Land – Town Meeting 1997

Informational literature on the Lockwood and Lord properties in anticipation of  town meeting vote; includes information on Fish Brook watershed; “Lockwood Forest: Q and A” and “Lockwood Forest: Timeline”; several maps including maps for tax purposes by Stewart Mapping Services; photocopy of topographical map, 1997.


Lockwood Realty Trust

Conservation restriction and trail easements document on certain Lockwood property; topographical map of Lockwood Lands, 1996, prepared by Matlock Associates (filed in Map Case 3).


Lockwood Realty Trust – Abutters

         Lists of abutters; one list 1993.


Lord Woodlot --1997-1998, 2001

Letter from Mary Lord Van Dusen to Historic District Commission regarding the historical significance of the Lord Family properties and the Lord family’s desire to protect these properties from development and make them available to the town for conservation and recreation purposes; letter from Maria Lord Van Dusen listing family preferences for names for the various Lord parcels; “The Lord Woodlot; Neighborhood Meeting January 27, 1998” literature with maps and other visual material; other promotional literature. Photocopies of photos taken on nature walk through the Lord Woodlot, 2001. See also: Lockwood Forest/Lord Family Land.

Scrapbook: Lord Woods and Lord Forest and Fields, land protected with assist by BTA/BOLT, map, photos.


Potter’s Farm See: Washington Realty Trust.


Rail Bed – Massachusetts Electric

This file contains a record of early efforts to create a bikeway and/or rail trail in Boxford using the old railroad bed between Boxford and Georgetown, said trail to become part of the Bay Circuit Trail; correspondence between Don Stoddard, Dept. of Environmental Management, and Mel Prohl, Boxford State Forest Advisory Council, regarding trail connection between BSF and Harold Parker State Forest (1989); correspondence between Peter Clark of the Georgetown-Boxford Bike Path Committee, and David C. Kennedy, Mass. Electric Co., (1989); correspondence between Nancy Merrill, Boxford Bay Circuit Committee, and Dennis Shay, Mass. Electric (1991); maps of Boxford, Georgetown, Newbury from Mass. Electric; “Model Agreement Between a Railroad and a County for Use of Land on an Easement Basis”; indenture papers between Mass. Electric, N.E. Power Co. and Andover Village Improvement Society (1972); Haverhill Electric Co. map of Haverhill Newburyport Line, sheets 5-13 (1955); Essex County Electric Co. map of Georgetown-Topsfield Line, sheets 1-4 (1954). These two sets of maps are filed in Map Case 7.


Round Top Project -- 2000-2001

Massachusetts Historical Commission’s evaluation of the Round Top parcel’s eligibility for National Register of Historic Places status; official form and letter to Alice Holden denying such status and reasons why.


Rowley Village Forge Site See: Boxford Iron Works


Sawyer-Richardson – Campaign to Purchase

Descriptive literature; land purchase bond update (March 2001); sources of funding (March 2002); newspaper articles; publicity fliers; Bay Circuit Alliance connection; Environmental Bond information; correspondence with National Park Trust; CPA figures.


Sawyer-Richardson – Preservation Efforts

“Save Bald Hill from development” flyers; letter from a WLM urging purchase of land for active recreational use; news articles; literature on Pulte Homes Corporation, developer; topographical map of area; a citizens’ petition; map of lots along Boxford-Middleton boundary (1985); correspondence with Susan Hawley of the National Park Trust (1999).


Sawyer-Richardson and Bald Hill Reservation

Information on Sawyer-Richardson property, but mostly Bald Hill; trail map; article on Thomas Road as public way access to Bald Hill in Middleton.  


Sawyer-Richardson Properties

This land adjacent to the Boxford State Forest and Bald Hill, fronting on Crooked Pond and Burning Bush Drives, was the focus of intense preservation efforts from the late 1990s until late 2002 when its purchase was finalized. This file contains literature describing the property, maps, and correspondence with officials of The National Park Trust and also Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.  (The name of this property was changed to Wunnegen after purchase.)

