Shaw Family Papers Inventory

Material donated by Richard Shaw relating to the Kimball/Chandler/Shaw families and property on Ipswich Road (455 Ipswich Road)

John Kimball, son of John and Sarah

Born:  Feb. 7, 1685 in Boxford

Married:  Elizabeth Chapman, Dec. 5, 1705

Died:  May, 10, 1760 in Boxford

Nathaniel Kimball, son of John and Elizabeth Chapman

Born:  Nov. 18, 1706 in Boxford

Married:  Sarah Goodrich of Rowley, int. Nov. 1, 1730

Died:  Dec. 9, 1784 in Boxford

Moses Kimball, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Goodrich

Born:  April 16, 1740 in Boxford

Married:  Rebecca Poor of Newbury ca 1766 

Died:  Feb. 16, 1795 in Boxford

John Kimball, son of Moses Kimball and Rebecca Poor

Born:  Sept. 26, 1769 in Boxford

Married:  Ruth Eastman of Haverhill, NH, Nov. 17, 1792

Mrs. Nabby Perley, May 10, 1832

Died:  Apr. 24, 1850 in Boxford

Moses Kimball, son of John Kimball and Ruth(y) Eastman

Born:  Jan. 8, 1798 in Boxford

Married:  Mary Stone Eaton in Boxford, Oct. 20, 1833

Died:  June 8, 1879 in Boxford

Note:  state representative, 1839-1840; town clerk, 1837

Lucy Stone Kimball, daughter of Moses and Mary Stone (Eaton) Kimball

Born:  June 21, 1834 in Boxford

Died:  Apr. 29, 1901 in Boxford

George W. Chandler, son of George W. and Hannah (Lillis) Chandler

Born:  1868 in Brattleboro, VT

Married:  Sarah A. (Shaw) Goldsmith, Aug. 22, 1904

Died:  May 1, 1942 in Boxford


Letter to Lucy S. Kimball from John G. Chandler, Brattleboro, VT

May 19, 1893

Letter to Lucy S. Kimball from John G. Chandler, Brattleboro, VT

June 22, 1893

Letter to Lucy S. Kimball from John G. Chandler, Brattleboro, VT

Aug. 20, 1893

Letter to Lucy S. Kimball from John G. Chandler, Brattleboro, VT

Oct. 2, 1893

Letter to Lucy S. Kimball (“Folks at the Farm”) from “Susie,” Revere, MA

Jan. [7] 1899

Letter to Lucy S. Kimball from N. Spofford, Haverhill, MA (regarding genealogy)

June 24, 1899

Letter to  “Cousin” (Lucy S. Kimball) from Becca, “Home”

Sept. 28, 1899

Letter to “Brother” from John G. Chandler, Brattleboro, VT

Apr. 22, 1901

Letter to Lucy (Kimball) from Ruth



Folder 1

Deed of Nathan  Eames of Boxford, husbandman, to John Kimble of Boxford, husbandman, 30 acres of land in Boxford lying next to land already owned by John Kimble for 16L, 

Aug. 5, 1710; Feb. 4, 1714

Recorded Aug. 12, 1769

Deed of William Foster of Andover, yeoman, to John Kimble of Boxford, husbandman,  for his right to land in Boxford bought in partnership with his father, William Foster, John Kimble, and Jonathan Foster from Robert Eames, Jr., Apr. 3, 1695,

Nov. 28, 1721

Recorded Feb. 19, 1723

Partial document of an indenture between John Kimball of Boxford and John Foster for the sum of 36 pounds, 

July 20, 1725

Deed of Zedadiah Foster, yeoman, and his son Dudley Foster, both of Boxford, to Moses Kimball of Boxford for 7 acres of land near that of Richard Tyler and Nathan Kimball for 34L 6s; also signed by Margaret Foster and Rachel Foster

Mar. 29, 1771, Apr. 30, 1771

Recorded June 21, 1771

Deed of Hezekiah Smith of Haverhill, clerk, and his wife Hephzibah Smith to Moses Kimball of Boxford, a parcel of meadow in Boxford for 71L 6s 8p 

Dec. 18, 1772

Recorded Oct. 3, 1778

Folder 2

Bill of Sale of floor pew No. 3, “in the Meeting House lately erected & built in the second Parish in Boxford” by Stephen Barker of Andover, yeoman, to Moses Kimball of Boxford for 12L 6s 8p,

Feb. 10. 1775

Deed of Ann Barker of Boxford, widow, to Moses Kimball of Boxford, yeoman, for a parcel of land about 5 acres in Boxford near land of Capt. Jonathan Foster, Ens. Gideon Tyler, and Moses Kimball for 12 pounds,

July 6, 1776

Recorded Oct. 3, 1778

Deed of Moses Kimball of Boxford, yeoman, to John Kimball, Jr. of Boxford, for all of the lands and buildings thereon in the Second Parish owned by Moses Kimball for 200 pounds,

