Perley Family Papers Inventory

Perley Family Papers Inventory in the BHS Collection (many written in Bridgton, ME)

Box 17

Letters, Thomas Perley to John Perley, 1817-1829

Letters from Enoch Perley, ca. 1800-1825

Letters, misc. Perleys to Enoch Perley, 1801-1826

Letters to Enoch Perley, 1783-1800

Letters to Enoch Perley, 1801-1829

Letters from John Perley, 1815-1829

Box 19 – Sent to Bridgton, ME

Box 18

Letters on John and Thomas Perley Business

John Perley’s lists


John Perley bills

Box 20

Logging, 1817-1829

Logging, 1830-1841

Logging record books, 1806-1831, undated

John Perley’s tanning operation

Orders for leather

Box 21 – Sent to Bridgton, ME

Box 22 - Incorporated into other boxes

Box 23

Miscellaneous, undated (mostly Bridgton)

Cumberland Bank, Enoch Perley’s shares

Henry Wheeler, tannery employee, 1817-1818

William Hall, debts, 1817

Ansel Lewis, board salesman for J & T Perley, 1819-1822

Ebenezer Fessenden, John Perley’s brother-in-law, 1821-1840

Longfellow & Greenleaf accounts, 1822-1830

Pike estate, 1823-1828

Box 24 – Sent to Bridgton, ME

Box 25 – Sent to Bridgton, ME