Scrapbook: Wunnegen, land protected with assist from BTA/BOLT, map, photos.


Shulman Property

A 56.2 acre property off Sheffield Road, sometimes called Shulman Woods, extending almost to the Wildcat Conservation Land, with Cedar Pond bordering the property; description of land, wildlife and cost to purchase; description of Shulman Wetland, a separate parcel located elsewhere; map.   

Scrapbook: Cedar Pond Society, conservation restriction held by BTA/BLT, map, photos; Shulman Wetland (donated to BTA/Bolt in 1998), land owned by BTA/BOLT, maps, photos.


Undeveloped Land

List of conservation land in Boxford; significant open land; Bay Circuit land; Fish Brook watershed land; list of undeveloped land (2/1999); Boxford Open Space, a list; Assessors application form from Richard and Eva King for 61A status (1996); BTA/BOLT Priorities list (1/3/96).


Wildcat – Deeds, Maps, Issues

Conservation Commission rules, regulations, to-do lists (1995); literature on Wildcat; maps; application to state to build parking lot on Herrick Road at entrance to Wildcat; Boxford Open Space Plan map (May 1974) color-coded; deeds: George T. Hopping to Henry W. Pelton et al trustees of Lynn Rotary Boys Camp (1921); Raymond Perley, Henry B. Perley and others to Robert C. Simmonds, Jr. and Janet A. Simmonds (1972); Charles H. Chaplin and Olive Mary Whittier mortgage papers on land known as Berry Pasture bounded by Depot Road, land owned by Salem Cadets and Chapman Lane (1933); “Dear New Neighbor” letter from BTA.


Wildcat – 1986-1989

Various maps including Conservation Commission’s Trail Map (April 2, 1998) by Hancock Survey Associates (photocopy); ConsCom rules and regulations; Boy Scout and Eagle Scout involvement with Wildcat and other conservation areas; Kurt Krischke’s trail signs project (1987); James Moore trail signs project; BTA’s parking lot proposals for Wildcat; BTA recommendations for Wildcat.


Wildcat – Trail Maintenance, 1996

Trail maintenance needs and recommendations; Shulman property material; cost estimate for footbridge.


Witch Hollow Farm

Warrant, special town meeting (August 8, 1995) to borrow amount to purchase Witch Hollow Farm; Friends of Witch Hollow Farm literature; status report on Witch Hollow Conservation Area (1998); “Witch Hollow Conservation Area Report”(1999) with colored photos emphasizing farm use and establishment of grasslands program by Larry Morris; article on WHCA in “Compass” (2001) by Lawrence Morris, president of Quebec-Labrador Foundation; photocopy of “Conserving Grassland Birds”; news articles; “Fiends of Witch Hollow Farm Inc.,” a publication; “Butterflies of Witch Hollow Farm” by Matthew D. Arey (1999); literature on the Stewardship Program of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (1993).

Scrapbook: Witch Hollow land protected with assist from BTA/BOLT, map, photos.



BTA/BOLT sponsors an annual horse show at the Lockwood Estate and also Benefit Horse Trials. This file includes programs, advertising information, expenses, sponsors, volunteers, class lists, mailing lists and publicity flyers.


ABC – Horse Show/Events


Balance Sheet --1994-1996


BTA Horse Show

         Introduction to and purpose of the BTA Horse Show.


BTA/BOLT – Events Flyers


Class Lists – 1979-2002


Horse Event Volunteers


Horse Owners

1988 list of Boxford horse owners, NHSA list, and 1991 BTA Show list.


Horse Show -- 1987


Horse Show – 1991

         Includes photocopies of photographs taken at social event.


Horse Show – 1992


Horse Show – 2007


Horse Show Expenses

         Expenses from various years.