May 8, 1792, July 24, 1792

Recorded Aug. 14, 1792

Agreement between John Kimball of Boxford and his father Moses Kimball, that John cannot  sell the farm during his father’s life, is to provide Moses Kimball with one half of the produce of the farm annually, to support his mother and father during their natural life with any necessary labor, and to pay one half of any taxes, with a bond of 400 pounds,

May 8, 1792

Feb. 11, 1795

Agreement signed by Moses Kimball to sell one half of his livestock, one half of his husbader, eutenchels (utensils?) and house furniture for 30 L, with the other half to be given after Moses’ death; signed by Moses Kimball, Hannah Kimball and Mary Kimball

Aug. 10, 1792

Feb. 11, 1795

Deed of Stephen Tyler of Boxford, yeoman, to Jonathan Tyler of Andover, yeoman, for land near Ipswich Road and land owned by Johnathan Tyler and Nathan Baker for $123.33,

July 20, 1796

Not signed or recorded

Indenture between John Runnels and his wife Rebecca Runnels, both of Bradford, and John Kimball of Boxford, to lease one third of a farm owned by the late Moses Kimball of Boxford for 99 years for $30,

April 9, 1798

Folder 3

Deed of Stephen Kimball of Boxford, yeoman, to John Kimball of Boxford, cordwainer, for 4 ¾ acres of woodland near that of Dr. Amos Spofford for $218.50, (poor condition)

March 19, 1806, Apr. 29, 1806

Recorded Jan. 2, 1808

Deed of Stephen Kimball of Boxford, yeoman, to John Kimball of Boxford, gentleman, 2 lots of land in Boxford for $73.83; signed by Stephen Kimball and his wife Elizabeth Kimball (poor condition)

Nov. 24, 1810, Dec. 6, 1810

Recorded Dec. 29, 1810

Sale of pew No. 44 on the floor of the Meeting House in the North Parish in Boxford  by Jonathan Tyler of Andover to John Kimball of Boxford for $50,

June 26, 1816, July 19, 1816

Recorded by Moses Dorman, Town Clerk, Aug. 1816

Deed of Jedediah H. Barker of Andover, gentleman, to William Farnham, gentleman, and Moses Kimball, yeoman, both of Boxford, a parcel of land in Boxford called Fox Hill, near land of Leonard Carleton and Isaac Adams, and a piece of piece of Plain-land near land owned by Moses Wilkins and Abel Spafford for $212; signed by Jedidiah Barker and his wife Abigail Barker

Dec. 3, 1827

Recorded Jan. 12, 1828

Copy of the boundaries of a piece of land in Boxford sold by Stephen Kimball of Boxford to Moses Dole Spofford of Rowley, May 4, 1804.  Isaac Gage, William Johnson and Jesse Kimball appointed referees to settle one of the lines by land of John Kimball, 

May 27, 1839

Bond of Moses Kimball of Boxford to his father John Kimball of Boxford of $1,000; in consideration of the transfer of real estate and personal estate between father and son, Moses will keep and maintain his father and mother, Abigail Kimball, during the whole time of the natural life of John Kimball, with suitable meat, drink, clothes, lodging and other necessary things

March 27, 1841 (also a separate copy of this bond)

Memorandum of agreement between Moses Kimball of Boxford and E. G. Byam of Boston for the birch and pine wood and some time now standing on a lot of land on the north side of Stiles Hill (so called).  Signed by Kimball and John Parkhurst, agent for Byam, Carlton & Co.

Jan. 20, 1874

Agreement of John G. Chandler of Boxford to sell a strip of land near the location of the Haverhill and Boxford Railway to Charles H. Poor of Haverhill, before July 1, 1905 for $200.

Agreement to be void provided that the Haverhill and Boxford Street Railway Company when organized shall not procure such locations within the Town of Boxford as to require the use of said premises for a street railway location

July 16, 1904  


Small plan showing three lots owned by M.E. Kimball, and one by Lucy S. Kimball; no date; location not identified

Small plan showing two lots owned by John Kimball along the “Ipswich Road  over the plain” and one lot owned by Capt. Amos Kimball, Jr. along the “road leading to Boxford Meeting House”; no date.  This may be the plan accompanying an envelope for “Miss R.T. Wood plan for plain pasture” (this is the land bordered by Mt. Vernon Road and Ipswich Road).

Account of N. Spofford of Haverhill for surveying wood lots for Lucy S. Kimball, May 30, 1889; includes description of difficulties identifying bounds


Folder 1

Nathan Kimball, 1784; 1786

Folder 2

Abigail Kimball (dower agreement), 1851

Folder 3

William Farnham, 1841; Rebecca P. Farnham, 1862

Folder 4

Richard Spofford, 1864

Folder 5

Moses Kimball, 1879

Folder 6

Unidentified sale of agricultural implements, produce, and woodlands


John G. Chandler


Moses Kimball


Leroy E. Colby, 1915

W.K. Cole, 1900


Lucy S. Kimball, 1899, 1900


Expenditures, Mar. 9, 1874

Report on Miss Pierson’s teaching (no date)


Order to report for inspection, Jan. 15, 1918

Chart showing cruise of the USS Missouri through the Mediterranean Sea, June-Aug. 1904

Signed by David Shaw