Perley-Rea Papers

Inventory – Perley Family Papers, 1743-1869, held by the Essex Institute (now Peabody Essex Museum)

Printed Town of Boxford valuation – East Parish, 1855 (poor condition)

Essex County Probate Court appointment of Hannah Perley as administratrix of the estate of he husband, Albert Perley, April 3, 1876

First Parish deed for pew #26 sold to Augustus Hayward, Sept. 30, 1841

Boxford tax bills, 1838-1870; collection of District Three School tax, 1848-1849

Bills and receipts for personal expenses of Henry and Albert Perley, 1839-1858 - also two bills for repairs to the Schoolhouse

Receipt for money paid by Mrs. Albert Perley to Benjamin Barnes for the burial of her son, Albert, June 14, 1877

Receipt for money paid by the estate of Mary A. Herrick to Ralph Blaisdell for removing screens at the mill, Nov. 29, 1952

Receipts for money owed by Albert Perley to David Mighill of Topsfield for medical attandence, 1833-1847

Army discharge papers for Albert Perley, Sept. 3, 1863 and June 17, 1865