Horse Show Mailing Lists


Horse Show Sponsors


Horse Show – To Do Lists

         Memos for 1995, 1997, 1998.


Judge’s Cards – History


Jump Class – History


Lockwood Combined Trials --1990


Mailing Lists – Horse Owners

         Lists for 1982, 1983.


News Articles – Horse Shows




Perpetual Trophy Winners


Press Releases – History


Program – Notes to Competitors


Recreation – Horse Back Riding

Includes two essays by Mary Walsh Martin of Topsfield on growing up with horses in Topsfield and riding all over town with friends.


Tent, Numbers, Equipment


Veterinary Forms



This file contains incomplete  files of financial records including bills, receipts, bank statements, BTA/BOLT’s Treasurer’s Records for 1994-2001 and other records.


BTA Form Letter – Gift Acknowledgement


BTA – 1978-1979

Bank statements; letter of appreciation from ABC board.


BTA – 1978-1984 – Treasurer’s Reports


BTA – 1980

Bank statements, receipts for trophy orders, printing, T-shirts, sponsors and amounts; letter on an event that benefits Windrush Farm.


BTA – 1981

Bank statements, miscellaneous business expenses, trophy orders; insurance plan from North American Horse Assoc.


BTA – 1982

Bank statements, price list Imperial Badge Co., receipt for rosettes.


BTA -- 1983

Bank statements, horse show expenses, sponsor lists, letters and replies; Windrush Farm acknowledgement for contribution.


BTA – 1984

Bank statements, horse show expenses; insurance statement for horse shows.


BTA – 1984-1991

         Checkbook register.


BTA – 1985

Bank statements.


BTA – 1986

         February – March statement.


BTA –1987

         Bank statements, miscellaneous expenses, treasury report.


BTA – 1988

         Bank statements, miscellaneous.


BTA – 1989

         Bank statements.


BTA – 1989-1990

         Checkbook statements, deposits and revenues.


BTA – 1990

         Horse Show (July 28, 1990) expenses.


BTA – 1990-1996


BTA – 1991

         Bank statements, miscellaneous expenses and invoices.


BTA – 1992

         Bank statements, miscellaneous expenses and invoices.


BTA – 1993

Bank statements, bills, miscellaneous expenses and invoices; bill for monument installed in the French Family Woodlot.


BTA/BOLT – 1994-2001

         Treasurer’s records.






The preservation of open space in Boxford has been due largely to the tireless efforts of Nancy Merrill, a one-person gets-things-done force, who has motivated and inspired others in the community to help preserve and maintain Boxford’s rural appearance and character.  Her determination to preserve trails and keep beautiful and environmentally important parcels of land from development led to the founding of BTA/BOLT. Boxford Trails Association/ Boxford Open Land Trust is an organization that maintains riding/hiking trails and helps purchase undeveloped land for preservation. Nancy’s amazing gift for being able to work with landowners by encouraging and enticing them to save existing trails, donate land, agree to conservation restrictions and preserve rights-of-way has been a decades-long effort.  The result is the Boxford you see today.    


Nancy Needham Merrill came to Boxford in 1965.  She had grown up in Weston, Connecticut, got her BA from St. Lawrence University and a Business Certificate from the Harvard-Radcliffe Program in Business Administration.  She was employed by Keane, Inc., a computer consulting firm, as a computer programmer/analyst until her retirement in 1999.  Nancy has two children, Christine and Susan, and has lived with her husband George Horner on Cross Road since 1974.


When Nancy’s children were young they got involved with horses and the 4-H club the Boxford Equestrians, which later merged with the Boxford Hayburners 4-H Club. Nancy spent 10 years in 4-H and shared the leadership role with another Boxford resident Sharon Glass.  It was through 4-H that Nancy became interested in preserving open space.  She and other interested residents became concerned over the loss of riding trails to developers as Boxford was propelled into a building boom that would eat up large tracts of fields and woods.  In 1978 Nancy, Betty Eckerson, Sharon Glass, Marge Kittredge, Helen Phillips, Priscilla Welch and others started the Boxford Trails Association (BTA). Betty Eckerson was the first president, then Bill Rickenbacher and then Nancy. It is a tax-exempt organization and was incorporated in 1988. 


