Harmony Cemetery

Harmony Cemetery

Harmony Cemetery, dating from 1716, is one of Boxford’s oldest cemeteries.  At first it was known as “the cemetery on Spofford’s Plain.”  Originally the grounds were half the present size, extending towards the road as far as the tomb of Thomas Perley.  In 1766, twenty-two neighboring families purchased land from Thomas Wood and the cemetery was enlarged.  In 1859 a proprietor paid to have the walls and embankments built to enclose the cemetery.  Various types of trees were also planted near the walk.  Much later, in 1998, Harmony Cemetery was given .97 acres of additional land by Simeon Locke.

In 1870, the cemetery became formally known as Harmony Cemetery.  The proprietors commenced holding annual meetings at this time.  Officers were elected and by-laws and forms of deeds were adopted.  Organization as a cemetery corporation occurred in 1904, which was duly recorded by the state.

Several interesting gravesites are located at Harmony Cemetery.  The oldest headstone marks the grave of Faith Bootman, wife of Mathew Bootman, who died March 4, 1717, aged 23.  The inscription states, “Under this turf you may behold a lamb of God set for ye fold.”

Lydia Barnard Spofford, who died in 1839, is buried at Harmony Cemetery.  She is reputed to have taken the first prisoner during the American Revolution, after the battle of Lexington.

The tomb of General Solomon Lowe, who served for many years in the state militia and Legislature, is a prominent feature.  Images of his four wives are engraved on two gravestones near the tomb’s entrance.

A tall stone near the entrance to Harmony Cemetery was re-erected to Hon. Aaron Wood, Esq., who died in 1791.  He served in many capacities in state government, including the General Court and Council.  He left his estate as a permanent fund to support Boxford’s schools and one of the town schools was named after him

Harmony Cemetery folder list


Incorporation papers

Incorporation correspondence

By-laws – 1870

By-laws – ca 1949

By-laws – 2001

Certificate of organization, 1904

Deed for land to expand cemetery, 1766

Deeds for land to expand cemetery, 1871

Meeting agendas

Annual meetings

Treasurer’s cash book

Treasurer’s reports

Corporation bills

Superintendent’s reports

Correspondence – resignations

Correspondence – general

Rules and Regulations

Deeds – blank forms

Endowment bonds – blank forms

Lot deeds

Lot lists

Lot purchases

Lots – Lowe

Lots – Sawyer

Lots – Van Rankin

Perpetual care

Will abstracts

Proprietors Record Book

Annual meetings, 1870-1976

Treasurer’s reports, 1908-1954

Endowment bonds, 1907-1982

Deeds, 1871-1986

Additional materials relating to Harmony Cemetery held by the Document Center

BHDC, Box II - Harmony Cemetery

Bill to Raymond Clark for cemetery lot and perpetual care, Nov. 6, 1976

2 blank Harmony Cemetery deeds

Newspaper article dated Oct. 16, 1935 noting placement of marker on Lydia Warren Spofford’s grave

Newspaper article regarding Solomon Lowe’s tomb

Newspaper article from Boston Journal regarding Solomon Lowe’s tomb

BHDC, Box – Winthrop Haynes papers

Exercises at Harmony Cemetery concerning the placement of a marker on Lydia Spofford’s grave, Oct. 16, 1935

BHS, Box 33 – Julia Cummings, Her Book

Manuscript copy Harmony Cemetery by-laws

Manuscript plot plan of Harmony Cemetery 

Newspaper article regarding placement of DAR marker on Lydia Spofford’s grave

List of veterans’ graves from various wars in Harmony Cemetery


Plan of Harmony, 1947

WPA Veterans Grave Registration, 1940