Sawyer Family Papers Inventory


Elisha Gould to James Brown Sawyer – July 31, 1812

Daniel Rogers & Mary Rogers to Susanna Sawyer, Elizabeth Sawyer, James Brown Sawyer, John Sawyer, George Whitefield Sawyer, Joseph – April 5, 1815

George W. Sawyer to John Sawyer – May 13, 1843

George W. Sawyer to Thomas Sawyer – April 12, 1843

John Sawyer to Josiah Tilton – March 15, 1843

Joseph Sawyer to James Sawyer – March 7, 1822

Samuel L. Sawyer to John L. Killam – April 7, 1897

Thomas Sawyer et al to Joseph Sawyer et al – August 24, 1843

William Homan to Thomas Sawyer – January 11, 1867

Also included:

Judgement against Moses Foster – June 23, 1823

Power of attorney granted to James B. Sawyer by Sarah Sawyer, Charles A. Sawyer, Samuel C. Kimball, Elizabeth Kimball, Samuel Lamson, Sarah Ann Lamson – October 6, 1840

List of expenditures mentioning Polly Killam, 1796-1800

Letter to John Sawyer, a Boxford Highway Surveyor from the Board of Assessors (Moses Dorman, John Kimball, Joseph Symonds Jr., Simeon Pearl, Jacob Gould), April 23, 1813

Letter to John Sawyer, First Parish Tax Collector, from the Board of Assessors (Thomas Perley, John Gould, Abraham Perley), October 22, 1810

Writeup by Mary Sawyer re Thomas Sawyer farm, 1935 from Perley’s Dwellings of Boxford – 2 p.