The Boxford Open Land Trust (BOLT) was formed as a subcommittee of The Boxford Trails Association in 1994 to “permanently protect open space and wildlife habitat.”  In 1995, BTA and BOLT merged into one organization: BTA/BOLT.  This small local land trust is staffed by volunteers and financially supported by dues and contributions. In 2005 there were 600 family members. Nancy continues to lead BTA/BOLT in 2012 as Chairman of the Board. Among the activities of BTA/BOLT are the annual horse show that is held on the Lockwood field, a parcel of land preserved largely through BTA/BOLT’s efforts; the ABC Horse Trials, a benefit show to help the ABC House and its students in Topsfield; a dog show, photography contest, annual Fall Trail Ride and the Great Pumpkin Hunt.


In addition to her involvement with BTA/BOLT, Nancy helped found another trails organization: the Boxford Bay Circuit Program Committee. This adjunct to the

Bay Circuit Alliance helps plan the route of the Bay Circuit Trail through Boxford and helps “clear, mark and maintain existing and new sections of the trail.”  It puts out the guidebook: The BTA/BOLT Guide to the Bay Circuit Trail and Other Walks in Boxford. Nancy also has served on and been chairman of the Boxford Open Space Committee.      She helped form the Horticultural Society of Boxford and worked to preserve the Harlan P. Kelsey Arboretum, the show garden of the former Kelsey Highlands Nursery.  Nancy was also instrumental in founding the Essex County Trails Association.  She has or still belongs to numerous organizations and committees that are listed at the end of this biographical sketch.


Nancy’s dedication to preserving trails and open space in Boxford has resulted in the acquisition or preservation important parcels of land including the Lockwood Forest, where a trail was named for her in 1998; Wunnegan; Cleaveland Farm; Lord Woods; Lord Forest and fields; Hovey’s Pond Meadow; Otis Curtis Field; Witch Hollow; Haynes Field, the Davis Hayfield, Towne Pond and the Fish Brook watershed and others.  BTA/BOLT holds conservation restrictions on at least 8 parcels of land, owns the deeds to 15 parcels and assisted in preserving 15 more. 


The following is a list of the organizations, committees and associations that Nancy has

served on or still belongs to as of 2012. Not all the dates are complete.

Ad Hoc Border to Boston Trail Committee                                                                               Chair: 2010

Ad Hoc Rapid Growth Committee 1993-1995

Bay Circuit Greenway Committee

Boxford Bay Circuit Alliance 1991-1997

                 Board of Directors/Executive Committee

Boxford Bay Circuit Program Committee 1990-2012

                 Chair: 1998-2000, 2008-2009

Boxford Community Preservation Committee 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006

Boxford Conservation Commission

                 Alternate member: 1998-2000

Boxford Historic District Commission 1971-2012

         Alternate: 2010-2012

Boxford Historical Commission

                 Alternate member: 2002, 2006-2010

Boxford Historical Society

         Boxford Open Space Committee 1986-1989?

Boxford Recreation Committee 1989-2012

Boxford Recreational Path Subcommittee

                 Chair: 2005

Boxford Trail Committee

                 Chair: 2010

BTA/BOLT 1978-

                 Chair 1978-2001?

Election Officer (Inspector) 2004-2006, 2008, 2010

Essex County Trail Association 1993

Friends of Fish Brook

Horticultural Society of Boxford

                 Founding member

Land Acquisition Committee 1993-1994  

         Land Trust Alliance

Rails-To-Trails Project 2002

Rapid Growth Committee 1994-?

Study Group of the Conservation Commission 1988-?